111129 MAMA Super Junior Mr. Simple, Super Man, SORRY, SORRY Performance

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MAMA Compilation 111129

Credit: EndOfCCC

Credit: tomozuki1for13 
Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. Super Junior won 3 awards tonight at MAMA 2011… Congratulations to them!

    • RT…
      Chukkae oppa….

  2. ELF are ninjas!! the show just ended and you post this already?!? cool.

  3. Ahhhh I wanna see their WHOLE performance again! Theirs had to be the longest performance of the night and it was AMAZING. Hopefully someone has the full vid.

    And congrats to our boys! Popularity award, Best Male Group, and the biggest award, Album of the Year!!!!!!! ❤

    • yup they had e longest performance… soooooooooo happy for them!!!

    • our oppa daebakkk!!!!!

    • Haha I spoke too soon, the full vid is now on this page 😀

  4. we wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..:)) congrats to all fellow ELF

  5. Mr Choi, you ripped your own shirt didnt you?

    • aaaaa u see that too? I see something different on him and it’s the t-shirt! hahahaha in first time siwon wears full t-shirt but after that I see it was ripped.
      waaaa.. siwon is really hot kkkk~ ^//////////^

  6. Anyone knows wad Leeteuk said after winning the best album award?

  7. Hey, anybody knows why Suju is not in the list of nominees for Artist of the Year and Song of the Year award? It’s not about winning, but it’s strange that they’re not even nominated, even though they have the highest votes. Anyway, I’m glad they won Album of the Year.

    • Yeah, i also wonder why?

    • vote is only 20%…..

      • Yeah, I know the winning is not based on votes only, there are points by judges, etc. But is it possible that SJ received very, very low points from the judges, that their total scores do not even qualify them as Top 5 nominees? Just wondering.

        • good question ! but they won 3 awards so we must be happy no matter what.
          I just don’t want it turns like the GDA thing ! many others artists deserved to win too… but obviously the best always win ^^

          • Yeah, I’m grateful for those awards. Album of the Year is the best award, and it’s not based on votes like other awards, which means a lot more to SJ and ELF 🙂

          • maybe they were not in the nominees list because the judges do not want to show them as losers as they are the most popupar. Otherwise fans could get mad.
            This way we are all happy because they took the biggest prize and to be sincere they could no just win all the categories XD

  8. i wish they had won artist of the year too!

  9. woooo hoooo im not being biased but SJ had an amazing performance of the night. they r the best!!! 😀 Congrats guys for winning 3 awards though u didn’t make it in Artist of the year! stupid Mnet. 😦

    • Yeah! SJ’s tonight performance is amazing!

  10. I love Hangeng very much !! Nice GUY xD

  11. it shouldn’t be like that, i remember SUJU ranked first in all 4 categories and they leave other groups far behind, but how could they didn’t even got nominated in the artist of the year category?! this is just so confusing! and i was so surprised that their name wasn’t mentioned in the list! aaahhh screw u MAMA! but anyways, congrats to our oppas! and that was a freaking awesome performance and thank god my line was great just now and the stream run smoothly without lagging! 🙂

    • the judges are definitely GAY as SID said! aahhh my mom says i look like an angry bird now =.=

      • they should have at least got nominated then i won’t be complaining now! because the they ranked first in all 4 categories few minutes before the voting closed and i was expecting high and ended up they didn’t even got nominated GGGRRRRR

    SUJU 3 awards : best male group, album of the year and popularity award in Singapore !!
    Super Junior and ELFs are daebak ^^
    Congratulations to our babies.
    ELFs will love you forever ^^

  13. congrats SJ …!!! and congrats too ELF, we did it!! 🙂
    even i’m not fully satisfied bcoz they didn’t even get nominated for artist of the year and song of the year (where SJ win all the votes :(), but it’s okay.. just say that we give chance to other artist…but we know who the true winners right??
    anyway, there’s still GDA in january.. i hope that SJ could bring the golden disk to their home. and i hope GDA this year will be “FAIR”
    elf fighting !! SUJU DAEBAAKKK.. !!!!!

  14. I’M SO PROUD OF SJ!!!! <333

    I've been in an emotional rollercoaster while watching xD

    I'm also happy Snsd, Miss A, Leessang won. I wish TVXQ and Davichi won too

  15. They didn’t get nominated for Song of the Year of Artist of the Year, and yes they were ranked #1 in votes, however votes “don’t make up the whole award.” The only I can think is that Mnet wants to share some of the winning with more than one artist, and if they were nominated but didn’t win, then people would question it even more. So instead, they didn’t even nominate them. That’s the only thing I could come up with. Regardless, they won 3 BIG awards. They deserve it so much. GDA, you’re next!

  16. daebak!! 😀

  17. OMG!!!! i was watching MAMA live and it’s awesome to see the boys win…but i thought they were suppose to win more than since they were on most of the categories and seems to be on top of almost everyone of those categories???…

    anyways 3 wins for tonight!!!! and the LONGEST performance with 3 SONGS!!!!…that’s freaking awesome and tight!!!!

  18. i’m so happy tonight coz i can watch them in MAMA award right now live even though just from television but it already enough.. 🙂 can’t wait to look their performance..hehehe.. really miss them…. oppa sAranghae

  19. I am so happy with our awards but still I do not understand how we are not nominated for best song and artist categories since we are number for both categories online plus some 10% and 20% of awards comes from album sales.
    Super Junior represents 30% but they are not nominated.
    I am also confused about artist of the year award since how a artist can be best without best song or album?
    Artist of the year should either go to 2NE1 OR SUJU.

  20. OMG…!!!! THEY DID IT,,!!!!!..WON 3 awards tonight will be the great memories for SUPER JUNIOR THAT KEEP FIGHTING and ELF THAT KEEP SUPPORTING….!!! YOU ARE AWESOME GUYS,,,……!!!..SUPER JUNIOR AND ELF DAEBAK…!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. super perfect show .

  22. I’m satisfied 🙂 At least no fan should question MAMA cause artists have fair distribution of awards 🙂

  23. it was the BEST PERFORMANCE of the night

    Super Junior FTW 🙂

  24. CONGRATULATIONS SUJU to WIN 3 AWARDS, I agree they have great performance. ALL THE BEST!

    ELFS deserved a BIG CLAPS

  25. wow, see…the fans, all hands up with the camera 🙂

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