111216 @kevjumba new video in reference to Super Junior #TEAMJUMBA

December 15, 2011 at 10:00 pm | Posted in 5th Album, Albums, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 12 Comments

Thanks to Chérie (_hitsumabushi) for the heads up ~~

From 2.00..

Credit: kevjumba 
Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. Haha I subscribe to Kev Jumba, so I already love his videos. But when he did A-CHA I about screamed. He must really like Suju XD

  2. thanks to him:P Mr Simple got more views and now for a-cha 😀

  3. he follows SJ.. hmm i see. XD

  4. we should all go to his video and ask if he’s an ELF XD
    if enough ask, maybe he’ll mention it in his next video? O.o

  5. i don’t know… i think he is sarcastic

  6. lol I see someone liking SuJu xD

  7. Haha guys I went to see his twitter and in response to someone he said,
    “haha i had to look up what ELF was, now i know, ELF 4 lyfe”
    Not sure if he’s serious.. but hey it’s still pretty cool 😀

  8. I’m sunbscribed to his channel & I think there is another video (I think it’s “I’m not cool”) in which he mentions Super Junior and his wish to be a K-Pop star.

  9. LOL I think it’s kevjumba’s 2nd time mentioning suju ^^ I think he’s a fan of them though! Haha just saw the vid

  10. saw many non-elfs leaving comments about liking acha..thanks Kevjumba<3

  11. I’ve loved this guy ever since the Mr. Simple reference! xD Ah, respect for Kevin! ❤

  12. i seriously think he is an ELF haha! a fanboy! daebak!

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