Triple wins at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, SJ members were moved to tears | From 111130

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MAMA Compilation 111129

“If the tears that we shed five years ago were tears of sorrow, then the tears we shed today are tears of joy and bliss.”

In the 2011 MAMA ceremony that took place in Singapore on the 29th of November, Super Junior took home three awards and the members were moved to tears. Super Junior was present at the post ceremony press conference and during the interview they said “The tears that we shed today are a symbol of gratitude and they are tears of happiness that represents our determination to strive to do even better in the future.”

Super Junior has received the Album of the Year award, the Best Male Group award and the Singapore’s Choice award in the 2011 MAMA.

Leader Leeteuk said “5 years ago when we received the New Artiste Award, we shed tears of sorrow. Members have all gone through long periods of training and were very uncertain about the chances of debuting, therefore the award that we received back then held a different meaning. This year, many things had happened for Super Junior, including some unhappy incidents, but this made us stronger and we became more united than before. Hence based on this, we felt that the tears we shed today were tears of happiness.”

Choi Siwon made a comment after witnessing the support from Super Junior’s fans from various countries “Our fans are the best and they are the most persistent ones, therefore we too have continuously strived very hard to be the best.”

K-POP’s representative, Super Junior gave a sincere opinion regarding the future of the Hallyu wave and this attracted much attention.

SJ’s Leeteuk expressed “The Hallyu wave has expanded across many countries, in Europe, Japan and various places outside Korea, and with this the number of K-pop performances and concerts has also increased tremendously. However, the ticket prices for these events are sometimes exorbitant. If the ticket prices can be made more affordable, it will be in favour of the K-POP fans. Compared to the short term monetary gains, it will be good if we can place the emphasis on the long term benefits such as the genuine nature and quality of the K-POP performances and songs.”



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  1. I really love how Leeteuk sounds like a politician… Maybe he could run for politics when he gets tired of being a celebrity!

    • Agree.. it was even his first ambition.. to be a politician or a diplomat…

  2. i wonder what were the unhappy incidents they meants 😦 and about the ticket prices, he meant the ticket prices of SS4 for all the kpop concerts? but still, he is such a good leader of SUJU and also hallyu! 🙂

  3. the tears of happiness 🙂

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