120128 MBC We Got Married Ep. 16 – Super Junior [FULL SHOW]

January 28, 2012 at 1:02 pm | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 52 Comments

sriously i wanna post cut only…but…sadly i got full show…enjoy…btw my OTP in this show now is LEE SENA & EUNHYUKIE


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  1. eng-sub I beg… 😀

  2. 68 minutes of WGM just for super juniooorr!!! I’m gonna love this! XD

  3. Poor SeNa T.T She cry because of Eunhyuk…Oppa,you are real bad guy

    • Really? Just because he rejected someone he’s a bad guy? Wake up people.

      Firstly, We Got Married is an reality show and it is most likely scripted. Do you honestly think that the couples on the show can really fall in love together? They choose random celebrities and people actually think that they are in love. I’m not saying its impossible, I myself ship ADAM but can you be sure ALL the couples are real? Clearly, we got married is probably asking the celebrity to act which means that the program is scripted.

      Eunhyuk oppa is a nice guy. He’s not what a player is. You might think that I’m only saying this because I’m his fan but think about it, he doesn’t drink and he’s shy. He won’t even hold a girls hand— so why would he put his hand around the girl? By the way, the girl is an actress. She can fake a cry whenever she wants. Maybe this means that it’s scripted.

      Okay. The girl probably hardly knows him. Can she develop feelings for him so quickly? That could be possible. But if you have feelings for someone and they don’t like you back, it means you aren’t right for each other. Its not eunhyuks fault that he has no feelings for her. Geez. I mean seriously? Shes 30 is she not experienced with love at all? Move on in life and find someone else.

      Stop posting hate comments saying he’s a player. Eunhyuk feels really bad about it and he’s very very very upset. If he sees these mean comments(which he did) could you imagine how bad that would feel? He’s a human being too, he has feelings too. He called himself an asshole and keeps blaming himself. Happy now? You haters better be.

      This situation has many sides to it. But please stop posting mean comments. If its scripted or not, don’t blame him it’s not his fault, think about it.

      • eunhyuk is nice guy

  4. huhh… actually Sena has beautifull appearance,, and… ehmm.. i like her! hihihi

    • i like her too… her appearance is too young for someone in 30.. heheheh.. jealous of her and what to say.. lee sena n hyukjae is the best … hehehehe…

  5. seeing hyukjae got hurt cause of this incident..fans started to bash him..it is not a good thing!! i dont understand why fans take this kind of show seriously..teukie also got hurt when fans started to bash him when he revealed about his ideal type of girl..can all of us be a matured fans..this is not real for sure..~it may be scripted..or even if it is not scripted, there must be a reason why hyukjae rejected her..maybe cause he is trying to be funny..but people take this seriously..and he even said that he doesnt want to join variety anymore.!all of these shows are for entertainment..not for real..stop bashing lee hyukjae

    • agree with you
      he felt sooooo dejected bcuz of this incident
      fans should know how he’s like
      he’s the purest of them all and the kindest
      i’m a bit bias since i’m a Jewel but i’ve watched him since the very beginning
      and his personality is what makes me love him to death ^^

      • Same thing here. Makes me feel so sad, ‘cuz we all know Hyukie is very caring and sensitive. Hope he feels better. =(

        • Agreed! ELFs that bashing teuk and hyukkie, it really makes me so sad, they are such nice people but if even fans misunderstand, how can we expect others to understand :/ He’s so dejected, he might start to not show his true self since everything is pinpointed and misunderstood, and people cannot separate entertainment and reality?!

          • Agree! I felt like crying when I saw The WGM fans bashing hyukjae..uri oppa is the best!..I hate it so much that he was the one who get all the hater.that girl she is an actress n she acted base on the situation like what leeteuk said..but still everyone pointing the fault toward hyukjae..he’s sensitive,cute, and really2 kind. Please Don’t say anything when they don’t know who is Lee Hyuk Jae..and it’s like Ive became a hater of Sena..I hate her that making the situation worst..she truly don’t know how to do variety show..Sorry to said this. it’s been better if she just quietly do her job as an actress..poor uri oppa..

    • true, scripted or not, we all know who eunhyuk really is and what kind of a person he is..
      right, fans may have different opinions on his action, but what’s with the bashing? being the people who have supported him right from the beginning or even just started, you all should’ve known better ><

  6. no more fighting junior blind dates!!


    • yeah i agree with you !!!! it makes me feel bad when i know, hyukjae oppa got bash because of this show…

  7. me too.. my otp is sena and hyukkie too.. ❤ honestly,i hope they become the next couple on wgm.. but i'm little sad bcoz of hyukkie incident. why the fans acting like that?? it's just show right.. you dont have to take it too seriously.. if you really a true fans, you must support them..

