111124 Melon Music Awards Red Carpet Fantaken – Super Junior – Part 2 [11P]

November 24, 2011 at 5:04 pm | Posted in Awards, Donghae, Events/Concerts/Perfs., Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Ryeowook, Shiwon, Sungmin, Wonderboys, Yesung | 3 Comments

Compilation FAME with Eunhyuk, Musketeer with Kyuhyun & Melon with SJ

All Images Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid  (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit: 朴海希_海朵

Credit: 蛇蝎Line

Credit: 紫瞳爱上李泰龙


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  1. yesung so cute =]

  2. They are such Handsome men.

  3. omg the 4th photo! eunwook ah!!! are u trying to kill ELFs with that sexy look?! i think they switched poses lmao! hae likes to bite his lips while wookie likes to pose with his eyes haha! but they exchanged? lmao…what i can say is…wookie ah!!! you this sexy and hot wolf haha! and hae’s eyes were still swollen…take care oppa!

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