111109 ‘Poseidon’ Is Successfully Exported To Seven Asian Countries

November 9, 2011 at 11:19 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, KBS, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 7 Comments

‘Of course, they’re the kings of Hallyu!’

KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Poseidon’, which stars Asia’s biggest Hallyu stars TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho(25) and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon(24), has been receiving a heated response overseas.

With two episodes left, ‘Poseidon’ has signed contracts for publication rights with seven countries in Asia such as Japan, China and Taiwan. Such contracts are usually signed after a drama has finished airing, but this is not the case for ‘Poseidon’ thanks to U-Know Yunho and Choi Siwon.

A representative of the production company stated, “The two stars’ appearance in the drama became a hot topic, even before the drama aired. Japan was the first country to sign a contract with us, and we’ve reached an agreement to export to other countries such as China with good terms,” and “The two stars’ immense popularity overseas has helped, not only export this drama, but also advertise it.“

Choi Siwon’s ‘A Letter to Parents(2005)’, ‘Oh My Lady(2010)’, ‘Athena:Goddess of War(2011)’ and U-Know Yunho’s ‘Heading to the Ground(2009)’ have all received great responses from overseas broadcasting companies.

Source: [Sports Seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
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  1. http://yfrog.com/esyedmoj
    leeteuk reply to kuwait ELF(kuwait ELF celebrate SJ 6th ann in korean newspaper)

    This is What the girl side to Teuk
    @sdongenter  오늘자 스포츠조선에 쿠웨이트 엘프분들의 6주년 축하 광고가 실렸습니다 twitpic.com/7b0nng  ?!

    And this is what LEETEUK said
    @Hanoda1004  봤어요!감동이에요!

    I have twitt this to u so many time but u maybe didnt saw it so
    Im so sorry to put this her but i dont know ur i can but this
    Cuz this is my First blog 4 SJ that i must read
    I hope that u put this news in ur blog
    And support Kuwait arab ELF cuz this is our first mission in 6/11

    • Wow, Kuwait elfs are so lucky, leeteuk replied to them;) but the thing is I can’t understand what both sides are saying. I’m glad that elfs all over the world are doing projects..

      • The girl said oppa did u see kuwait elf Congratulate sj 6th ann
        snd our Teuk said that he saw it and he was so emotion
        Thnx Dear I hope this blog wirte about this n_n

        • Ok thanks dear! Maybe can tweet the authors directly too;)

  2. Bet Poseidon will be better overseas. Too bad it didn’t fair well in Korea. Part of it is because of Poseidon, Siwon was not able to be with Suju on album promotions, then he couldn’t participate in Heechul’s last stage; many fans were angry and called for boycott. Yeah, believe it or not, Suju’s fans boycott their own oppa. Some hate him
    – for being voted the best looking boy of the band by their members;
    – for being the center even though he’s forced to replace Kibum on this poster boy job;
    – for getting camera time, saying he’s overexposed even though comparing to other boys, he’s rarely on variety shows or any shows, or just getting one line of the song, or not dancing in front as much as in the past;
    – for being born rich even though he is on his own and he’s not only the rich one here.
    – for showing his love towards his brothers, doing fan sevices because he becomes the “cock-block” (as they call him) to their famous otp Eunhae, Kyumin, Yewook, Hanchul, Kangteuk.


    Nonesene, isn’t it? Crazy, isn’t it? But still do they hate him, bash him, call him by bad names, wish him to fail on evetrhing he does, even curse him, tell him to die … I’m wondering how can someone hate this lovely boy that much? and still call themselves ELF?

    Sorry for ranting! Just need to let everyone know what’s going on out there.

  3. wow daebak!!! so poseidon won’t be blocked due to copyrights in the future i guess? 🙂 siwon ah…it’s time to go home 🙂


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