120110 Hangeng’s birthday is posted in SJ’s Official Site

January 10, 2012 at 3:44 pm | Posted in Birthdays, Hankyung, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 34 Comments

Credit: SUPERJUNIOR.SMTOWN.COM | Via: @mimilovemicky
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HANGENG’S BIRTHDAY. February 9. POSTED ON HTTP://SUPERJUNIOR.SMTOWN.COM ! Ever since 2009, no bday schedule of Geng. Now this!!!!

Via: @mimilovemicky



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  1. It will be great if their relationship can be patched…

  2. Almost cry when see this. I hope SJ member still communicate with Hangeng 🙂

  3. please come back 😦

  4. WTF is gonig on sorry 4 that but SM these days i don’t know but i gess they up to something like thay are trying
    to make us forget about what happened in SBS or….i’m sure that they are up to something big who agree say yes
    really SM eat food for the rest of
    your life

    • you know, my first thought was that sm was up to something too…like trying to make themselves look better (they also tag him in SJ youtube videos)…idk honestly. i don’t expect him to rejoin SJ, but I do hope the boys can all get together one day whether it is on a stage or in private. bc they did go thru a lot together, and company issues shouldn’t get in the way of that ^^

      • nae ^^ totally agree with u 😡

  5. awww…

  6. i wonder why…

  7. Hopefully it is a case of there’s no smoke without the fire. Even if I could only witness them meeting up for a short while, that would make my day.

  8. Eeh ? Are they up to something ? More importantly Does Hangeng knows about this ? It may mean nothing but they used his real name instead of Hankyung are they trying to make up with him or somethin’ ?

  9. i dunno what to think^^ it seems like a kind of progress, something good at this whole story

  10. Awwww…. this just makes m feel really relieved and happy that they might still consider hangeng as an SJ member :’)

  11. hey, why being so negative,
    let’s think positive!!!

  12. I feel like something fishy is going on. First it’s Yesung and Wookie in a bad mood, now there’s this…

    • They also have personal reasons for being in a bad mood… It’s not necesarily connected.

  13. i HEARD (not sure if its true) but i heard that hangeng can come back to super junior if he wants to!
    but he gets to decide if he wants to go back or continue his acting/singing cateer in china!
    wish they all were still contacting hangeng…
    heard only 2 contact him (siwon and heechul i gues)

  14. Why sm do this? Eat food SME. Hangeng never comeback>”< ;(

  15. TT how great would it be to see him celebrate with SJ

  16. They removed it 😥

    • Nope it’s still there I just checked.

  17. Crossing my fingers…

    • [cont.] Praying for a miracle to happen…

  18. confused ELF over here D:

    what should we have to expect? D:


  19. It’s very greaaat.. When nobody’s not remember when Geng’s bday, SMEnt is so kind to remind this. Thanks so big much for SMEnt.

  20. SHOK but I’M HAPPY

  21. just pray the best for them ^^

  22. I think people should stop being so selfish yes we would all love to see them 13 again on stage and happy 15 members together but we need to GET REAL! SM is bad and they don’t treat their artist for music but for money, yes the artists gets what they want “fame” and love from fans but they suffer too… I think Geng is happy in China with his family and can speak his own language and has a better company~ so stop asking him to come back to slavery!!!

    • Completely agree with you, I just don’t understand those who keep asking Geng to go back to SJ when he’s doing so much better and happier now that he’s on his own. I guess they don’t really have Geng’s interest in mind, just want to fulfill their own fantasy of seeing him with other members…

  23. I see a lot of negative comments, but I’m personally happy. It doesn’t mean that he coming back with SM, it means that he’s still considered as a member. Kangin’s birthday is in there too.
    And Hangeng won his case, if I’m not wrong. Thus coming back to SM if it is happening means a better treatment than what it used to be.
    Hangeng chose his own pathway but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have regrets.

  24. love Hangeng so much)) and wish happiness, be happy Geng!! where ever you go what ever you do)) boys love you and pray for you)) no more bad thoughts, Suju and Hangeng fighting!!! ^^
    Hangeng pls call to boys lol

  25. i will never stop expecting the day hannie rejoin SUJU! 🙂

  26. Hangeng ❤

  27. Some said that they never take his birthday down. Maybe they forgot. BTW, he is 27 and will be 28 in Feb. Not 29.

    • it’s the korean age thing right? 🙂

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