MAMA Red Carpet – Super Junior [18P] | from 111129

December 1, 2011 at 3:16 pm | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

MAMA Compilation 111129

Credit:KAvenyou | Photo by:Xuanlin
Reuploaded & Posted by: SoulAngel701 (
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you


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  1. yesung and his jedi outfit LOL

    • He looks DAMN hot in the Jedi outfit X_X

  2. Where is KYUHYUN!?? T_T

  3. yesung looks very gloomy. he really needs to enlighten up. T_T

  4. i love leeteuk’s hair!! He official looks like the leader of the group. SJ ❤

  5. haha minwook! 🙂 teukie looks really gorgeous!!!! i wonder how would it looks like if dimple couple walks on red carpet together haha!

  6. kyuhyun, eunhyuk n shindong did not appear in picture TT

  7. sungmin what are you looking at lol

  8. Leeteuk looks so handsome!

  9. Our leader is so gorge and Siwon rocks the red carpet!! XD

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