  8. because the girl is crying TT_TT

  9. i cried with her even though it’s just a show…

  10. im sad when people start bashing hyukjae,,but seriously i like hyuk&sena..both of them is something,,they make the blind date is not for a show,,they being so cute together..i really like the way hyuk try to comfort sena when she start crying,,this is so rare,,we can saw the side of hyuk dat we cant even noe he can being so gentleman,,like a real man..so manly.. which is its so awesome..i hope sena& hyuk will be the next couple in WGM ..kekekek ^^

  11. now that i watched till finished, i can see that Hyukkie really like Sena shii~
    he’s soooooooooooo shy around her and can’t keep smiling
    eventho he rejected her at first, then at the end when they end up together, you can see his expression of PURE shyness
    he can’t even keep his head up!!
    hahaha our myeolchi so cute
    btw i really love Sena’s personality. she seems sincere about her feelings. ^^

  12. I really like sungmin and his partner!…both of them are natural & cute!

    • same here she is my 2nd fave girl *_* she ıs so natural and jst say/act what she want! did u see when she get realy sad hold tears for Sena she suddenly say ‘thank you ‘ to Mıng :”D maybe cuase they pıcked eachother corect tıme ;A; what a lovely girl

  13. i truly believe hyukjae never thought that he would hurt sena feeling… he try to become “a bad guy” in this show for the sake of variety show… but, seems like sena really likes hyukjae & feels hurt because of him.. but, for me.. not that i dont like eun seo, it just that she would reject hyukjae at first because she already knew that donghae likes her & she even likes donghae from the 1st time they met..
    what make hyukjae look bad is because sena cry because of him… and people start to bash him like he actually date sena ~ fan should understand they’re working not that they actually went for a blind date.. now, he felt like asshole until teukie & sungmin need to cheer him up & saying that he did very well in the show & he’s not a bad guy as others said… poor eunhyukkie 😦 i do feel bad for sena but i still loves hyukjae for his honesty & charms ^_^

    • agree! i think eunseo should’ve just accepted donghae in the first place, seeing that she does like him from the start ><

      i do also feel that eunhyuk is being a bad guy simply for the sake of the show.. i mean, if everything went smoothly, there wouldn't be any fun.. and being a senior in reality shows, eunhyuk sure knows how to run a show that would attract people.. perhaps, the only thing he didn't predict was sena crying and i don't think he would've thought about it since he has always been 'rejected' or 'made fun of' in shows and has always been fine with it..

      rather than bashing anyone, let's just all hope that all of them can use this experience to improve themselves more 🙂

      P.S. we all know how eunhyuk is so pure and innocent that even heenim and everyone else acknowledge it *gonna go watch pranks on eunhyuk in EHB and Full House again :D*

  14. damn it people! those who r critizing and bashing him for making “a poor little girl crying” are just a bunch of fake fans. Come on! What is the ELF aim?! to love each member whatever they do! We might not agree with them but we have no right to criticize, especially when it comes to a show like WGM! All shows in Korea are scripted that’s the fact. Really, some fans are overreacting. Who r we to say them what to do? Mothers? Fathers? ugh just can’t tolerate such people.

    • Sorry I disagree. ELFs should love SJ in spite of their flaws. They are human beings and are not perfect, they make mistakes too. We can criticize them (not bash) if it’s for their benefit but it doesn’t mean we don’t love them.

  15. I really like sena 🙂
    pretty and cute
    and yeah, I don’t think hyuk know that sena’s going to cry because of this.
    he just take a role as ‘bad guy’ to be funny ^^ don’t bash him.
    we know hyuk is the kind-hearted guy ^^

    and because it’s still no eng-sub, I got confused why eun so act like hyuk first and then donghae ? or eun so also like donghae from the start ? hem.. well… ^^

  16. no more blind date!
    leeteuk and sora is enough

  17. any other link for full show? youtube preferably. Dailymotion and tudou doesn’t load on my browsers T_T

  18. Seeing the whole episode make me think that Sena really fell for eunhyuk.
    I really like Sena, she is the most shining, adorable, strong and attractive.i think her character match well with Hyukjae.
    If all this scripted, why wgm make hyukjae such a bad guy, but thumbs up for hyukkie calming down sena when she is cry, such a gentleman. i want to see Hyukjae-Sena more as a couple in wgm, they will be a cute couple.

    and I want to see Donghae-Eunseo more in wgm, they are too awkward, really, i think they adore each other, even they can see eyes to eyes to one another, and they can’t stand to laugh over and over, but they both too quiet and maybe will be boring. seeing them make me think they will resemble to Yongseo couple.
    It would be good to see Donghae-Eunseo and Hyukjae-Sena in wgm, and let Teukso to leave wgm soon,

  19. Sena perfectly the most shining, she got her charms. i think she really fell for eunhyuk. Bad script! making hyukjae such a bad boy, and i dont like to see hyukjae being rejected by girl in many show. I think the real couple is Eunhae (Eunhyuk-Donghae), even they fight for the same girl.

