We Got Married Ep. 15 – Super Junior [ENG SUB] – From 120121

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We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora [ENG SUB]

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  1. I downloaded it but still can’t watch it TT__TT. I am not ready………..

    • lol me too ^^ i just can’t TT

      • for the next episode too TT__TT….

        • me too T_T

  2. This ep is so funny XDDD I get secondhand embarrassment from fighting junior lololololololololol

  3. yaaaaaaaaay thanks a lot

  4. Their blind dates are so pretty..^ ^

  5. Eunhyuk was probably the most flustered..>< But they were so cute, being so shy and all that..But honestly, I don't really like Eun Seo – she is pretty indeed and I'm not a hater or angry/jealous fan girl-, but her attitude bothered me. It is just the first impression and I might be wrong, but still.

    Sena and Sooyoul (shame on me if I misspelled her name) seemed the prettiest and nice to me. I really look forward the next part ~

    • I love Sena, too 🙂 She’s cute and seems to be fun having her around. It makes me sad to see her crying in the preview for the next episode.

  6. I also like sena most. Eunseo’s aura kinda bothers me. She gives me a arrogant feeling.

  7. i like sena too, she is cute, have a nice forehead, sparkling eyes, and look like kind of humble person. i don’t know, maybe for me, eunseo is the most goddess from all 4 girl, but really she look like kind of very quiet and boring. but still, i think she have a wonderful personal character. from what i see after i watch other wgm couple, wgm wives always have a different charms than others. she even can’t look straight to hae when she say that she likes him. really pretty, Hae’s goddess. wgm can make someone become more popular. She will be the next raising star, moreover if hae’s would tend to make it like real.

    really, it must be he has already know that he will be the next wgm couple, how come he compose a song with title ‘shall we get married’ in blind date first meeting, and why did he prepare a lot to impress the girl while other fighting junior didn’t do well prepared,,

  8. Aww Hyukkie, he seemed the most interested and flustered among them (aside from Hae), I wished he would have been picked. Not sure why EunHae liked Eun Seo a lot but she must be really pretty in person, even Heechul was impressed by her looks when he guested in Oh My School before. And is it just me or didn’t Kyuhyun seem too interested in any of the girls? XD
    Overall, I liked this episode a lot, the boys were fun to watch lololol.

  9. Really laughing hard when leeteuk greet the second girl ,first it was like,”ah,your my chinggu”and then ,was like,”oh,noona!” but really,she has such baby face!
    And I like her the most..

  10. This Episode i really laugh alot .. it was soooo cute & hilarious.. the boys are soo shy in front of the ladies.. & they are not when they are infront of Fans.. really cute to the max~, esp Hae was like soo shy.. & Hyukie was like so jealous of him…hhahahahs.. they hv all done an awesome job.. Well done boys.. Keep up the good job!!!

  11. I like Sena the most! She’s so pretty and seemed pure-hearted. I cannot control my laughter while watching this! And – my cheekbones are hurting from smiling too much! Seemed like Hae and Hyuk enjoyed the blind dates the most eh? Kekeke.. Kyuhyun, looked uninterested to the blind dates XD Btw I didn’t expect to love this episode so much before watching it..so ELF, have a strong heart and do watch it!

  12. ep was fun to watch..:) the girl who made the first entry was prettiest of them all.. i didn’t really like the girl sitting in front of donghae oppa. hyuk was acting soooo cute.such a pitty no one picked kyu and hyuk, if i waz there i would hav definitely picked kyu ;D.. i think all the boys fell for the first girl..others were ordinary looking..i love sweet innocent and shy sj… eunhyuk all the elf love you don’t feel sad because they didn’t like u. the world is filled wid beautifull girls…:)
    is there another ep related to this one? coz i neither saw girls kissing them or sitting on their laps…

  13. i think kyu have a bit crush on sena, he even can’t take his eyes when sena pass in front of him, we can see that sena has a nice forehead. but i think he’s a bit dissapointed when know her 30 years old age. yeah kyumin seems like didn’t have interest in blind date, but still, sungmin do a well prepared to impress the girls than hyukjae and kyu,,

    • I agree with you, I don’t think it’s just a bit crush but he really likes her that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, you’re right, he’s quite disappointed with 6 years gap but age is just numbers, they both are mature enough for dating..

  14. i love it… specially donghae oppa
    saranghae if i were there i will choose you too..

  15. you should watch this guys. this is sssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!

  16. how can I download it??

  17. i love u sj

  18. i can’t download it 😦
    somebody tell me how to download it???pliiiiiiizzzz…..

  19. ohhh they are all funny essp eunhyuk and hae. I’m laughing like hell.
    oh o like sena and sooyul. ^^

  20. i think whatever the girls,actress or not, they seems feasible for fighting junior, they are really pretty especially eunseo, sena and soyool. eunseo is really hae’s ideal type, fair skin, deer/rabbit eyes, silky hair, but she seems like has no aegyo, the other one hae’s like from a girl and boring type person, maybe hae will be the one who do so much aegyo to eunseo when they start wgm

  21. I thought I’ll be jealous watching this.. but it’s actually very fun! XD it’s like I have these 4 brothers who desperately need girlfriend yet feel super-awkward with girls. awwh, they look so hopeless it makes me flutter!! hoho, I hope they have a nice and fun dating lives~

  22. i’m so jealous!!! no offense or anything, i dont really like eunseo. i prefer donghae and other girls ): anyone is fine, just not her. she’s so annoying, i dont like her ever since oh my school alr

  23. hmm this is not as saddening as i expected LOL!!! in fact it’s quite funny and enjoyable LOL!

  24. its pretty awesome the episode is really FUUN!! jinja 😀 uri fighting junior are soooooo cute i was laughing instantly xD EUNHAE shipper here they are too cute ❤

  25. I’m sorry to bother you but how can I view this? ^-^ I went to the site (kshownow.net) but there’s so much stuff on that site my laptop can’t handle it…

  26. I laughed so hard when they were taking stuff out of donghae’s bag “Are you running away from home?” LOL xD

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