Super Junior sweeps MSN International Award | From 120103

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K-Pop phenomenon Super Junior (above) have added another feather to their cap after emerging as THE Korean act of the moment at a recent online fan voting contest.

The South Korean boyband beat 36 other Korean acts to nab the MSN International Award, cranking up an overwhelming 323,355 or 61% of online votes with their winning song Mr Simple.

Seattle-born rapper Jay Park, with 176,897 or 34% of votes, came in a distant second withTake A Deeper Look in the voting contest, organised by MSN as part of its exclusive coverage of the upcoming Golden Disk Awards. f(x)’s Pinnochio grabbed third place.

In all, a whopping 526,942 votes were collected between December 5-26 as fans across the world logged onto their local MSN portals to cast their votes for their favorite K-Pop band and song. Some of the other 35 nominees include ‘The Boys’ by Girls Generation and ‘Fiction’ by Beast.

This is the second year the MSN International Award is being conducted, the first of a kind that empowers K-Pop fans worldwide.

MSN is the official online media of the Golden Disk Awards. Often dubbed the Korean Grammys, the Awards will be held next week, January 11th and 12th 2012 at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan.

*omitted irrelevant details

Source: MSN Entertainment 
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  1. wow, what a good news. Good job, elf

  2. THAT’S GREAT! Thank you for all the hard work ELFs!


    I don’t know if ELF can see this comment.. but i am thankful to super junior member and Elf from all over the world.. we made this happened i am thankful to who ever vote on msn international, or msn jap or kpopwave. Elf you worked hard to vote and made this happen, i love you all..we are ever lasting friend ^^

    of course super junior worked hard to keep our elf group huge ^^ kekeke

    love you all!

  4. THANK GOD!! really!
    first award on 2012, yay!

  5. OMG! We won the voting *tears*
    I wonder what the results will be for MSN Japan (or is this already counted here?), I know Jay Park has a really huge lead there but this one’s already great 😀

  6. Super Junior ~ champion !!! daebak ! chukkha hamnida !! Congratulations !!

  7. Whatever happens later, I’m thankful we let SJ know who the real winner is~!!!

    Super Junior, always #1 in our hearts~♥

  8. woot awesome, great job ELFs! our hard work paid off!

  9. Go go suju to the golden disc let go elf

  10. Sounds great. But in the kpop wave we still no 2 lost for SNSD, we have to give support to them coz the voting ended on 22nd January 2012.

    • Omg..I didn’t vote for the past week n it has dropped..grrr,,gotta start voting..why did they extend the dateline..

    • well.. that’s just for the star ranking..
      we finished at #1 for kpopwave popularity ranking..

      besides it ended at January 22nd while GDA will be at January 11th and 12th.. think that is no relation to GDA..

      but yeah, lets vote.. 🙂

  11. Hard work from ELFs paid off!! ELFs Hwaiting!!! ♥♥

  12. I just wanna say thank you for all ELF around the world..all of our effors get the great result for suju..let’s we help suju at k-pop wave voting.fighting….

  13. VOTE at GOKPOP…!!!

  14. OMG ~
    SoOoOoOoOo Happy Now ^_______________^

  15. omg this is seriously daebak! gratz SUJU!!! and well done ELFs! we did a real great job! 🙂 so proud!

  16. Wait, this article says we won with 538,174 but another one says we won with 323,355. Both are posted on sup3rjunior. com? Which one is correct?

  17. Awesome guys…thank you to everyone >.> Suju+ELF= the best!!

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