    • Haha glad I’m not the only one who thinks so! And everyone keeps saying that Donghae and Eunseo are awkward with each other because they like each other, but I think it’s because they’re just uncomfortable. This show is ridiculous. Eunhae (the real Eunhae) ftw ♥

      • ha, but i would like to see how donghae-eunseo develop the realtionship, since they are too awkward to be together, i see that they are resemble Yongseo couple which are super awkward in a first meeting,

  20. I have mixed feelings about this episode.
    I was greatly entertained and actually loved it!
    But on the other hand, TeukSo looked like they were MC-ing their own segment which is all kinds of weird since they’re the couple on the show o_O
    I loved the Hyuk-Sena pairing but poor Sena, I felt bad for her. Scripted or not, I hope Hyuk does something nice for her off-cam 😉

    • agree!!
      i laugh so much because of this blind dates. really enjoy it. but they shouldn’t put it in TeukSo’s segment. i can’t even spot TeukSo moment in this episode…
      *ahh, sorry for my bad english*

  21. i think Kyuhyun couple is tedious. Donghae couple too. Very boring.
    i really like Sungmin and Eunhuyk couples.
    Sungmin couple is so cute, happy and comfortable together.
    Sena is true, sincerely and when she cried, i was painful.
    But I disagree someone bash him. It is script. And artificially. If he was choosen, he never make it. Believe me.
    I hope THey come true a real couple in life.

  22. Eng subs pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. i feel that it’s suck watching fighting junior got married instead of leeteuk and sora. I want teukso moooreee!

  24. oh my god i cried , aaaawwww i would have cried if i was sena

  25. told ya WGM is a true disaster to our boys, i wonder if this is a part of SM’s plan, not that im thinking too much, but it just seems to be.

  26. Scripted or not, I felt sorry for the girl.

  27. though i wish there was eng subs i cant wait to watch this so ill just have to watch it without eng subs first

  28. Hyukkie charming is unstoppable..I love him!.he’s cute,caring and loving..it’s not his fault at all that he became the warrior to stand for all the member for the show..Well indeed in variety show there must be someone that need to get all the haters..yeah because one or two still need to reject their couple mate for the sake of the variety show.and somehow Hyukjae did it bravely..XDD I’m proud of him!..it’s mean that this variety show looks like real because of him..he splendidly!hwaiting oppa!!!..

    • Absolutely agree with you 🙂 #CHEERUP HYUKJAE

      • Oppa is DAEBAK!!! Love him more & more! 🙂 #CHEERUP HYUKJAE
        Omo.. I dont remember how many times I wrote that Trend!

  29. Mmm.. seems that Eun Seo doesn’t feel confortable with Donghae. Donghae doesn’t either. It’s not like sungmin and kyuhyun. They really enjoy their role in WGM. ^_^

  30. sena was crying because she didn’t know eunhyuk’s playful side. he was just joking, but i think sena is a quite sensitive girl.
    i just want to remind elfs, don’t bash hyukkie too. we know he’s a playful person, so if you’re an elf, don’t even try to put hyukie in the worst place. eunhyuk oppa you’re the best, ever and ever. hwaiting!

    • if sena didn’t know this side of eunhyuk, then she was lying about her being eunhyuk’s fan isn’t it? *she mentioned in the end that she’s a fan of eunhyuk*
      i think eunhyuk is popular in korea for having lots of charms, so as a fan sena should’ve known all this right?

      don’t worry eunhyuk oppa! whatever happens, we will always get your back 🙂 and congrats on your musical!! xD

  31. i don’t get it why netizen must bash eunhyuk…
    what he did based on script.. he didn’t meant in.. we all know if uri hyukjae is kind and pure person,
    poor him… oppa i’ll always support you..
    and if you’re is true ELF, you shouldn’t bash him

  32. wah admin why full wgm was be deleted.I need full wgm please because I like wgm and funny moment of eunhyuk TT.TT

  33. i hope kang sora n leeteuk to be continue forever . . please .. don;t change them . they are so nice couple ..

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