120114 Skip Beat! Cast Holds a Press Conference

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Super Junior members Donghae and Siwon were in Taiwan yesterday to attend the press conference for “Skip Beat!” with their costars Ivy Chen and Bianca Bai. During the press conference, they wrote Chinese New Year Couplets. Since Donghae and Siwon have learned how to write Chinese, it turned out neatly.

Kun Da’s dubbing for Siwon’s voice had been heavily criticized by the fans. He has now been replaced by Nylon Chen. Ivy, Kun Da’s girlfriend, felt that Kun Da’s voice was too soft and thought that Nylon’s voice was better for Siwon’s character.

With the presidential election going on in Taiwan, some said that Siwon looked like the younger version of President Ma Ying-Jeou. Siwon praised President Ma, saying that “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a good-looking president.”

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Credit: Appledaily
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  1. Siwon’s voice is now Nylon Chen’s!!! I soooo could not recognise that! [slightly out of point but Nylon Chen’s a pretty cool singer songwriter – maybe he’s write a song for the Skip Beat OST!]

  2. even Ivy agreed that Kun Da’s voice doesn’t fit siwon, but actually this is quite unfair to him either…poor him

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