111226 Sukira (KTR) with SM, RY, EH & DH [Transcript]

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111226 Sukira (KTR) with SM, RY, EH & DH [Cuts]

111226 Sukira (KTR) with SM, RY, EH & DH [8P]

Sungmin intro Hae as “the most handsome member in Suju” and intro Hyuk as “the most ugly member in Suju”. Then Hae said “Isn’t Siwon the most handsome member?” RyeoSung: “Only for today, you are the most handsome one.”

Hyuk said he felt awkward to sit at the guest seat cos it’s not in the center. LOL.

RyeoSung asked listeners to send text in to vote who is the most handsome out of RyeoSungEunHae.

Wook asked Hyuk if he listened to Sukira frequently and he said yes. He said RyeoSung did well. Both of them have their own charm.

Donghae said he also listened to Sukira and even sent message in. He said he will definitely listen from 10pm-12am everyday. Then Hyuk teased him for being the most free artiste from 10pm to 12am again.

Listener asked Hae to sing <First Love> and he did!!

Hyuk asked if the person voted for being the most ugly member can get plastic surgery for present

They want to split into handsome team and ugly team. Wook said that there will be three people in handsome team (Wook, Sungmin and Hae) and one person in ugly tea (Hyuk). But Hyuk say Wook will be alone in the “left out team”.

Hyuk introduced <Fame> but Hae kept interrupting and don’t let him say.

They asked Hyuk to sing a part of his song in <Fame>. Hyuk: “Let’s not sing.. Let’s..” Sungmin: “What? Sing!…

Hyuk said that <Fame> is difficult cos he has to remember a lot of dances. Then Hae said “What kind of difficulty is that!” Then EunHae argued and Hyuk said: “What are you doing!!!” Hae: “I want to sing!!”

They’re gonna play <First Love> but Hyuk said “Can we don’t play that and just play IU’s You&I?”

Sungmin’s voice cracked and Hyuk imitated him!

Handsome team 81 marks, ugly team 82 marks. So HyukWook won!!

Listener asked Eunhyuk to stop hosting.

Sungmin said “Eunhyuk sshi, why are you hosting out of a sudden? Don’t do that..”

Hae said that the song they sang (Sechskies’s song) is the song he’s most confident of and they lost because he sang it with Sungmin. Sungmin said he sang this song for the first time in his life.

Listener asked “Other than IU, who is your favourite female artiste now?” Hyuk: “Why exclude IU!!” Then they said “Don’t talk about solo singers, talk about girl group.” Hyuk: “SNSD, f(x)…” Then Hae: “Isn’t it APink?” They played APink’s song and Hyuk sang a bit of it. Listener asked “Who does Donghae like?” Donghae: “There’s no one I like..” Hyuk: “You always tell me who you like!!” Donghae: “Did I..?” Hyuk: “Should I say it now..?” Hae: “Ah, don’t do that!” Boys asked Hae who he’s talking about in the lyrics (2 Feb 2006). Hyuk: “Don’t we all know..?” Then they all teased Hae.

Hyuk won the most ugly vote. LOL. He said he will go back and complain to his mum!!

Hyuk said that the forfeit for the team who lost will do funny expressions and take photo.

Hyuk said it’s okay for him to have an ugly image as long as everyone continue to pay attention to him.

Hyuk piggyback-ed Hae for phototaking!!

Hyuk came right infront of the camera to wave and pretend to cry!!

Credit: @heequeenTing
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  1. lol bad minwook! kept teasing eunhae haha! and hyukkie said minwook have their own charm? guess it’s their aegyoness haha! who does hae like?! no doubt, it’s his lover HYUKKIE haha! aaaww hyukkie goes to his mom when people say he is ugly! how sweet! but hyukkie ah! you’re not ugly at all! i can see how badly hyuk miss sukira! >.<


  3. awwwww cuteness overload xD

  4. omg.. eunhyuk so cute, like he’s mummy’s boy! CUTE >o<

    • yeah.. i agree with u.. i laughed when eun said he came home and ask to his mum,,,m hahaha…

  5. what is exactly happened on 2 Feb 2006?

    • hae said in SSTP before, that day he saw a girl and he feels like he’s fallin love with that girl at the first sight. but i dont really get the whole thing he said bcoz i’m not that good at korean… 🙂

      • I thought they say it was the day the elf set up?

    • i’m not sure if i’m allowed to say it, but i assure you, SHE really is BEAUTIFUL :))))

      • Who is she? Can anyone tell me? hehehe

  6. omggggg i’m hoping to god some kind soul upload the whole ep and sub it! so cuuute!

  7. who’s donghae’s girl?????

    • EXACTLY. I’M LIKE “they all know but we don’t…”

  8. nawww…eunhyuk is sooo funny!!! wookmin dj are doing great!!!
    guys…is it just me? or have u thought donghae is dating now? like the ring on his marriage finger and how the boys are teasing him abt who he likes..if u remember when shinee’s jonghyun was in a relationship, leeteuk and sj teased him in the same way!! :OOO m being so paranoid soryy ..lol bt i just had to take this thing off my chest!!

    • I know that ring is killing me I really really want to know!!! Donghae is my second bias but I love him as equally as the first wich is Kyu…… Hes been so happy lately too ahhhh wish they would let us know, even if we don’t know who the girl is but at least let us know if he is dating someone *sigh*

  9. Hyuk, you are so beautiful in my eyes – and in the eyes of many others! Stay as beautiful as you currently are please.

  10. I like the part that listener requested hyuk to stop hosting XD
    he must be tried hard to hold it (hosting) ..

  11. Hyuk is not the most ugly.. he is one of the most handsome! haha.. anyone knw’s abt Hae’s story back in 2 Feb 2006?? Sid.. can u create a post on that if u know the details?? even if its a lil bit is good too.. ^^ THX!!

  12. i thinnk hae is most handsome.and hyuk is handsome

    love their interactions hehe

  13. um….who are they referring to “Boys asked Hae who he’s talking about in the lyrics (2 Feb 2006). Hyuk: “Don’t we all know..?” Then they all teased Hae.”

  14. I think Hyuk misses SUKIRA;(

  15. Meh, Hyukkie’s confident about saying he’s “ugly” because he knows it’s far from the truth ;P
    I heard about that song lyrics before but never got to the bottom of it (also because of self-preservation hehe). Hae is really a romantic.
    DJ MinWook are doing a great job! ❤

  16. eunhae~~!!


  18. Sukiro become lively because EunHae because the guest tonight..Eunhyuk Missed his DJ position at Sukira…ha8 four of them are so cute and fun..i’m curious who is the girls that donghae love on 2 Feb 2006??hahahha..success for Super Junior

  19. Haha our ELF (and the members) are always teasing Hyuk being the ugliest member! XD
    but thats bcause we love him so much and we know he’s handsome for sure. Ppl might think they’re so mean towards him XD

  20. who is she??2 feb 2006??i’m wondering…
    ohhh,can anyone tell me why hyuk called donghae as namja no.3??

    • This date appears on the lyric of First Love, who was wrote by Donghae. So probably is the date he fell in love! WHO is the girl will always be a mistery T.T
      Namja no.3 is because Hae appeared in a tv show(Star Love Village) wich he was the guy no.3

  21. Eunhyuk is the most handsome, for sure. ^-^

  22. I really wonder who’s that girl?! hmm..I think they’re hiding it because they’re afraid fans might bash her…T T…Let’s not do that guys!

  23. eunhyuk my number one bias

  24. Eunhyuk is my man for life such a hottie now with his haircut, i think hes hotter thn won xD

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