111129 Leeteuk’s Speech, MAMA the ALBUM OF THE YEAR

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MAMA Compilation 111129

Leeteuk speech: Hi, Singapore, with our members SJ, together passed the gorgeous 20th generation, very thanks to you all. Has experienced so many difficult things and its countless, the members are together helping and support each other, and also for the member who can not been together here, now maybe is watching tv, and also for the member who are far in the distance, I love you.

And also for our best and bigest fanclub, when there is no one who give us approval, when there is nobody knowing us, let us to become a best and famous people, the fan’s name, makes me feel great scene of E.L.F from all around the world, thank you all once again!

We SJ are like ugly duck, we are expecting one day until the ugly duck to become a swan, always helping a lot of SMent CEO Lee Sooman, and Kim Yingmin …etc and also who wrote the song for our Sorry Sorry of Yu Yunjin teacher, thanks a lot.

Keep named and thanks for those who helping SUPER JUNIOR;

Sincerely thanks to you all. Maybe this is the last award ceremory before I enlisted the army so this is a very memorable ceremony, we will continue to work hard to become a best SuperJunior ever in the future. Thank you everyone.

Credit: psychochan 
Translation: Belongs to us (taiwanluvsj)
Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. Congratulations, SUPER JUNIOR! You deserve all the 3 awards and more. Worldwide ELFs are cheering and celebrating with you. Leeteukssi’s speech made me cry. I wish Heenim was there standing with his brothers on stage. I ♥ SJ till the end.

  2. ❤ you boys and fellow ELFs.
    let's continue to stand as one ❤

  3. T__T Well said uri leader-ssi.. I’m tearing~
    Forever proud being an ELF 🙂

  4. aaawww best leader ever, never forget his members omg this is really heartbreaking!!! kibum just tweeted, i wonder is it about MAMA! omg don’t say like that, there are still a lot of award ceremony awaiting! he is going to attend GDA isn’t he?! omg this is so sad! all the members cried, and my precious kyu tried so hard to hold back his tears but still failed, jessica from SNSD cried too, now i know what did teukie said! no matter what, ELFs are going to be with the boys forever! :’) so teukie ah, ELFs got your back!

  5. We will waiting for u eteuk oppa.. U r d best leader..
    Do ur best, stay strong n healthy..
    We will miss u n waiting for u..
    ♥ ♥ ♥ u..

  6. :(..leeteuk always know how to give a great speech..that’s y he the best leader of all

  7. Then,we should work really2 hard for GDA.make vote until GDA cannot say anything!!

  8. Leeteuk why do you always make me cry, you are the best leader, that was the best winning speech ever. Suju deserves all three awards. ELFS will always support SJ till the end. FIGHTING

  9. CONGRATULATIONS SUPER JUNIOR~~ GOOD JOB ELF~~~ Teukie’s speech was really wonderful and I’m so glad they won! And I know everyone is sad because Teuk is leaving but it is only for two years!! And I believe that Super Junior can stay at the top through it and when Teukie comes back they will skyrocket past the top and all over the world!! SUPPORT SUJU! No matter who leaves and comes back, no matter where or when or how old – SUPER JUNIOR THE LAST MAN STANDING!! MAMA showed us that they still have it over everyone else so let’s support them forever! I hope Heenim was watching the show with some friends!! He deserves an applause too! GREAT JOB HEENIM!

  10. Congratulation!!MAMA really cannot play around with Album of The Year award because Super Junior is the best!!

  11. other awards maybe can be manipulated but this one…
    fact show it all… if they really dare to neglect our album sales, they really have some nerves…
    tonight is one of sweet memories of me being an ELF!!!

  12. actually i really hope kang sora give award to Super Junior!!wow!!epic if that really happen…lol

  13. This is so touching speech~
    Leeteuk u are relly the best leader!
    I really love super junior so much T^T
    I’m crying while watching the video..
    U talking about other member who not there that’s so mean for me..
    Hope someday Super Junior will perform with 13+2 member on stage again. Even just for a reunion~

    I can’t stop love super junior bcuz this!
    U are the best Group ever that I know.
    I’m really grateful cuz knowing u and bcome ELF :’)

    Super Juniooooorrr fighting!! (>~<)9

  14. Auw, I’m so glad they won this! TwT Leeteuk’s speech was so moving, he truly is the best leader~ Congratz, SuJu!!

  15. sobs*sobs ..thank you oppa for appreciating us we also love you!

  16. “and also for the member who can not been together here, now maybe is watching tv, and also for the member who are far in the distance, I love you.”
    …so heartbreaking…i tbelieve heechul oppa, kangin oppa n kibum oppa watch the award…and i also hope hankyung oppa also watched this too…

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