2011 Annual Hanteo Chart

January 2, 2012 at 5:49 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 31 Comments

Here’s the annual chart of 2011 Hanteo! SJ has 2 champions here!!(The right one is the individual album (5JIB’s ver A) sold this year(200,434 copies), the left one is the record of all of their albums (released since debut) sold this year(358,438 copies). Chuk ka hae yo!!! Note that SJ is the only singer sold over 200,000 copies of individual album on Hanteo in recent years! We would like to emphasize the difference of Hanteo and Gaon again and again- – Hanteo can basically represent the total albums sold in Korea(its chain occupies 80% of albums’ sales volume), and the statistic you see here is all sold already! Gaon only tracks what company gives out as distributed out to the market. The data shown includes albums which are sold and not yet sold! (of course Hanteo’s data is included in it) If SJ didn’t win GDA last year was because their total albums(1JIB-4JIB) sold within whole year ranked #2, then we are #1 this year~ All #1~ Go eat food, eat twice, eat thrice, keep eating!

Credit: Man Kyuu and Super Junior Baidu Bar Via Michelle Fung
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid


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  1. lol “uper Junior Baidu Bar” XD

  2. WoOoOoOoOooOoOoW .. Thay Disorv it ^^

  3. Don’t get excited too much. GDA always has some surprises.

    • I have to agree — you can never really know how things will turn out. But I guess we just have to wait and see what it’s going to happen and just keep positive. Anyway, despite the result, we know that the boys are the winners for us.

  4. Yeahhh ELF,, we did it…..!!!!!!

    Woahhh very happy….^^

    Chukkae Super Junior too,, dae~~~baakkkkkk…. 🙂

  5. Congrats our SJ! chukahae! Here comes GDA for them.. BEL13VE 🙂


  7. so they’ll win this year??

  8. i think SJ is 1st ever artist grab no1 for both annual chart in hanteo..


  10. To win the golden disc suju

  11. “SJ didn’t win GDA last year was because their total albums(1JIB-4JIB) sold within whole year ranked #2, then we are #1 this year~ All #1″….OO!….now u want to say that this time SJ will win GDA! oo.. so what about last year SJ was #1,too, but didnot won! OO…what about last last year (2009) SJ won GDA FOR 1ST TIME…DID ITS TOTAL ALBUMS (1JIB-3JIB)SOLD WAS #1????

  12. I want to see the GDA award in their hands this year!!! ELF and SuJu daebakk! So proud~ Keep on fighting and let’s be positive ^^

  13. “Go eat food, eat twice, eat thrice, keep eating!” ^^ hehehe

    • Lol, I know, right? Our boys teach us such useful things~! xD Yay, SuJu’s #1! Congratz!!

  14. So does that mean if GDA keeps its rule like last year, we will win for sure :-/

    Oh Please GRAND DESIGN, please be fair this year. These boys really deserve that award. If you hate anyone please hate me, not them.

  15. Dont be too Happy! U dont know what will happen because GDA has lots of tricks and suprises

  16. Don’t be too happy yet >< we're losing at the gda website at the moment! Suju is at no 2! 26000 votes behind! Elfs please please go vote at the gda website! 


  17. We are losing on gda at the moment! >< suju is no 2, the gap is 27000! Please please go vote for our oppas!!!!


    • what’s that ?

      • i don’t know, when i opened the site i saw we lose from snsd -_- just help voting so we can be the number 1 🙂

  18. let’s just wish we get what we deserve~~!!
    go go~~

  19. ELF, open this please http://kpopwave.joinsmsn.com/fanpage/poll_list.aspx?seq=101
    why we’re number 2 ? as i know we’re number 1 :((

    • they opened a new poll after dec 26th 😦 somehow elfs are not voting as hard as before, maybe because a lot of them are unaware of this? just go to this page http://kpopwave.joinsmsn.com/starranking/star_ranking_vote.aspx
      to VOTE!!! and tell other elfs too, i don’t know how to pass this msg on ;(
      and remember to check your attendance at the fanpage and comment as well!

      • that new voting is not related to GDA. It is a daily vote on kpopwave and will never end. We already won the important poll that GDA official website wants us to vote. Don’t worry about voting or sales now. We have the upper hand for both. Just keep praying ~~

        • thank you for your clarification! 🙂 i was freaking out for the past week because we’ve been surpassed like crazy in voting. Yes we need to keep praying! Pray HARD!

  20. Im sorrryyyy…today I miss click to vote SNSD…hwaaaa….what to do??? im crying really hard today =(

  21. lets pray no more two faced drama this year, what we all need is fairness, as what other people can openly see. SUJU DESERVE TO WIN

  22. hey elf, do u remember the organizer also said that no group can win twice? so, let’s see….if suju doesn’t win, snsd also can’t win…if they do, we all can eat the organizer n sm…hahahaha….
    but, for me..suju must win this no matter what!

  23. please, they have to win it this time! it’s a totally a MUST!!!! GDA u better watch out

  24. Our boys are the ones who deserve to win this time!

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