111106 Pinoy ELF SIXTH Anniversary Project [2P]

November 6, 2011 at 5:40 am | Posted in ELF, Pictures/Videos, Projects, Wonderboys | 11 Comments

Credit: @haestare via @heechulfacts
Reupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Pinoy ELF sent blue balloons to celebrate Super Junior 6th anniversary @ Gateway rooftop



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  1. ugh ~ so nice !!
    daebak phELF’s !!!!
    saranghae ❤ #SUJU6THYEAR ♪♫♥

  2. guess the whole sky will be in sapphire blue if ELFs gathered at the same place! haha! daebak!

  3. I think I should contact satellite’s company to take some photos all around this earth… 😄

    • OMG, I know, right? Send it to Leeteuk, Sapphire Balloons are literally covering the earth! xD

  4. This kind of projects with balloons are so very cute! I bet it looked wonderful on the sky… Good job ELF!! ^^

  5. this is what i was thinking…let’s try doing this all in one venue nxt yr. if a marathon can gather hundreds of participants elfs can also do that..gud job phelfs!! i 😄

  6. http://sujuglobal.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/elfs-in-cebu-celebrates-super-juniors-6th-year-anniversary/

    look at this too from Philippine ELFs as well!! Flying Sky Lantern project ^^

  7. yay~!!! We were there!!! Happy 6th anniversary to our oppas~!!! ❤

  8. daebak!daebak!! i am so present there..haha..

  9. it was a rainy day that time. .we prayed hard to let the sky be blue but of course it didn’t happen. .=)) at least when the time came for us to fly the balloons, there was no rain at all=)) THANK GOD. .

  10. will all the baloons meet each other? bwahahahaha XDDD

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