120118 Siwon Twitter Update : it was really good time!

January 18, 2012 at 6:58 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 19 Comments

@siwon407:it was really good time! With stacey @pristaceylee haha!http://pic.twitter.com/jE5uFc9A

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  1. Who is Stacey lee?? No one seems to know :S

    • Oh apparently she’s siwon’s cousin

  2. who is she???

  3. i read all her tweets. i bet she is his girlfriend. SS = Siwon Stacey??

  4. This is definitely one of the worst mornings ever :((
    – On the bad side:
    1. Stacey is a girl name and she calls him “someone special” ><
    2. He dressed up to have lunch with her ==''
    3. He had a REALLY good time (REALLY??? )
    4. They had lunch in a PRIVATE room. (ARGH)
    5. Don't tell me that bouquet is his present for her =="

    – On the good side
    1. Stacey's tweets make me think Stacey is a boy (YAY)
    2. It seems like they know each other from church so there is a chance they might be just regular friend (really really hope so)

    5 bad vs 2 good ARGH ARGH

    • As far as I understood it, he’s her high school sweetheart.
      And most definitely a girl. God fearing girl at that.

    • You’re so good at analyzing, indeed! Omy, I dunno what to say. Congratulations and happy for you my bias??? Dilemma, huhu.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  5. oh looord!!! (ToT) but…i guess he can do whatever he likes y(^ヮ^)y… still my cuteheart as well♥♥♥o(^∀^*)o

  6. hmph! i’m not even surprised at all if he gets a girlfriend. i mean come on, it’s just NOT normal for him to not have a girlfriend right? I do have to say, a bit bothered by this, but @Jarowy2606 comment really made me laugh my head off. HAHAHA!! *like comment*

  7. i believe in siwon…during the skip beat interview he revealed the dating rumors of him with the girl in poseidon and he stated that he would definitely let ELFs know if he is dating….but i guess this time he is really dating 🙂 im happy for him though!

  8. he wear such a formal dress, like a ‘something’ special is true !
    hopes his girl good for him and cute~
    who’s be Mrs. Choi ? >,<

  9. I don’t know if what i’ve read is true.. Some says that stacey is also stella just using another twitter account. Because of similarities on some of their tweets. However whether it’s true or not or whoever it maybe i think all of the boys have their right to fall in love.. Right? Let’s just respect that.. 🙂

  10. Well, he can’t love Kyu & Yeye forever..

  11. i am thinking that this stacey is a twitter account that siwon, himself created it, and he tweeted himself..kkkk… :p this oppa is so cute… ><

  12. well, if she is his gf i am all okay with that… oppa is an old men lonely in life!!! should get a family soon!!!
    but he said in skip beat interview that if he has a gf he will tell us, sooooo, be prepared kekek not telling that this is his gf just saying that opp ahas his own private life, and if he chooses to share it with his fans we should support no matter what kay ? ^^

  13. She’s not his girlfriend. It’s just another silly rumor put out there by someone.
    He’s good friends with her, and tweeted that he’s at lunch with her. Big deal, there’s no real evidence that they’re dating. The way I see it, he is dating someone, but he is not dating her. He is dating someone who he calls “Honey” but no one knows who that is, because she is not on his twitter. When he’s ready to come out about who his girlfriend is, he’ll do it. Give him his privacy for crying out loud.

  14. know how many girls have a broken heart because of stacey!!!! but there are two different persons stacey lee y stacy nam !!! but stacey lee has a husband checoinglésespañolAlpha
    she mention it in a tweet!! i dont understand

  15. w0w!!_luv gm!!:*

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