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  1. #WorldELFSupportSJ 

  2. DAMN SM. Why are you doing this to the KINGS OF HALLYU WAVE, ne?! UGH. This is so unfair!!! What I am more mad about is that the members are freakin’ apologizing!!! It’s not their fault, they shouldn’t apologize T_T

  3. WTH…. T____________T

  4. Does that mean that sj will not be performing live tonite????

  5. ^^ What??

  6. leeteuk and donghae had to apologize to ELF even if it’s not their fault. OH GOD SM SERIOUSLY. EVEN AT A YEAR END SHOW LIKE THIS. D:<

  7. how bad the situation is that they even need to apologize?? TT

  8. TT___TT
    they will never change!!!!

  9. I will shout from room!! DON’T WORRY!! ALL WORLD ELFS WILL DO THAT!! Let’s make the world know the POWER OF ELFS!! HOW STRONG ELFS ARE!!

    SM. I think you should stop what you are doing now.. Like our leader said.. YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR. My first thank you for you is when SS4 started.. but i guess that will be my last thank you.

  10. Don’t mean to hate on any group.. I mean you posted new teasers for the new group (we all know how well planned they are).. went all out to promote a NEW group that you even put their video teaser on LED screen on a truck to go around…

    Can’t you post a single notice for a group that had been loyal to you for 7 years, sold the most album for 3 consecutive years, had sold out concerts for 4 years and running, and many more..

    Us, fans who had been loyal to u (Yes, YOU!) never expect anything back except to treat our oppas as u treat other groups in SM (we don’t even expect u to treat them the best!)… and U treat our oppa and us this way?????

    • ELF just don’t support that new band for now!! SM will know the worth of SJ boys then……… crap! I am so damn angry!

      • Are you really telling ELF to put down a member of SM Family? That’s even worse. It’s not EXO’s fault that SM fucks up shit like this. The members of EXO have worked hard for their debut and we should support them like the other groups of SM. Hell, SM will probably use and abuse EXO more in the future.. We just need SJ to leave SME already!

        • agree. dont start bashing any other group anymore. we all know whose fault it is.

  11. It is embarrassing to beg or desperately ask for the cheers or support of other fans. SME has made them gone this low? [sigh]

  12. hwaiting!!

  13. Guys … Don’t get so angry at SME, it’s not completly their fault (for once). Infinite fans said they had a very late notice for the pre-recording so we can guess it’s more SBS’s fault than SME’s. Although they could have still put a notice, even a couple of hours before the pre-recording …

  14. WTF???


  15. Whats Wrong With SM….Like Seriously…This Made Me Very Angry…We Need The Whole Story Now. SUPER JUNIOR FOREVER! SM NOT FOREVER.

  16. That’s why I was thinking why Super Junior was NOT in the list of performers for that event…. DAMN IT!! They abused our boys! Let’s make SME know that ELFs are freaking MAD!!

  17. i seriously think SM should have made a quick response about this matter, it’s okay if it was SBS’s fault, but they should at least make an explanation regarding this but not letting the boys apologizing on behalf on them! this is freaking heartbreaking! IF I WERE THE ONLY ELF STANDING THERE WATCHING, I SWEAR I WOULD SCREAM MY LUNGS OUT NO MATTER HOW EMBARRASSING IT IS!

    • agree !! i’ll do the same with you !!

      • angree. SM should have made a response as soon as posible.

        and they have to fired that unprofesionall staff who forgot to did his job!

  18. Damn hell…….!! wtf!! How can sm do such idiotic thing… This is the limit, they have been spending to much on that stupid new boy band and totally neglect Suju….. ELF just don’t support that new band, then SM would know the power of SJ..

    • stop it. EXPO is nothing to do with it. if u angry to SM, just angry to SM.

  19. OMG!!! of all the things SM forget… they forget ELFs?????? Hallyu’s king fanclub?? NONSENSE!!! It’s really frustrating!! The boys deserve better!! Its like their last performance of the year~ GAHHHH~!!!!

  20. actually, isn’t it normal to cheer for everyone once you’re already there??
    sorry, but i’m a bit sad that the other fans didn’t help suju a bit even if they didn’t come for them in the first place =(

    hope that only their live and not their pre-recording will air!!

    • so there’s a live performance and a pre-recorded one? I am very confused by this >_<

  21. Damn it! What is this? SM damned. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you do with ELF’s love?

  22. This fan account makes me so fucking upset. THEY’RE FUCKING KINGS OF HALLYU – they don’t need this fucking treatment! THEY SHOULD’VE BEEN ELF LIKE ALWAYS. SM, you just like to make them feel like shit, huh? I’ll burn down your buildings if I ever visit SK…

  23. that’s to much!! SM you got to apologize to ELF!

