111113 We Got Married presents Leeteuk, the most romantic gentleman after Alex

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk is the most romantic gentleman (who has appeared on We Got Married) after Alex. In MBC’s <<We Got Married>>, Leeteuk and actress Kang Sora were paired together as an imaginary couple and with that their married life unfolds. Leeteuk who carries the title “roman-teuk”*has displayed unlimited affection (for Sora) and this has attracted much interest (from the public).

According to the production team of <<We Got Married>>, in the recent episode (of the show) Leeteuk had rushed to the Gimpo Airport (to meet up)with Kang Sora who was due to attend the Busan International Film Festival. The couple had utilized the mere 20 minutes they had before the departure of the flight to have a brief date at the airport. (During the date), Leeteuk drank Americano, a drink which he usually would not have, specially for Sora. In addition to that, he had unexpectedly prepared a gift for her, (a gift) which will add on greater radiance to her red carpet look and all these made Kang Sora feel really touched.

At the same time, Kang Sora has agreed to fulfill the mission that Leeteuk had given to her (when she attends) the red carpet session for the Busan International Film Festival. So what exactly is the secret that is only known to the both of them? Will Kang Sora be able to accomplish the mission? What was the gift that has caused Sora’s heart to waver during their sweet date at the airport?

*”Roman-teuk” was derived from the word romantic

Source: www.hunantv.com


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  1. WOW! ^THIS!
    I Love my umma! Hwaiting!

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  3. i have to agree with this article… he is the 2nd ALEX of this year’s WGM… he is so sweet and very caring person… we all do hope especially the fans of Dimple Couple that they will last longer… i’m gonna be so sad if they’re just gonna last for 3mos… i hope not…

  4. I seriously am liking the Dimples Couple.. They are so cute! I’m loving Teukie oppa too! ♥ ^^ ♥

  5. Roman-teuk is really romantic ! he even buys an air ticket at the last minute & accompany his wife to Busan !!! Then he rush back to Seoul for the Mr Simple fan-signing event !! is there any more like him in this world ??? Can hardly wait for the episodes !!!Dimple Couple ~ fighting !!

  6. I really like the name roman-teuk! That’s why I date older men… hehe. Only if there’s another man in this world like roman-teuk ~ The questions at the end are killing me, I wonder all the romantic antics leeteuk did. >< I can't wait for this episode to be subbed. But on the side, leeteuk going be a great husband in the future!

  7. gr8 efforts

  8. haha romanteuk! dimple couple is getting more and more interesting! can’t wait for this coming episdode!!!! dimple couple hwaiting! sweetness overload! haha!

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