111223 Super Show 3 DVD (Korea Version)

December 23, 2011 at 9:01 am | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., MV/DVD/CD, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 65 Comments

Credit: gabbogabbo0 @ youtube

YES THEY HAVE SUNGMIN’S SOLO ;AAAA; i cant wait for my DVD!!!!

Credit: heidilee12990 @ youtube

Posted by: reneee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

I’m not gonna watch them, will wait for my dvd ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ enjoy~!


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  1. yeahhh finally ^^

  2. come on come on~~~
    I need “I Wanna Love You” part~~ ^^

  3. someone please tell me where should i buy or make a preorder of SS3 Seoul DVD??
    btw, I’m from Indonesia..

    • yesasia will do! i got mine there. idk if theres anyone in indonesia taking order tho~

      • yesasia – well there’s where i got mine too but kpoptown, dvdheaven and any other usual kpop store should have it. yesasia’s probably easier if you’re going to buy other things at the same time – since it’s free shipping over 35 bucks (USD)?

        • I think DVD Heaven is more cheaper eventhough inclusive the deliver charges n Yes Asia is much more expensive. 2-Super Junior Dairy for USD36.70 plus delivery charges n 2-Mr Simple Ver A (bought 2 previously already) for USD40.36.
          So I would suggest DVD heaven.

          • well, my friend sell it.. and it’s original from Korea. 🙂

    • Hi. I’m from Indonesia too…
      and I also shipping this SS3 DVD. you can buy it on KPOPGALORE… you should open their facebook or twitter then ask how to order it.

    • just search gasoo galore or yepopo korean mall on facebook. they sell all items of kpop. and there’s SS3 dvd 🙂

      • kpoptown is have some problems now …
        I cannot access it. But I bought it there.

      • yeah me too ^^
        I order SS3 dvd at Yepopo Korean Mall on facebook. It’s cheaper than any else

    • you can buy at http://www.melodiary.com/ . it’s cheaper than others I think 😀

  4. OMG!! ><
    this is killing me.. i won't open those links. waaa.
    I'll wait for my copy of SS3 DVD. haha.
    if I watch those vids it'll just spoil my excitement. lol.

  5. wooooowww finally…
    thx a lot for sharing..

  6. where’s my DVD!!!!! this is so tempting… but actually I already have the SS4 Japan dvd anyway… lol

    • SS4 or SS3?

      • is SS3 I think..

  7. I have a question, this DVD only contains Korea’s performances? Not worldwide? Don’t tell me there’s another DVD for worldwide performances and that I bought the wrong DVD 😦

    • Actually they hav 2 DVD 1 is solely on Japan performance and 1 contain solely Korea performance.
      If u buy from online they’ll definely say THE 3RD ASIA TOUR – SUPER SHOW 3 in JAPAN and the other 1 will be like this Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour Super Show 3 (info from DVD Heaven n Yes Asia).

      • The one I bought is http://www.yesasia.com/global/1025918445-0-0-0-en/info.html, but I didn’t get from the web, my friend got for me from Korea itself. The thing is ……. they keep saying Super Junior The 3rd Asia Tour Super Show 3 yet there’s this Korea Version behind, which is why I’m kinda confused whether the performances are solely from Korea SS3 or the rest of Asia’s SS3 as well. :/

        • Is a Korea version 🙂 normally they don’t Asia version

          • Huh serious? But I heard from my friend SS2 included Asia versions -.-

            • If they include Asia version there will be alot different song coming out. So I don’t think so.
              B’caz in China, Taiwan, Malaysia n Singapore they sing few song in chinese.

  8. aaaah so hot..
    someday i will buy my own dvd

  9. Oh no, the uploader put it on private… 😦 how can we watch it now??

  10. the video is private..cant watch!! i havent receive my SS3 dvd yet!! then now cant see!!!help!!

  11. why all video are private? c.c I cant’ watch it!

  12. How can I see the videos?? They are private.. 😦

  13. you can watch it here! :

  14. private :'((( i can’t watch it aaaaaaaaaaa so sad :'((

  15. why the videos are private? how can we watch them? T T plz allow us to watch them…

  16. private???

  17. the video is in private.. how can we watch it..? please let us watch it.. =(

  18. Can’t watch them, it’s said it’s private, why???
    PS: i’m from north africa (Algeria) … please help
    if anybody can tell me where to preorder it PLEASE!

    • you can order from DVD Heavan 🙂

  19. Please let us know who is the uploader , so I can request to watch..

  20. why the video is in private..?

  21. How can we watch this???? I’m so sad cause I can’t watch this video…

  22. i really want to buy this but i have some worries to buy something on9…
    i just scared i will be tricked and i don’t got the dvd in my hand and i also scared if i order it wrongly and got the wrong dvd becoz i never buy something on9 be4..my worries is just becoz of my friend experience…
    what to do???? somebody help me.. I WANT THIS DVD!!!!

    • you can buy from DVD Heaven(this 1 is cheaper) or Yes Asia (this will b a bit expensive).
      I bought alot of stuff from this 2 site so is trustworthy 🙂

      • thanx for the info..
        sorry to make you feel disturbed again but this is my 1st time making online order..
        how to pay it?? i can’t understand…is that a free register??

  23. For those who can’t watch. I found out that u can watch pressing the YouTube sign. Hope it works for all of u 🙂


  25. 3RD GATE and Don’t Don is private =/

  26. omo! i thought she was gonna upload all… my cousin and i have watched some already earlier.. why is it private now? 😦

    • I found out that u can watch by pressing the YouTube sign. Hope it works for u n is not private, is that she use unlisted so the video won’t blocked utube.

  27. ahhh thank you so much 😀

  28. i can’t watch it because it says private
    can somebody send them to me

  29. its not working both ways please make it work!plzzzzzzzzzz

  30. i’hv waited sooooo long for this but it’s not working 😦

  31. huaaaaa~ I can’t waiting for my DVD arrived ><

  32. aaahhh mine hasn’t arrive yettt!!!! watching these makes me miss heenim even more 😦

  33. me either i was really close but i’ll wait for my dvd ^^

  34. I have a question, this DVD contains Lady HEE HEE performance???

  35. there’s no Marry U ??

  36. how i wish it will be available in Philippines and in my city as well.. i’ll definitely buy it!

  37. Omg…I’m so tempted to watch all these videos..but I’m waiting for my SS3 DVD to arrive in the mail. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  38. do they have single ladies and lady hee hee performance in the dvd ?

  39. where is the poker face video?

  40. i heard that there’s no lady HeeHee and the beyonces performances…is that true???ift it the korean version,it supposed to have it included in it…right..???


  42. Thank u so much.. 😀

  43. Thank u so much..

  44. hello i’m from Malaysia..i want to ask anyone in here sell SS3 Seoul at low prices..if you have please reply me..thank you..

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