111102 MAMA VOTE 2011 – Super Junior current position 1st! [1Cap]

November 2, 2011 at 12:27 pm | Posted in Updates, Wonderboys | 36 Comments

Capped & Posted by: PhungELF (
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you

111102 – 10.23 AM KST



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  1. MAMA VOTE 2012????

    • sorry,, wrong :p

  2. there’s my vote there! *proud* SJ,the last man standing!
    ELFs,let’s work more harder!

  3. woohoo!!! daebak! keep up the good work ELFs! hwaiting! 🙂

  4. Hope it’s stays that way till the end! xD ELF Fighting!!

  5. i’ve always been trying to vote with my twitter and facebook account but i don’t know how to vote with it….anybody care to help???

    • You should vote for each category and then press button to finish.

  6. where i can vote that?

    • vote once a day with your facebook or twitter account

    • same here,,
      how can i vote????
      anyone plz help,, =)

      • you can vote using ur facebook or twitter just click ‘voting start’ then a window will pop-up then clisk the facebook/twitter icon..^ ^

        • thank you,, gomawo yo,,

          • when i go to this website

            it doesn’t have the “voting start” but i click on the “MAMA (hangul)” button and it pop out a long in using MNet account and nothing that gives me a choice of facebook or twitter….still need help~~~

            • and does it matter which browser we use??? like internet explore, firefox, or googke chrome???

              • I use opera, so I think it dosen’t matter. Only if you wanns register, you should use Int. Ex.

            • you should try english web version,,
     as gw wrote above,,
              it works with me,,

              • i did…and it changes right back to the korean version….is it because of the internet here in korean???

                • where are you?

                  • in korea

      • open the link, and log in with your facebook or twitter account, after that vote for all category..
        super junior nominates 4 categories :
        1. best male group
        2. best dance male group
        3. song of the year
        4. artist of the year..

  7. Is MAMA based solely on voting???

    • Nope! Only 20%…

    • Nope. Just click to “about” and you will see.

  8. how to log out??
    because i want use my twitter accoun too 😛

  9. When does the voting ends?
    Lets all work hard and give them all the titles that they so deserve.

  10. this is the right time for the word “daebak” ^_^

  11. Keep going ELFs, the fight does not end here yet!

  12. I have a question, mind answering me?

    When I use both my Twitter & Facebook account differently when voting, does my vote count only once? Or it’s different?

    Thank you!

    • i think it differently vote..

    • I think each account is counted separately. So if you have multiple accounts, you could vote multiple times a day I think. Not sure though. Correct me if I am wrong.

  13. dear fellow ELFs, let’s do this for our SuJu oppas!! though viewers voting is just 20% of overall but we can do everything for our oppas right? make sure we cast our votes once a day until the last day which is 25th November 6pm (GMT+9)!!

    SuJu hwaiting!!
    ELFs hwaiting!!

  14. Awesome job!
    Just voted using both my FB & Twit accs!
    Let’s keep it up!

  15. wow even guys are voting for SJ for the MAMA awards,ahh fanboys show SJ your love!! 🙂



  18. could you give me the link?? :”(

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