KBS Joy Hello Baby Season 3 Episode 12 (Last Episode!) From 111117

November 18, 2011 at 10:34 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, KBS, Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 14 Comments

SJ Variety Shows & Dramas \(^_^)/

Credit: ThatsSISTAR 
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  1. eng sub please

  2. this is super sad episode..

  3. omg the day has come and it’s time to farewell each other, i can feel the love of SISTAR towards kyumin :’) thanks for sharing this! im watching the last part without sub now >< and he finally cried at 9:24!!! aawww so sad watching this! crying so hard now omg

    • ugh part of my comment is missing….i feel so touched when kyumin gave Dasom tissues to wipe her tears >< kyumin ah…you have the best memories ever please don't forget your appa and ommas!

      • a warm reminder, please prepare a box of tissue before u watch….even without subs! ><

  4. OMG! they got attached to each other.. no one wants to let go but they have to because its just a show…. i hope Kyumin’s mom kept a video of this so Kyumin will watch it when he grow.. .

  5. This was so heartbreaking. I cried buckets watching them. Sistar ommas and Kyumin baby have grown so attached to each other.
    Kyumin is so smart as he was sensitive to his ommas feelings. He was crying out to them to stay, holding on to Soyu’s legs and wiping Bora’s and Dasom’s tears. Even picking up the tissue.
    Only wished that Teuk appa had spent more time with Kyumin. He had more time with his ommas than his appa.
    Hello Baby ended too fast!!!

  6. i cried so much… my eyes are puffy… gonna miss this show “HELLO BABY LEETEUK and SISTAR with BABY KYUMIN”

  7. Aww, they didn’t do an episode with all SJ members 😦

  8. WAAAHHHHHH!!!! omg i sobbed like a baby with kyumin!!!! i don’t want the season to end!!!!!

  9. i love it why did it end so fast? 😦 miss you kyuminnn and sistar umma

  10. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah poor Kyumin he started to cry at the end

    i will miss this show a lot and i will miss Kyumin 😦

  11. Frankly, they should cry, because what kind of show sets up a very young child to be left that way in the name of entertainment? I imagine my nephew in that situation – and have real, serious issues with the ethics on display here. The performers know what’s going on, a child thinks it’s real. This isn’t darling and cute, it’s appalling.

  12. It’s so sad =(

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