120128 MBC We Got Married Ep. 16 – Super Junior Cuts

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^ haha this part is funny ❤

Credit: monmonsnowSeason9 @ youtube
Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


guyss~ wgm is a show \^^/ relax and do not scream at hyuk ^^;; (if you don’t know yet you’ll know once you watch the cuts – which will be posted sooner or later~~~)
note: I AM A LEE SENA’S FAN YIHAAAAA and i want eunhyuk lee sena as the next wgm couple!! kkk


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  1. Me too! I am Sena’s fan and I really want Hyuk and her in the show!

    • same here ^^ they look cute together..

      • i like lee sena too, maybe their pesonal character match up and will be cute couple with hyukjae

    • Yup! I ship them so much!!!
      I was happy when I found out Donghae was in WGM and not Hyukie, but now I feel like it would be extremely cute if it was an Hyuk-Sena couple.

      • agree^^

  2. I hate the writers of wgm orz.

    hyukmin ❤

  3. lol, euhyuk’s dance..& Sungmin is so cute sitting on the chair..

  4. seriously now i start liking LEE SENA…such a strong girl…

  5. aww…i’m sad i missed it. i’m not rooting for hyukkie (my bias) to become permanent on the show, but i also don’t like the updates i’ve been reading either. i don’t know the context, or if it was scripted or if just his behavior was mistaken…but I don’t think he would purposely be rude or hurt someone. right?


  7. I love Sena, she’s humble and sweet girl..

  8. Seems everyone likes Lee Sena… the funniest was when Kyu trolled Hyuk :p poor Hyukjae…

  9. me tooo… i like lee sena… she seems nice 🙂
    i like sena better than eunsoo, not that i hate her though.. its just she seems so sweet and have a nice personality..
    and yeah i want her to be partner with hyukkie… they look great together ❤

  10. I don’t hate the korean version, I’m currently hating the chinese version…
    SORRY. I just can’t… >.< Aigoo~~

    • I think Kyu isn’t going to be permanent on that Chinese WGM, he can’t possibly fly back and fro China and Korea to film it. I heard it was the pilot episode, a special episode maybe?

      • I do hope so… 😦
        Like an introduction for the show? Oh wells, better prep myself up for what’s to come. Anyways, anyone with links for the full episode? I wanna watch… ^^

  11. hyukjaaaae >>> kyaa kyaaa 8D fishy kyaaaa kyaaa 8D eunhyuk part was x’D just hilarious !!!

  12. When Sena cried, it broke my heart. I felt like crying, too.

  13. Seems like Eunhyuk is the bad guy and Eunseo is the bad woman in this episode. This episode was scripted too much, hope no one will hate on Eunhyuk, or Eunseo for rejecting Hae at first. Script told them to, LOL. I like Lee Sena too =)

  14. Pdnim..lets our hyukkie n sena in wgm!!! Thy r cute!! My heart was broken when she crying… 😥

  15. Lee Hyukjae + Lee Sena = Lee Couple?

  16. wow…!!!eunhyuk oppa is soo hillarious..!!
    he always make me laugh and happy,that’s why we love him rite?
    but please dont come as fixed wgm couple..coz i’ll be so jealous.. ㅇ(≥ㅁ ≤; )ㅇ
    eunhyuk oppa jjang..!!

  17. Hyukjae,, too funny, hilarious, and innocent cute sena is match for hyukkie, i like them.
    maybe eunseo is too tall and look older for donghae but they look good together when stand side by side

  18. OMG hyukkie ah! u made me LMAO!!!!! and kyu is so cute haha!

  19. EunHyuk FTW!

  20. actually,Hyukkie tweeted Leeteuk about this,that upon watching the show,he was worried that people will take him as a bad guy in real life,that regardless if it was scripted or not,he’s anxious how his image will turn out,and even thought of not appearing on variety shows anymore..and as expected of our leader,he tweeted comforting words to Hyukkie,and even said to bring the antis to him if anybody dares to hurt hyukkie. Bottomline,hyuk did it coz he missed working with his hyung,that he missed Eunteuk..it was sweet.

    • oh,and even his Sungmin hyung comforted him..i love their brotherhood

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