111226 Siwon to get a new voice for Skip Beat

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After two weeks of broadcast, GTV has decided to replace Kun Da, who has been dubbing Siwon’s voice, with a professional voice actor. Since the beginning of the drama netizens have been criticizing Siwon’s dub, saying “Siwon’s character, Dun He Lian, is mature, but Kun Da’s voice is too cute.” Because of the Super Junior fans voicing their dissatisfaction towards the dubbing, it has caused Kun Da’s fans to feel very unhappy, leading to the two fan groups bickering at each other online.

GTV announced on their official Facebook that they will replace Kun Da with a professional voice actor, but expressed gratitude for Kun Da’s hard work. Darren of The Drifters will remain as Donghae’s voice.

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Credit: LibertyTimes 
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  1. well, couldnt agree more. the voice does sound a bit… strange. its good they’re replacing him.

  2. Thank god! That voice really did not suit Si Won’s face unlike Hae’s xD

  3. CH’YEAAAA!!! ❤ ^_______^

  4. Poor Kun Da – but thank goodness they’re getting someone else! Siwon’s voice totally doesn’t fit! And agree that Hae’s kinda does… though I was wondering if it was Danson Tang at first… guess it’s not!

  5. i don’t mind at all with the audio…since the visual is(still) Choi Siwon 😀

  6. I love seeing Siwon in k-dramas and all that good stuff… but why was he put in a Taiwanese drama as well as Donghae? They clearly can’t speak the language fluently because their voices are dubbed over.

    I don’t know… to me it doesn’t make sense. Why couldn’t they have just converted it into a Korean drama (I’m aware that it came from the same manga called Skip Beat too).

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Siwon and Donghae! I’ll keep watching Skip Beat because it already has me interested in it 🙂

    The dubbing-over thing stands out to me and I just wanted to put my two-cents in it, lol.

    • Lol I thought that’s been answered already. Go to any of the other Kpop forums out there (like allkpop), and there’ll be posts written by Taiwanese fans explaining everything. To put it simply, dubbing is not all that unusual in Tdramas. Since the Chinese language is so varied, with so many different dialects and accents, and so many actors from all over Chinese cultural sphere working in the industry, dubbing is kind of a must.
      Anyway, I’m just glad Siwon and Donghae are broadening their horizons. Hopefully in a couple of years their command of Mandarin would be flexible enough not to have dubbing needed. (knock on wood)

    • i understand what you mean. i feel like they’re being used for their popularity. they could have used taiwanese actors that spoke the language. i agree with you that they could have made it a korean drama so that we could hear their voices. but i only know english so i would have needed subs either way. at first i was only watching this drama because of donghae but the drama has me interested in it even though i can’t hear donghae and siwon’s voices.

    • its simple. its about money. and true enough, their popularity is massive in taiwan. so, producers are just making money out of their popularity, but of course its good for both fans and these two members. win-win situation. u get to see them, they get to show their talent, and producers get the money. LOL.

    • Although I’m not really a fan of the dubbing, does it even make sense to ask why they were cast to begin with and why this isn’t a kdrama? Like really? To the second point…the Taiwanese station (not a korean one) obviously bought the rights to redo the manga. And for the first one…they are super popular in Taiwan, just look at all the music records they set there. I don’t mean to sound hostile but I read the post and it came off as a really close minded/uninformed statement.

      • i totally agree with jade. and also, i dont think we should say the producers are making use of their popularity.. if it is like that, many other programs are also “making use” of suju then? like how hae & sungmin acted in “its ok daddy’s daughter” and “president”. those shows arent an idol drama but still chose to cast our members instead of other pple. i dont think we shld say they are making use
        of suju’s popularity.. lets just be glad that we are able to watch siwon and donghae in skip beat just as they have enjoyed and glad they were given an opportunity to act.

      • I’m sorry if what I said seemed close minded, but I was only expressing my own opinion. It was just a question I had. I have nothing against it..

  7. I really don’t mind dubbing over their voices at all however Siwon’s voice dubber doesn’t really fit him. 😦 Btw, is it true that his dubber is Ivy Chen’s bf coz it’s a little awkward if he is. It’s sad though that the fan wars had to happen.

  8. why am i so emotionless when reading this? i should be happy what….but if the title goes like this :” Siwon to get his own voice for Skip Beat ” , imma in the heaven already LOL

  9. Thank goodness they will replace Siwon’s chinese dubber, the voice doesn’t suit him at all, even though Siwon acting is good, but the dubbing of his voice seems like emotionless, and really can’t convey what Siwon is potraying. unlike the one who dubs Donghae voice, Donghae’s acting and chinese dubbing match well.:)

  10. replace Kun Da is a wise dicision
    I can’t agree more

  11. o_o I’m alright with siwon’s dub maybe I didn’t really bothered on the face and focused on his face only LOL. I like taiwan dramas! Their always v nonsensical funny! ^^ Random but watch x family and the pre sequel , its REALLY funny and with all the powers going like wu la ba ha hehe. But siwon and donghae are really handsome and goo hye sun is going to air on a taiwanese drama too, so it helps them to widen their horizons on their acting career as well. Plus spread sj’s popularity when more fans know them ^^

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