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Super Show 4 Compilation Post 19th/20th November 2011

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Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk made a surprise proposal to his ‘We Got Married’ wife, Kang Sora during their concert; attracting everyone with the ring he gave.

On the 20th of November at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Super Junior had their second show for the Super Junior World Tour ‘SUPER SHOW 4’ which was opened for over 11,000 fans. Tonight, Leeteuk played the piano and the saxophone during his solo performance. In that performance, he throws roses to the audience as he ‘flies’ across the stadium.

The last rose is the special one, and the last one goes to Leeteuk’s ‘wife’, Kang Sora. Super Junior’s leader does his proposal in front of over a thousand fans. He goes down on his knees, and takes out the ring from his pocket.

Leeteuk said, “I already had something prepared. The whole time, I was keeping the ring althrough out the performance.”

The couple shared a hug and went down the stage. The affection from the two idols made more than 11,000 fans gathered in the concert feel very much jealous, or joyful, or excited.

Meanwhile, the first Super Show 4 were held for two days in Seoul, gathering more than 20,000 fans. Before, during, and after the show, Super Junior’s concert made the top seven worldwide Trending Topics on Twitter, proving to everyone that they are the Hallyu Wave King. The next show will be happening at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on December for two days.

English Translation: aekyu @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM


^^ Get together in reality already @@@! :DD


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  1. Sora has some gorgeous long legs man…

    • Agreed! They’re slim but not weak-looking because they’re very muscular!

  2. are they really married in real life? is this only for a show? if it really is, then nothing to get jealous for! i would be more jealous if it was eunhyuk 🙂

  3. leeteuk-sshi, if it weren’t because of media frenzy, would you still be as romantic as this? Would you love her truly? Still, I wish for your happiness, and I am happy that you are happy with Kang Sora–sshi.

  4. I do really hope this couple bcome REAL

  5. even though i will get jealous, i still want them to be together. ^^

  6. fans can get really stupid and pathetic

    • why are u saying this ? O:

    • what did you mean by that statement?
      I bet you don’t even been there,witnessed those sweet moments,or at least watched the WGM cuts,during the proposal.

  7. more than 11,000 fans are jealous actually, we have fancams!!! guess all the ELFs feel jealous and happy for them at the same time haha! so teukie ah…you must have given the SS4 tix to sora and invited her right? no wonder he’s well prepared without letting his dongsaengs know and even hyukkie asked how did he do that lmao!

  8. huhm…it was very cute and romantic and i love this couple so much…but it is just a TV Show …some ELF said on youtube “ahhh they will marry for real” and so on…but it is just for entertainment..and also Leeteuk will go to the army for two years so they won’t see…and maybe Kang Sora will fall in love with an other guy in this time…(i mean when Teukie is in the army) …i don’t think,that they will REALLY fall in Love ….

    • we would never know…

    • Reading old posts and comments like this are fun. Especially to compare our emotions back then and now. Things changed and future is really unpredictable. I hope anyone reading my comment in 2016 will see how things haven’t changed between these two people. After WGM and serving in military, Teuk “never” date another woman, Kang Sora as well. Only Teuksora fans know how close Teuk and Sora is…

  9. and…they also mentioned each other in twitter 🙂
    Teuk-Sora stan,prepare for the wedding now! lolol

  10. can i ask,tonight WGM is aired or not?because admin didn’t post WGM…..

  11. i’m so jealous!! that girl is too skinny anyway!!!

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