120107 Leeteuk Twitter Update: Fighting Junior together

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@special1004: Each time when we finished the performance in Japan, with full of fighting, Fighting Junior together having a dinner to ate ramen.. It calls Rapim^^ Members!!! I love you all!!! Today those fans who come to the show, i love you all !!! pic.twitter.com/MOsXCq4P

@special1004: Donghae’s phone quality is really looks like Donghae.. My dongsaeng’s! Have to be like now, being happy and don’t feel tired as always!! And also, our fans!!! We should keep staying together!! Today is really full of the happiness!! ^^ pic.twitter.com/IhAWvGY8

*He deleted this tweet 😀 @special1004: We always dining after finished the performance.. Only with ramen and cola.. Totally like a ramen family, rapem~ With full of fighting spirit, Fighting Junior^^ Always laugh like this moment, to treasure each other!! I love you all !!! http://pic.twitter.com/Dw2hPiBR

Translation by:@TaiwanLuvSJ
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  1. Where are Ryewook, Yesung, Shindong and EPSECIALLY, SIWON? I miss Siwon too much, he has been kinda disappeared for 2 days. :(( I miss him a lot

  2. “Donghae’s phone quality is really looks like Donghae..” what exactly does that mean Leeteuk? Lol.

    • There’s a better translation of Teukie’s twitter, he says something like the quality of Hae’s camera phone is just like Hae. Which I would interpret to be, not bright, Teukie’s mean lololol.

      • Haha! Thats what I thought he meant! Smh…teukies tweets are getting more and more entertaining. ^^

    • He might mean that the quality is low/small just like donghae and his height XD

  3. wait is the second pic taken by donghae’s phone or what? i’m confused can someone explain what teauk meant about the phone quality looking like Donghae.

  4. kyuhyun in the first pic,so cute!^^

    • So true, his facial expression makes me laugh,

  5. This is cute! But where’s Yesung, Ryeowook, Siwon, and Shindong!?!

    • Fighting Juniors are these 4 guys,EunHae + kyuMin, they named like this because they always came up on WGM when Teukkie and sora’s conversation getting awkward,, kekekeke… The other member not came often on WGM..

  6. Maybe because the quality of the photo taken with Donghae’s phone isn’t that good – kinda blurry, which kinda like Donghae – sometimes Donghae looks adorably lost and a little ‘babo’ sometimes 😀

    • haha.. thats it.. Fishy, the lost babo <3. Btw i am in love with your youtubeaccount 🙂

  7. “Donghae’s phone quality is really looks like Donghae..”

    LMAO. I laughed so hard at this!

  8. and i love their friendship… hopefully they had a quiet dinner 🙂 and the pics are superduper

  9. KYUuuute.. (1st pic) *die*

  10. aww you guys should invite the rest too, they are also part of your family 😦

    • haha do u know that Yesung, Wook, Shindong not really like sightseeing ? *hmm plus Heenim , i think*… i mean all of them prefer stay at hotel, sleep, read the book, or else after-before concert .. ^^ so yeah its hard if you wish they joined with Teuk + Fighting Junior (the playful members).. ^^;;

  11. i love Fighting Juniors but i would like to see the others too TT
    i prefer when they all eat together in family !

  12. maybe the rest didn’t want ramen…

    does anyone know where that restaurant is?

  13. where is Siwon? I miss him. I miss him a lot.

    • Well he was there at the concert but this looks like Teukie and Fighting Junior so that’s why he’s not here? And it was the Athena concert so he probably hung out with his former co-stars.

  14. Hyukkie soo cute on the first pic<33

  15. oh my god,
    they are so cute..

  16. really love lee hyuj jae oppa 🙂 , but all of u looks so handsome, adorable, charming ;D

  17. i wondering…who taking the picture??manager oppa?

  18. Did my baby Kyu changed his hair color again?

  19. Love Teuk and Fighting Juni-or! They are so cute!

  20. Kyuhyunnie seems to be a little drunk 😀

  21. Lols the 2nd photo, magnae on top~~! My baby Kyu~

  22. aaawww fighting junior! 🙂 surprisingly kyu didn’t take alcohol haha!

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