111217 Yesung Twitter Updates : love this oppa too ~~

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  1. aww yesung oppa don’t worry ELFs love you too! you don’t need to be jealous of donghae oppa and eunhyuk oppa~
    ELF ❤ SJ!

  2. LOL this cracks me up! Apparently Yesung oppa is kinda jealous with the ‘other’ oppa oppa? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ well no worries Yesung oppa, we all love you too!

  3. I understand why he tweeted this 😦
    I hope SMent gives him some solo activities .He truly deserves a solo album !
    Please SMent stop being too biased.I’m as a fan got hurt with all this unfair treatment so I wonder how YeSung himself feels.

    • dont worry cingu,,yesung still active in KRY,, he is the best one ^^

      • I know he’s still active and he’s the best singer in SUJU and one of the best in Kpop ,but seriously why they’re underrating him like this?
        He doesn’t have any activity lately..
        Considering he’ll be enlisted in 2012 ,they must have give him more activities >_totally ignored they didn’t even bother themselves uploading Mr.Simple the Japanese version..!
        This is way toooooooooo much!

        • *have given him more

          ~one last point I forget to mention, sadly YeSung has a low self-esteem :_;
          and I believe it’s a result of SMent’s treatment.

          • Yes is the same that all this year i say, he need more solo activities. He is one of the best singer in Korea, Kyu and Reyo are also but i´m wonder how would be Suju without Yesung´s voice?. I hope they understand that

    • Can you clarify how he gets unfair treatment? :O

      • Oh sorry I just realize some lines are missing from my 2nd comment -_- think I accidentally deleted them.
        ( It was like this>

        SMent is really biased and favoring one group!
        I still can’t believe they upload each and every single performance and appearance of that group at SM official Youtube channel while many things related to SUJU are not !
        The simplest exam is Mr.Simple Japanese version !
        They didn’t bother themselves uploading the MV and I don’t think they will do.
        Also, not to mention that K.R.Y and after more than 5 years,they sill don’t have a single album..!
        and it’s too obvious SUJU’s members are being treated unequally and .Just see each member’s individual activates and compare.

        (Ps:I don’t hate **** but I hate SMent)

        • *simplest example

        • Oh, I thought it was Yesung specifically but I agree on KRY. However, for individual activities, remember that it isn’t them who decides it, it’s the sponsors or shows who decide who in SuJu they want to get to perform or endorse something. And Yesung from what I know actually had a lot of individual activities, when he had a musical one after another and got a hosting job with Muzit. They each get their own time to be busy.

  4. Aww…his tweet makes me go ‘aww’. Let’s all tweet lots and lots of loving messages to him right now to cheer him up! 🙂

  5. Lol, he’s too cute, he’s really afraid of being lonely..Yesung ah, do u know u have stolen my heart from Kyuhyun…

    • lol – hope Kyu doesn’t start tweeting similar messages…

      • I’d be very surprised if Kyuhyun tweets something like this actually XD

    • really? wow! must be hard to switch from kyu to yesung! LOL. bcoz i know some people just love kyu so much, they wont care about yesung anymore and that makes me kinda sad. anyway, welcome to the club of CLOUD! ^^

  6. I love you Yesung Oppa ^^ always, don`t worry ne?

  7. D’aww..but he is so loved and truly appreciated by so many of us. And how can he not be loved when he posts such hot pics? ^-^

  8. wae oppa? we love you too 🙂

  9. Yesung-ah, i wont cheat on you forever! even when i get married!!!! u’ll always be my cloud!!

  10. oppa…you make me laughing… Don’t worry,i will always love oppa…hwaiting

  11. lol we love you too oppa! ^^

  12. am i taking this tweet the wrong way? coz i was definitely depressed by this… T_T my forever bias KIM JONGWOON saranghae!!!!!!!

  13. Yesung never fails to make me laugh.
    everybody is in the craze of eunhae. i am too.
    this isnt serious.. he’s showing us his lovable side.
    can someone make a fanart of this. eunhae in their stage costumes and yesung oppa waving at us. cute.
    definitely blood type ab. like me. hahahahaha

  14. oppa , dont worry you’re forever number 1 . you’re the best and forever be the best . i’ll pray the best for you . prom15e to 13elieve . you must hold this quotes too . believe in clouds that clouds never leave u alone :”)

  15. Aww…Yesung-oppa, saranghaeyo! ^^

    Does anyone else find it ironic that K.R.Y. was the first subgroup formed and has already had their own standalone concert(s)/tour, and yet they don’t have an album? Even if it’s a compilation of all their previous songs….

    SMEnt., you’re making thousands of E.L.F.s worldwide very upset right now. >.<

  16. lol, does he felt left out?! XDD cute oppa!

  17. Well, my first reaction was pretty depressing. I mean, I feel like Yesung has been… gone. Maybe he feels like people have forgotten him. I hope he is asking for some activities or the company IS offering him activities because he hates being lonely and he needs to build up the confidence of his. But after I clicked on the article, I quickly thought of Eunhae. Yes, it does seem like Yesung is a little jealous. Hahaha. I can’t forget about this oppa cause I love him the most!!

  18. Kim Jongwoon I love you and always will! We all support you, no need to feel lonely. I hope SM realizes that you shouldn’t just be forgotten about T_T

  19. now this tweet has gone from his page. Yesung must’ve been deleted it 😦 fortunately i had give him my reply, that I will always love him, because he’s beautiful and special! i’m feeling lucky since i got to reply it before he deleted it 🙂
    why Yesung often deleted his own tweet like this? i don’t feel like there’s something wrong with the tweets he had deleted before… i just kinda regret it 😦
    and oh yes, maybe he felt lonely and forgotten now since he’s got no individual activity unlike other members. he even promised us that he’d be back in a musical this spring but then there’s none from him 😦 i really feel sad right now, imagining my Yesung being so alone and insecure…

    • when he doesnt have schedule, i dont think he felt lonely. he has tons of friends outside. and there’s his brother with whom he loves to hang out often

  20. So sad that oppa ask someone to love him.. Plz SM give him the right thing 2 do.. u really waste his talent from the beginning so now he’s really have problem with his confidence,,, u know u must be the luckiest company 2 have oppa with u.. the angelic voice from heaven,, when i first now suju,, i’m really confused 2 choose that 13 members. but slowly but sure i watch the EHB n falling in love with the dorky, the bullies member n face like a cute kid.. KIM JONG WOON.. n surely with his voice,, i more fall with him.. please give him more love,, please give suju the fair performance.. n they deserve 2 win GDA this year.. of course with fair judges..!! Yeppa SARANGHAE 100%

  21. aaawww of course ELFs love u yesungie! don’t worry oppa we won’t left u out! seeing his tweet is really heart breaking! guess he thinks that he was abandoned since he doesn’t have much activities like other members! sigh! cheer up oppa! ELFs love u! XOXO!

  22. we all love you Oppa…you’re the best than the others and you’re the funniest in SUJU in my mind n my soul. you’ve got a special place in my heart..hwaiting!

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