111201 Eunhyuk at MV Filming | Part 2 [5P]

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Credits to. 게봄 유프님 (via @AllRise8689)
Reupload and Posted by: Melody (
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

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  1. what MV is this???

    • It’s gonna be for a rookie group F.I.X. scheduled to debut in early January!!! The title is “Don’t Say” :)))))

  2. Thank you! ? ^ – ^

  3. is it the girl whose lucky got a kissing scene with Hyuk? ><

  4. does anyone know what MV is this? who is the singer? oh so jealous with Hyukie

  5. ?

  6. Eunhyuk filmed MV for F.I.X next album title song ‘말하지마’ (Don’t say) [VIA:860404 on twitter]

    • who is F.I.X? omg.. im so proud of him..
      he is so trying a lot of new thing now..
      is that a girl that stared at Paradise Ranch with Changmin?
      one of SM artist.

      • F.I.X as I learned from other ELFs is a new boy group and Ryeowook’s cousin is one of its member .(I think they’ve not make their debut yet ‘cuz I can’t find anything about them on the net)
        and the girl you mean in your comment is Lee Yeon Hui, and for sure and as I see this is not her! Lee Yeon Hui is prettier and taller than this actress. ^^

    • Hyuk filmed an MV for FIX (RW’s cousin, Jungwook is a member) and he will a be hero in it. In the MV, there are kissing scenes as well as crying scenes and one where he got down on his knees and cry.

      The female lead is Jung ji-eun

      Credit: @jwon0508

       The kneeling & crying scene is described as “Hyukjae walks over feebly, staggers and kneels onto the ground, crying in whimpers”

      [FROM yuki最爱赫J澈 / via MinBunny]

  7. Wait who is that girl?
    Is she Seo U?The girl that ShinDong said she’s his ideal woman ? (The same smile)

  8. OMG!!!! so he is just a special guest in other’s album’s MV? anyways, i love him wearing that sweater! it suits him and his hair perfectly! 🙂

  9. omg!!! eunhyuk featured in an mv!! great ❤
    bt boyy!! the girl is luckyyyy!!

  10. I can’t say anything about the kissing scene..
    I’ll support him no matter how much i don’t like it..
    Oppa, as you said, you’re the best in anything you do!
    Hyukjae oppa hwaiting! ^_^

  11. I’m so happy for him! 3rd picture dugeun dugeun!! Wanna see that MV!!

  12. How much I hate it to hear that u have ki** scene. >”< But I will always support u Lee Hyukjae.. ^^ & other Super junior memebers.. ^^~*

  13. my baby getting famous each day 🙂
    musical, and now being an actor for MV..
    that’s good.. always trying new things
    eventhough there’s a kissing scene 😦 but cant wait to see the MV

  14. yea, i feel the same! he really improved his other talents by trying new things lately, im so prooudd of him! 😀

  15. must watch that mv 😀

  16. Oops…a kiss scene. 안돼! >.< otherwise so happy to see him doing different things. Our Hyuk Jae is a handsome visual guy too!


  18. I really glad read most of the comments, most ELFs here have such grown up attitude ❤
    for me, i can't wait to see this MV especially with Eunhyuk in there ❤

  19. I’m glad Eunhyuk is getting more exposure for something other than variety shows, but I don’t think I can handle watching this MV! >_<

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