111121 Leeteuk proposes to Kang Sora with a ring during the Super Show 4

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Super Show 4 Compilation Post 19th/20th November 2011

Leeteuk and Kang Sora, currently appearing on MBC TV’s We Got Married Season 3, expressed their love to each other.

On November 20 at 4 pm, before the Super Junior World Tour-Super Show 4, which took place in the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Kang met Leeteuk and supported her virtual husband with a packed lunch she prepared for him.

Leeteuk was surprised by Kang’s visit and said thank you. Kang asked him to have a nice lunch.

At the concert started from 4:30 pm, Leeteuk gave Kang a ring and a rose, which he prepared to make a special memory for her.

Leeteuk went to Kang, who was sitting on the seats for the audience on the second floor, singing “She” and led her to the stage holding her hand. Having an embarrassed face, she accepted the rose he prepared and got surprised by the ring he took out of his pocket.

He said, “I prepared a ring. Because I didn’t know your size, it might be little big,” and put a ring on her finger. He asked, “Is it big?” and she nodded her head. He said, “Then I’m going to do this,” and gave her a hug.

At this, the audience shouted and booed, being jealous.

Source: TV Report, korea.com
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^^ ELF support this, the SCREAMED just like when they are performing, just like when Siwon takes his top off..!


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  1. it didn’t sound like they were booing to me.

  2. is it for reall??? like real-reall ????

  3. Fangirls jealousy is completely useless and pathetic it’s what I hate the most about fandoms.

    Anyways, Eeteuk and Sora are lovely.

    • yeah i mean it is really not nice,when you are a celebrity and married and your fangirls are jealous but….i can’t do anything! I’m jealous T.T

  4. Aw…that was so sweet…you know besides the booing from fangirls…totally ruined the moment.

    • omg booing? that is really bad..i mean yes i was and i am jealous but i would never say booh,when he would do so romantic things…it’s a pity,that i haven’t seen that….

  5. Aww, so romantic! So, the posted photo was actually Sora who was on the stage with Teukie (looking shy and embarrassed and covering her face), not just some lucky ELF! So sweet! 🙂

  6. Why would they boo? It’s fake anyway. It’s a TV show.

    • yes ! It’s a TV Show and that is the thing,that is so annoying…i mean they do it so real….too real…! They say I got married but they are not really married …..

  7. That was so sweet but are they sure the fans booed because that would have been rude. >.< I need to see fancams.

    • No booing. I have seen a fancam. They all screamed.

      • OMG!! that was so sweet of him! I loved it,when he hugged her and then they were holding hands o.O but i was also REALLY jealous…… TT.TT

  8. i don’t think they boo to them. all of the just scream only coz jealous. after that they clapped and support them..

  9. OH MY GOD!

  10. until this point, whatever he does,he will do together with ELF…

  11. as an ELF for almost 3 and a half years..
    i’m sorry.. but using this concert stage for that is too much for me.. TT_T
    i’m sorry Leeteuk-shii.. i really feel like i am betrayed by you.. you know SJ is so precious to me, and only during this concert we ELFs and SJ can create moments together.. only during concert we have all of you, please.. can you please give this moment only to us?? T_TT.. im hurting really.. i dont know whats going on to the both of you.. i dont know if you are dating for real now or it just a part of filming on WGM.. but please.. can you please give the flower to an ELF?? i’m not against you and Sora, its just that.. it’s in a wrong place.. i mean you can do whatever you want to do with Sora, but please spare this concert to ELFs.. T_TT.. SS4 stage is so precious to us..it is the only place that we can feel and we can own you all despite of all our efforts,hardships and sacrifices that we been through as a fan.. i’m just hoping that even just tonight your whole heart and mind will be with us.. i’m sorry.. i’m just hurt.. T_TT..we’ve known SJ for years, and you just knew her for months.. even if some ELF’s are just smiling but they are hurting toO.. i can’t imagine if you will do this to us if you visit in our country..

    -i’m sorry fellow ELF’s… this is what i feel regarding about this.. T_TT

    • Oh pls. dont be too dramatic this is just for a show how much more if this is for real im sorry but what you do? you would kill yourself? like you said your elf for almost 3 years now you should already realize that this guys have their own lives and not yours or anybody and what makes them happy should be the fan’s first priority.

      • i will understand if they are really real chingu.. because i will support them if they are really real..but the thing is, they are fake.. and they are doing that in front of all people that love SJ so much.. maybe i’m just being dramatic.. but it is just what i feel .. i dont blame if you think like that to me.. but i know some veteran ELF’s who feels the same way like me.. just imagine, what if SS4 will be held in ur country and Kang Sora is there toO.. how would you feel?? and they will do the same thing.. with all your effort to see SJ and to be with them.. even in just 4 hours, just SJ and ELF..

        • Well if thats will happen in our country im sure Elfs here wouldn’t mind because this will just take a minute compare to enjoyable hours of the whole show. This is Super Junior show which means whatever they wanted to do they can.

