111208 Mnet M! Countdown Special Stage – Super Junior

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111208 Mnet MCountdown Special stage, Fantaken – Kyuhyun & Leeteuk [2P]

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Credit: EndOfCCC @ youtube
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  1. thanks for sharing this! it lagged freaking much just now! i somehow miss crazycarrot lmao!

  2. It was amazing! I was screaming while watching them…hahaha
    슈퍼주니어 화이팅! ♥♥ 너 무 살랑해! ♥♥♥

  3. oooh the twins has become triplets..during MAMA i thought teukie and sungmin look like a pair of twins now they have become triplets along with hyukie..haha..^^

  4. I think SuJu is in one of their best “hairstyle times” 😀 😀 Pure perfection <3<3<3 I seriously can't even pick the one which I like the most ❤

  5. HYUK!!!!! YOUR HAIR!!!! LOVE ♥♥♥

  6. awww i miss hyuk’s blonde hair….
    i totally kept mixing leeteuk, sungmin and eunhyuk up XD
    really similar hairstyles

  7. oh…i almost totally missed my bias hyuk with that new hair cut. it’s shorter than i thought but still hot. also, didn’t anyone else think that they song/performance was kinda fast (almost rushed?) true i just woke up and my brain may not be up to speed yet but it just seemed faster than usual…

  8. fighting ajaja stay high i love you and be relax we want to stay love you in all weather
    afaf eid

  9. AH I’ve missed those hip thrusts. These boys… ❤

  10. I’m curious about the ending part..
    what is that? they win something ? why they hugging? 🙂

    • that’s a clip from one of their performances a few months ago, when they won an award.

  11. new hair of wookie!beautiful!!!…..

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