  24. is there any news about what happend in korea now? i mean about what k-elf doing or SM doing after this incident?
    and if it is SBS fault, is there any word from them?

  25. Sm, We want a public apology!!! NOW! If you can’t love SJ, atleast let ELFs give the love they deserve!!! 😦

  26. It’s SM being stupid and “forgetting” to tell E.L.F that Super Junior was performing. They’re slave drivers I tell you! They won’t let them sleep or eat damnit! You need to be more fair SM!

  27. When i read this intially i was shocked myself… but then again after re-reading it with a calm mind… and also after going round.. i think the fault is more SBS’s then SM’s… why do i say so? because other artist were treated worst… changing in the toilet?? man! that’s very very BAD hmmm….

    Gathering up all of the rumours about SBS Gayo Daejun:

    * SBS “sold” more tickets than there were seats for the festival. They made fans wait for hours before finally refusing entry telling many of them to go home. There were apparently scenes of distraught and sobbing fans, and the police were called.
    Those present commented that some of those that were turned away were foreign fans who had specifically travelled to attend, thinking that their ticket would gain them entry.
    * Normally dressing rooms are divided up to accommodate sunbaes and rookies etc but SBS did not make enough room to allow for the number of artists. Many artists were forced to do costume checks, make-up checks etc in the corridors. If this wasn’t bad enough, the female duet Davichi were forced to change in public toilets. The account specifically points out that Davichi had to change their stockings and their costumes in publicly accessible toilets.
    * Infinite Dongwoo’s Lighting Burns: one wonders what kind of equipment was being used and how they were placed for someone on stage to be burned by it.
    When SBS were informed that Dongwoo suffered burns, their reaction was apparently “So why was he standing here, then”. The account adds their own rebuttal to the producers: he had nowhere else to go because you didn’t give him a seat.
    * BEAST Yoseob’s Chair Incident: Yoseob was caught on camera helping to get chairs for B1A4 because the rookie group were not given seats. The questions being: why didn’t the staff do it in the first place, and why didn’t they rectify the situation by jumping in to arrange the chairs when the idols themselves, who are guests, were doing it?
    * Faulty microphones: there were microphone problems all night, but Infinite’s Hoya was actually given a microphone that the production team had already realised was broken.
    As the rap battle sequence started, Hoya personally told the production staff that his microphone wasn’t working but he was ignored.
    * FT Island’s Lee Jaejin was also seen carrying chairs with his own hands, though it is not made clear for whom he was moving them. But again, what were the staff doing?
    * Brown Eyed Girls fans were physically refused entry for pre-recording of the Brown Eyed Girls and missed the entire segment. The reasons given were miscommunication between the security guards and the production team.
    * Why did SBS only schedule 1 minute stages for rookie groups? Even if their sunbaes were present, was it right to give only a minute to people who are singers in their won right?
    * Yoseob stood for periods of time. There is also a report that Kikwang, despite his ankle injury, was left without a seat. I’m not sure how reliable that report is.
    * Some fans are complaining about how some artists received 5-10 minute special stages while MBLAQ had Mona Lisa cut short and BEAST performed only one song.
    * A+, MBLAQ fans felt particularly persecuted: many of them were denied entry and their specified fan seating area was smaller than was promised.
    * There are industry people complaining that Gayo Daejun is yet again becoming an extended episode of Inkigayo. It does not celebrate Korean music and artists: it has become a “beauty pageant for idols”.
    * 2PM were not given a dressing room and had to prepare in the corridor.
    Brown Eyed Girls also did not have a dressing room.
    * Lee Seunggi was a main MC and is a popular singer but his fans were also not given their own seating area… and his microphone had problems, too.

    Idols haven’t been silent about the issue either. This is perhaps the first time I’ve ever seen idols speak out so openly about issues at a broadcasting studio:

    * Bom: Thanked fans before calling the day “truthfully the worst possible day”.
    * Jungmo: “You all did well/struggled hard”
    * G.O.: Asked fans not to be too sad. Personally apologised on behalf of others for the fact that some A+ were refused entry.
    * Hongki: Apologised to Primadonnas for being unable to get more seats for them.
    * Leeteuk: Ambiguous tweet. Some people are taking it as him criticising SM, others are criticising SBS. (Various fandoms, including ELF and Shawol were unable to get access to the SM Orchestra pre-recording).

    There’s also an account posted by someone who claims to have talked to the jimmyjib camera operator from SBS Gayo Daejun who goes into far more detail about the individual incidents.

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