    • “it is the only place that we can feel and we can own you all despite of all our efforts,hardships and sacrifices that we been through as a fan..”

      we ELFs don’t own the boys. please get that clear. besides, this is just for show. did u see that sora had a mini mic? it’s probably going to be aired on WGM.

      • I think kristenkeely just wants to say that WGM shouldn’t take the opportunity to film at SS4.. I actually saw K ELF tweeted about how unhappy she was when she saw that and same for me.. we aren’t unhappy about this couple but just the WGM crew choosing SS4 as one of their shooting venue. It’s just like saying doing the right thing at the wrong place.

        • THANK YOU CHINGU.. TT_TT… Thank you.. T_TT

          • apologies if i sounded harsh. WGM’s crew would’ve required SJ’s approval to shoot at SS4. it’s their concert anyway. if SJ was fine with it, i guess ELFs should support them. think about it from another perspective: it shows leeteuk’s dedication towards doing his best in his television shows. we have to agree that the SS4 scene will add entertainment value to WGM.

        • Elfs should be the first among other people to expect and understand that this show will be used because Leeteuk is in wgm.

          • hmh..i think it has good and bad sides..the good sides are,that you can see how romantic Teuk is and how he will treat his real wife (not Kang Sora) in the future…..you also can learn alot about him and Sora and you can see how they are in real life….but the bad sides are,that yes….alot of fangirls (me including TT.TT) are jealous of the both…i’m jealous too but i don’t hate the couple…i think they are cute and lovely but you have to make clear,that it is just a TV show…i mean it is hard to realize that because they do it so real but yes it’s just a TV Show…….

            anyway i hope,that he will forget her after the army.. 😀

  12. that’s the point.. we don’t own them.. but even just for 4 hours.. hmm.. i’m sorry.. i’m just writing here what i feel.. i just cant let it out with my friends..

    • It’s okay~
      I know how u feel. Same with me dear~
      It’s hurt T___T
      Eventho I know it was fake but still hurting me~
      Eventho I know they are so sweet but still I’m crying~

      For some ppl maybe sounds like too much but that’s what I feel.
      When I see that fancam my heart so painful~
      I really jealous with Sora. She’s really a lucky girl ever.
      I think all the girls that can be SuJu gf is a lucky girl for me~

  13. hmh ..i don’t know what to think ….they are cute and lovely but…. I’M SO JEALOUS!! Especially,when they hold hands -.-

  14. omg i was screaming from sweetness overload. I’m actually glad he did that because i really want to see sj with their girlfriends and doing cute things with each other. I view that as fanservice it shows how sweet they can be. I wish nari came on stage with shindong. that would be soooo cute

  15. how i wish this is real but not just a show!!!! ><

    • damn my comments is missing some parts?! i didn’t know kang sora did prepare lunch box for teukie! aaawww she is so sweet!!!! and i wonder if all these is just a part of the show or they are doing this for each other for real?! haha but i wish these are real!!!!! i can feel the love between them though i get jealous sometimes haha! this is totally a fairytale if it happens on me which is obviously impossible! >< she is the freaking luckiest girl ever!

  16. tsss..Please i know you guys are jealous,but pls stop this you are giving teuk so much stress,as if he does not have worries right now. sooner or later they will be(they: meaning all members) in a relationship or get married, and we never know if some of them are dating right now.
    give the guy a break, he’s almost 30.DUH well i am so thankful right now that he was chosen for this show. you guys are being too overshadowed by your emotions that you cant also see/feel his feelings. it is obvious that it would be shown in WGM it was hard in his part and a very brave act for him to do this but he did it anyway,
    i do have hopes for this pair and i hope it wont be ruined because of other people reactions. and pls dont underestimate the show.. past couples..well though im grinning like hell here i dont want to spoil everything.

  17. it’s not like any of you will marry him..
    is this a part where when u don’t own him, then no one can?
    don’t you think it’s a little too much??
    u guys, as their fans, can be married and have children and all..
    but they can’t?

    if u really love them, u would want them to have a good partner, get married, and have children.. 🙂

    and that was just for a moment for sora..not that long.. 🙂

    i know, everyone was jealous..me too.. 🙂
    but, i do think, we all should feel happy for them..

    think about it like this..maybe he wants to share his happiness with you guys..
    we’re as ELF are also part of him..
    and just think of it as his way of sharing his happiness..
    not to many artist want to do this.. 🙂

  18. AAHH <3-<3 i love them so much!! they are like my favorite couple!! XD i Hope they date for real ❤

  19. Many ELF hurts I think..
    But in my opinion, Teuk oppa was so sweet all the way when he proposed her..
    I’m jealous too for real..
    But they both look so sweet each other..
    And even it was just a fake, but seeing they both’s happy face, I really love it..
    If Teuk oppa happy, I think I can happy for him too.. Anyway kang sora is matchable with him, she is beauty and nice.. Don’t make it hard for Teuk oppa please.. It’s a nice thing, why we don’t just support him..

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