111119 SS4 Seoul – Songs List

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Super Show 4 Compilation Post 19th/20th November 2011

VCR Underwater
1. Superman
2. Opera
3. Twins
4. A Man In Love remix
5. BONAMANA remix
1st Ment – Intro
6. You Are My Endless Love
7. Oops! ft. f(x) (VCR with Heechul rap)
8. Wonder Boys
9. Rokkugo (all members)
VCR (in New York)
10. Walkin’
11. Baby Baby ft. f(x) Amber (Henry solo)
12. Dance + Rap perf (Eunhyuk solo)
13. 물들어 (Sungmin solo)
14. Isn’t She Lovely (Kyuhyun solo)
15. Moves like Jagger! (Ryeowook solo)
16. SHE (Eeteuk solo)
17. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star remix (Shindong)
VCR (High school)
18. Good Friends
19. Pajama Party
VCR Playing hockey
20. Feels Good
21. Perfection Kor ver (SJM)
22. A-Cha
VCR (Naked)
23. Mr.Simple
24. Dont Don
25. Because Of You (Zhoumi solo)
26. Kiss Me Darling (Yesung)
27. Your Grace is Enough ft. 3rd Wave (Siwon)
28. Oppa Oppa (?) with Eunyuk (Donghae)
VCR KRYDS (dramatic VCR)
29. Storm (KRYDS)
30. Y
Ment #2
31. Lovely Day (Acapella ver)
32. You & I
33. Our Love (with VCR from debut)
VCR The Sound of Super Junior
34. The Sound of Music – Do Re Mi Fa.
35. White Christmas
36. Dancing Out
Ment #3
[Encore part]
37. U
38. Sorry Sorry
39. Miracle
Ment #4
40. Destiny Kor ver (With Henry, Zhoumi)

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  1. omo, one of the VCR contains suju naked? *dies* the highschool VCR reminds me of Kyu and suwon writing a letter of advice to the highschool girl

    • woops my bad… it’s siwon not suwon

  2. holy moly
    thats one long list, it’s a bloody marathon!!!
    makes me want ss4 in europe even more~

    anyways a few things quite my eye,
    1. the NAKED vcr?! omg i NEED to see this
    2. donghae’s solo is called oppa oppa??? WITH eunhyuk… ok my inner yaoi fangirl is coming out XD

  3. awwwww my favorite ballads were not on the list 😦 i thought they’re gonna sing all the songs in their album 😦 but damn, i want a freakin’ fancam of wookie’s moves like jagger!!!! can someone pls pls pls pls post a link of it when it comes out?:) thank youuuu!

    • Me too i wanna see wookie’s solo, his sexy dance <3<3
      I loved Zhou Mi oppas solo, i couldnt hear it properly but i loved it 🙂
      I hope the fan cams will be uploaded soon xx

      • yeah,i’m waiting for In My Dream,A Day and andante,,,=(
        i hope they will sing it once from any ss4,,,
        i love ballad song so much especially from KRY…

  4. “Lovely Day”
    It’s an old song, but I love it

  5. ZhouMi and Henry Solos 😀
    EunHae ❤
    VCR Naked!
    VCR High school
    VCR Underwater
    Oops Ft. F(x) Finally!!

  6. They sang many old songs, aaa, why no a day, andante n memories, i want to hear it badly:(

  7. damn! whats the meaning with vcr (naked) ??
    oh my gosh , i really need something to hang on , bcz i cant imagine how sexy they are .. *nose bleed*

  8. i hope they wil sing Marry U

    so many songs they were unable to sing. 😦 there should just be two parts to the concert. xD two nights in a row hehehe

  10. hey , just realized , they sang my fav song from the sound of music .
    oh god , really want to hear their voice . believed this song would be adorable in their way of singing .

  11. OMGG i want it’s you!! My life will be complete when i hear them sing that live to me

  12. so Henry performed in SS4? that’s awesome~! XD

  13. VCR (Naked)
    fancam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. VCR (Naked)
    i think my heart stopped. ^^


  16. wait!!naked??for real??!!

  17. Oh man. I really want them to perform “Andante,” “Memories,” and “My Love, My Kiss, My Heart!!!”

  18. does anybody know how long ss4 lasted (hrs)? and how long smtown 2011 in one location/concert, lasts in terms of hours ?

    • I didn’t go to a SS4 concert, but the SM Town in NYC lasted like 4 hours.

      • thanks you! my friend said ss4 lasted 4+ hours

  19. No “It’s You”? I don’t agree with not performing all of their singles. Makes me sad 😦

    • AND no “No Other”?!

      • i knoww i wishhh they had “no other” 😦 😦

        • noooo.. why is there no ” no other”……

          • Usually they sing songs mostly from the new jib and since there’s a limited time they can hold the concert, cuts gotta be made. + Solos and etc. SuperJunior does have a lot of songs and they can’t sing all of them xD

  20. VCR Naked O_O what is that >__<


  22. okay. wow. that’s all i can say. this setlist looks amazing and i wish even more now that they’ll come to my country (australiaaaaa ^^) not to mention the vcrs LOL
    and omg they ended with destiny which is my favourite song and henry and mimi were there!! *happy dance*

    • IKR! They need to come to Australia!
      We’re not just a country, we’re a continent. ^^

  23. “VCR (Naked)”
    L O L misleading xD

  24. the shows were excellent~!!! wookie showed some abs~!!

  25. henry’s solo is called ‘baby’ ^^ js

  26. where is marry u ? and sapphir blue ? TT.TT

  27. can somebody tell me what is the title of the song that is played on the vcr underwater??? please…thanks!

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