111124 Leeteuk Twitter Update: After debut, we never had even once missed a rookie..^^Kya~~~~!!!!!

November 24, 2011 at 4:40 pm | Posted in Awards, Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Leeteuk, Wonderboys | 23 Comments

Compilation FAME with Eunhyuk, Musketeer with Kyuhyun & Melon with SJ

@special1004 After debut, we never had even once missed a rookie..^^Kya~~~~!!!!! You the fans made all of this happen! At the top 10 digital songs!!! I hope now, we can finish the remaning year-end awards well^^ And let’s meet together and have fun!I’m looking forward to it+_+

Credit: e-teuk (special1004) 
Translation:  Mimi Sia (mimilovemicky) 
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by uksujusid


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  1. good ^^

  2. Never missed a rookie… What does that mean?

  3. what do u mean?

  4. i’m confused as to what the first statement is supposed to mean?

  5. I really wish he wouldn’t say things like this……this it’s one of the reasons why their fans go crazy about award ceremonies…..he really should stop dwelling on award show wins it’s disappointing as the leader…….

    • can u explain it to me?….what did he want to say? he wanted to say that awards r not importmant….or what?

    • it’s not disappointing to me and I don’t think it’s bad, every artist wants to win awards and I am happy he commented about how happy he is they won today, plus he is saying all of this is cuz of his fans so it’s good of him as a leader, he is just wishing for the year to end well and for them to win the awards the deserve not like last year, so please don’t make it a big deal over a comment like that ^^

      • ok ~ so that is it as i thought……for me i see his words r very natural as a person or idol…..i am disappointing …i am agree with him 1000000%…..but i hope the judgments give awards to who deserve it with fairly ways…that is all…….SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING…^^

      • Well, the thing is that if they don’t win, because of his words, the fans’ disappointment will be twice as big. The GDA (because that’s what we are talking about here, isn’t it?) is not a popularity award. The votes are only a part of it. Sales are only a part. Deserving? The judges’ understanding of who is deserving might differ from that of ELF and Leeteuk himself. Surely he must understand this.
        I know he wants to win. Badly. But he’s playing with pretty high stakes here. In the end it can lead to unnecessary, unproportional heartbreak all around. Once again.


          THAT IS ALL

        • @yh you are just too sensitive. He just want too meet fans often before going to army. “Going Well” doesn’t mean “Make us win” !!!!!

        • LOL.. i don’t see any problem with his twit.. i think he is just being thankful to the fans who made this happen.. hmm. because Melon Awards is almost based on digital ranking.. and SJ’s ranking on digital is always low that is why he is thankful.. and also, some translations have some inaccuracies.. widen your thoughts chingu..

  6. so cute of him to say let’s meet together, I wanna meet too, but I don’t live in korea T_T

  7. Hmmm… I don’t think he’s saying anything about winning all the awards in the remaining award shows. This is the first of the other award shows that are coming up and I think he just wants all the award shows to end as nice as the Melon Music Awards show. He wants us to have fun with them during these kinds of things. I’m not quite sure what he meant by not missing a rookie since debut.


    • Kyaaa I am totally agree with you. I am a bit disappointing to read some comment missinterprets his tweet

  8. I think some of you guys are blowing his statement out of proportion. So what if he’s even mildly disappointed they didn’t win whatever award he is taking about. So what if he badly wants to win the rest of the awards they are nominated for, including the GDA, I read nothing rude, unnecessary, or inciting about his comment. He’s human…they work hard at what they do. I, as a fan, think SJ deserves to win. In fact, whoever else is nominated also deserves to win. thats the way it works…and he should be concerned with the awards bc it is reward for the work they do. it’s not the only thing that matters but of course it would be disappointing if SJ doesn’t win, why are we supposed to pretend like we won’t be?

    • Exactly. He’s not saying “Please let us win” or “Buy more albums so we can have a better chance”. There are idol groups out there who say just that to win WEEKLY award shows. It’s not wrong. “Going well” can just be a way of saying “end smoothly”. Stop being so freaking pessimistic…seriously. Every little word gets blown out of proportion. If he said “we’re going to attend” it could’ve meant “please let us win if we do”. Looking into every word does no one any good.

      • agree!!!

  9. you are too sensitive “____”. I don’t think he wrote “Please make us to win all award in year end”. He want to thanks fans who support them. He want to meets fans as a lot as possible before going to army. And SJ never lose their rookie feeling

  10. aaawww teukie the best leader ever, always being so thankful to ELFs! so touched! :’) congratulations SUJU and well done ELFs!!!!

  11. Chillax ELFs!
    He just want to end this year smoothly, you know, going to the army happy and all. It doesn’t mean he’s pressuring us to let them win.
    I love the leader!

  12. i think ” going well” means “there will no any problem w/ all award ceremonies” . yeah we always wish all things going well rite? thers no accidents ^^

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