111223 KBS Music Bank YearEnd Special Setlist with Super Junior

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Shuffle Dance – All the cast

Hot Summer + Pinocchio – F(X)

Intuition + Love Girl – CNBLUE

Goodbye Baby – Miss A

[Special Retro Dance Perf.]

Couple – B1A4

Im your girl – DalShabet

Candy – Boyfriend

Eternal Love – APINK

Angel without Wings – B1A4, Dalshabet, Boyfriend, APINK

Don’t say goodbye – Davichi

Be Mine + Paradise – Infinite

Top Girl + Black&White – G.NA

[Special – 3 Divas]

Listen – Jieun, Minkyung, Hyorin

Breakdown + special perf. – Kim Hyunjung

So Cool – Ma Boy – SISTAR

[Special Duet]

Lucky – IU & Jung Yonghwa

Starlight Moonlight + Shy Boy + Love is Move – Secret

Fiction – Beast

Roly Poly + Cry Cry – T-ARA

[Special Dance Battle] HyunA, BEAST, G.NA

You and I – IU

Be my Baby – Wonder boys + Wonder Girls

Girls Girls – Wonder Girls

SuperMan + A-Cha + Mr. Simple – Super Junior

Random imagination – All the cast

*Siwonnie will be one of the MC’s

Source: KBSWorld Official Facebook
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by supergirlRain


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  1. suju always perform the last ^^

  2. SuJu is the last because they are the best 🙂

  3. they save the best for last:D

  4. The big star is always the last one..
    Save the best for last..

  5. Wait, is this their year-end special or is there another for next week?

    • It said it is the Year End Special. That means next week no.

  6. siwonnie as mc?? wow I must watch this! oh they’ll be performing 3 songs, great! what’s cute is f(x)’s still performing hot summer in the middle of winter XD (and who’s wonder boys??)

    • If I’m not mistaken this is wonderboys 🙂

  7. Super Junior, Secret, Apink, F(x) and B1A4 I really have to watch this!!!!

  8. is there eunhyuk and donghae’s oppa oppa today?

  9. I think B1A4, Dalshabet, Boyfriend, APINK must sing Angel without wings with leeteuk ._.

  10. Is this mean no winner today??

    Via MebApp.com

  11. Siwon as mc?! Wow. This is gonna be awesome! Has he ever MCed before? ^^

    • Yeah, I believe he was mc on MBC ICON and SBS Drama Awards

  12. No dbsk, big bang and 2ne1 ~_~ So rare to seee yg artists lol . Whoo sj has 3 songs ^^

  13. SJ’s like the most senior by a stretch out of all those performers!

  14. shindong in wonder boys is freaking funny haha! SJ daebak! the best is always saved for the last! 🙂

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