111204 Share a Coke with….. Siwon xD [3P]

December 4, 2011 at 4:22 am | Posted in CandidRandom(nonSJ), Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 35 Comments

This is so random but I feel like sharing it xD

So~ at the moment in Australia there’s this Coke thing, they sell cokes with names on them. It says ‘Share a coke with… (Insert name)’

There’re around 150 names, common names like Matt, Amy, Mel, etc that you can just buy straight from supermarkets or shops etc but my name *my name is Irene btw* is not on their 150 names list ㅠㅠㅠ

Anyway, they have this booth to customize your own can, the locations and times are limited, not all malls have them and not everyday. The one near my place is having it today, and I was thinking to get myself a can with my name *and it’s free! the coke too!*

You can only get 1 card, cos its limited to one can per person.

I wanted to make one for my mom, dad, and sister so I queued once for me~ queued again for each of them, pretended that it wasn’t me that queued previously ㅋㅋ The guy there was like “I think I’ve seen this person before..” haha

Anyway after I got all the cans for my family I was thinking wouldn’t it be so cool if I can make cans for SJ names on them ㅋㅋ Let’s hope someday I can meet them and give it to them? xD

So last queue! I wrote Siwon’s name…… haha they actually say you can’t put celebrity’s name on them since the purpose of this is actually to share a coke with your mate *but who cares xD* And they wouldn’t know Siwon is a celebrity anyway *unless they’re ELF!! haha* If I wrote Justin Bieber then they would definitely know haha..

I actually wanted to queue again for other names like Eunhyuk Kyuhyun Sungmin etc etc etc etc… but then I was embarrassed already haha so I might go again when they’re having this booth again hehe~

So here they are!! They look like this.. pretties  ㅋㅋ
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

^This is my can hehe~

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

^And this is Siwon’s ♥ I really hope I could give it to him someday~~~
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
And for the time being I’m going to put both my can and his on my desk~ Don’t they just look good together? hahahahahaha

Sorry for such a random thing hehe~ It’s fun so I just want to share them~

Thanks for reading ^o^

– reneee


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  1. Good idea. I got my name @ Parra a few months ago. Didnt think of getting Suju names on them……Now im on a mission to get Kyu on a can!!! I would love to get all 13+2 on the cans, but that would be hard.

    • haha you should get one for kyu! I got 6 cans and I was pretty embarrassed lol. But I think I’ll go again to make more cans! xD

      • Web? Can I get their link? Will they open in another country? 🙂

        • not sure about other countries~ but their web is shareacoke.com.au 🙂

          • Thank you.. ^^

  2. this is so cool, Irene! Nice one! How i wish they can have this in Singapore! I will then have leeteuk’s name printed on it!

    • Me too, and get another one with sora’s name on it. Lol~ :p
      Maybe I can give it to them as a wedding gift? :p

  3. ooohhh thats sooooo cute! i siwon loves coke! (i think…)

  4. Aaaaa.. >.< I want it.. But I can't.. (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

  5. Ah, so awesome! x3 I wish I had 1… or 15! Hehe, congrats on getting a Siwon Coke~!

  6. Where is this? I haven’t seen any such booths… although I’ve seen the coke bottles with names in shops… then again they probably won’t bother having those booths in Canberra!

    • sydney~ i think they had one in act but the dates have passed ald! >//< it was at westfield woden i checked on their web~ ㅠ

  7. aww!! i’m jealous! i want donghae and kyuhyun!!!!!!! and maybe all 15 of them!!!

  8. Cool!!!!

  9. cool! hope they come to NZ too! XD *wink wink* although i dont really like coke, i’d be happy to get one for kyuhyun! hahaha >:)

  10. lol, that’s one of the difficulties of being an elf, if you want to get for all the members, you will have to queue 15 times:)

  11. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s awesome… waaaa!!!! good idea by coke..

  12. Wow so cool… I hope that you can really give it to Siwon… he is my bias too. It will fun to see his face after receiving this from you, since this is one of a kind.:) hope that Coca Cola will do this activity too in our country.

  13. def send this picture to siwon

  14. is wan bring any ID card or sumthing.?? or just free n make it for u.??? bcau mayb i can make it tooooo!!!! ^^

    • its totally free~ queue up and you’ll get one!

  15. OMG i was thinking the exact same thing! I really want one with Super Junior names in them!

  16. where can u get it in sydney?

  17. You should tweet this picture to Siwon @siwon407. It’s his fav drink! Even though you can’t give this to him personally (at the moment), getting a reply from him about this would make your day 🙂

    • couldn’t agree more =)

  18. awwww thts cute hopefully they’ll have it here in singapore too!

  19. Awww….I wonder what Siwon will think if he saw this xD
    btw, didn’t Siwon love coke??

  20. wowowo He will love it!!!

  21. you should just team up with 14 other people to get one each with each member’s name on them =) then mail them to suju lol =)

  22. so pretty 🙂 it’d be a great gift haha

  23. OMG they look really good together! haha! like the font type so much! not too complicated yet look so nice! simple concept haha! do u know when does this end and which part of aus offers this?

  24. Awesome!! I want one!!

  25. How long is the queue? I REALLY want that can!! My BFF has one. So jealous!! So, how long IS the queue?! I will hate u if u don’t reply!! And… Honesty please!!!

  26. Wow! That is so awesome! I’d get one with Hyukkie’s name. Or EunHae xD

  27. please put my name.. i’m Júnior

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