120104 Brian Joo’s Facebook Update: With my old label Pres. & mates…

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With my old label Pres. & mates… Mr. Soo Man Lee, @BoA_1105, @siwon407, Changmin (Max), @guitarjm, and ME
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  1. Photo taken by Chul?
    I occasionally wish that someone would explain to Asia that showing the v sign with the back of your hand is a very rude gesture in some countries!

    • really? in which country is that considered as a rude action? it is pretty normal in Asian tbh?

      • I’m aware that it’s commonplace in Asia. Seen it many times. But over here it means “up yours” or “fuck off”.

        • Out of curiosity, what country are u in that it means “up yours” or “Fuck off” ?…cos i’ve never heard of it…..

          • I’m in the UK – but it has the same meaning in Australia, New Zealand and (I now know) South Africa. I just found a wiki post about it:

        • yeah but still my question is which country is that? @_@

          • I do agree that it can be quite offensive in certain countries..esp the states. The sign kinda looks like going in between your legs.(but usually closer to the mouth..)

            Is funny tho but when I see asian doing it, I automatically take it as a peace sign. But if it is others~ my brain function differently.

          • yes, which country? could be useful when i get there. cuz i am Asian…..

            • Answered above.

              I have a mental image of the SuJu boys *finally* doing a concert in London and then causing a small riot with the wrong hand gesture. Hopefully, Eunhyuk’s bad experience at the Chelsea-Arsenal match will lead them to do their cultural homework.

              • Sorry but what bad experience did he hav in London ?? I didn’t hear anything?? Concerning the gesture im from Ireland and it means “f*** u” here as well…..

                • It’s a story he told on Sukira. When he went to the match at Stamford Bridge last year, he stood up and cheered a goal by Arsenal. Nothing wrong with this except that he was sitting in the middle of the Chelsea supporters. In Eunhyuk’s own words “I thought that my life was in danger”and the atmosphere was “strange”. He kept quiet for the rest of the match.

                  • Woo. Now that is really dangerous for Eunhuyk. >< OMG. But anyway, thanks for your tips. Now I know why people in my class hate me. YUP. I study in the UK and does that V-sign A LOT. I try to be friendly but not I know why I am so isolated.

                  • Oh that I didn’t think it was that big of a deal yea I get it cuz football fans are crazy, that’s actually an awful experience… Regarding the hand gesture it means a load of different things but u have to be careful where to use it.

              • What happened to Eunhyuk has nothing to do with cultural difference…..Even in Korea he would get the same reaction if he had been sitting in the opposing side’s territory and cheering for their opponent……..

                • haha that’s what i thought too..

    • Yes. BUT, on the other way, In Asia especially in South Korea, that gesture means just nothing big deal (very common and usual gesture when they take pictures). So you gotta understand them fully.-i’m sure you already are 🙂

      • I’ve been to Asia and do know what it means over there. It’s just something which always makes me mildly head-desk when I see it in photos – and the gesture was so unfortunately front and centre in this one.

        • hahaha… i can imagine what you feel hahaha…..kind of culture shock…

    • I don’t think they have to care about that especially when they take a picture at their home place 🙂 they can’t just care about every different cultures even when they are at home country.
      AND I’m pretty sure they’ll be careful when they get SOME COUNTRIES you mentioned 🙂
      So don’t worry, just learn and understand more about those adorable boys 🙂 As we know, they always respect and love FANS all over the world. 🙂
      And we get learn each other like this 🙂

    • But it’s only when you do the V sign with the back of your hand? The front is ok?

      • Correct – palm out is V for Victory!

  2. awwww….Big daddy and the kids. I wish people will give Lee Soo Man a break. They respect him so much-esp Siwon and Heechul, the two outspoken lads of SJ. If the current management who should take some fire-not everything is due to him. Look at the previous tweet – the speculations in the comments talking about all the bad possibilities (bad news-boa being indifferent etc) Looking at this..BOA is showing gesture that looks like-“This is my old man!”

    Is just a purely fun spontaneous get together after a long time. Since LSM is in town- he might have contacted them to celebrate. If Brian Joo can forgive and hang out- why can’t we stop speculating and make controversial statements.


    To a beginning of a better and bigger SJ in the WORLD, and may peace be with all of the ELF family.

  3. It’s so incongruous with the rest of the pic! Like Changmin is conveying a secret coded message.

  4. Love changmin and brain and ” SIWON ❤ "
    and Boa and Jungmo ..
    Hate Lee So Man Lol

    • He’s not in charge of SM you should hate the CEO not him.

    • Wth. Even tho the company is named after him, he isn’t in charge anymore and the artists ADORE him. All of them. It’s the CEO that causes all the bad things. People should stop hating on Soo Man.

  5. Well since they are Korean, there’s nothing wrong with it. You also have to understand their culture. You know they are asian, so try to understand. It means absolutely nothing to them. I’m pretty sure when they go to other countries, if they know about it, they won’t use it because they are not in asia, but in a foreign country and they will try to respect that countrie’s culture.

  6. Strangely enough, I’m aware that this is a cultural difference and don’t need a lecture from you about it. It might be a good idea to tell the SuJu boys though, because Eunhyuk’s already on camera getting it wrong in London. Fortunately – for him – it wasn’t at the football match.

  7. If they’re Korean it’s not the same thing. Just like in the states, a backwards V is not offensive. It’s a British thing.

  8. honestly, i don’t see what’s the big fuss about. even if they were to mindlessly use that hand sign in london or smthg, pple with logical minds would think that because they are asians, it is not their fault. and then again most of the time they are in asia.. so pretty safe.

    • Thank you. Like seriously people I understand that it may be offensive in your country, but if I saw a Korean take a picture with their middle finger up (don’t know or care if that’s offensive in Korea or not) I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape. Nor would I be offended if they came over here and took a picture in front of my face doing the same gesture. I’m obviously able to comprehend that they aren’t the same culture as me and could care less. I would know they meant nothing by it. The fact that it is being made into a huge deal is ridiculous.

      • Oddly enough, the person who’s bent out of shape seems to be you. I was laughing about it.

  9. Is it me or is LSM and Boa sitting strangely too close to each other???? I know, he’s like a dad to her and everything but i get this weird feeling off them. Lol.

    Also, i never thought that brian was a former sment artist…

    • if some random people see it they might thinki BoA n Sooman have an affair Lol but lets swept all the bad thoughs XD

    • yeah, when he was with Fly to the Sky with Hwanhee ^^

  10. hmm Lee SooMan and BoA? lol seeing them posing closely is kinda…WEIRD? i wonder why did they have that flash meeting!

  11. what’s all the fuss about??? they are in their own country, right?? asking them to not to the peace sign is like asking americans not to gesture people over with their hand face up in their country…. i’m sure that when they go to euro for more tours, they will be aware.

    anyways…back to commenting about the picture ^^ Changmin looks a little scary XD

    • opps..i meant peace sign with hand facing the person

    • One line comment, much longer replies! Who’s making the fuss!?

  12. whoa i read through the whole thing. thanks for the information… i never knew that sign was offensive in the UK.

    anywho.. as for the picture… haha siwon looks content! :]

  13. I keep hearing this everywhere but can’t find any articles. When did sooman retire and who is the new ceo or it that he was never the ceo but merely established the company and approves of the products? and honestly i agree i don’t think its sooman himself who mistreats the artist but rather the company representatives and board members who take care of the majority of the paper work/ task

  14. THIS IS SO CUTE >__<
    It's like daddy, his little girl, the model son (Won), and the three hooligan boys.
    You can really tell how much SM artists love LSM. I wish SME wasn't such a dick though…

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