SJM Celebrity Tour Guides Ep. 6 – [ENG SUB] – From 111030

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SJ Variety Shows & Dramas \(^_^)/

Credit: caesetia @ lj
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  1. OMG I want Kyu to give me mouth to mouth!!! lol what a cutie but he is such an evil makne!!! I LOVE HIM!!!

  2. was episode 6 meant to show MORE evilkyu moment?? lolol

  3. they look so cute !! ^^

  4. thanks for sharing and also the sub! 🙂

  5. i’m so sad this show is over! 😦 😦 😦

  6. thank you so much fr\or sharing the link ^^

  7. sorry is drama suju?i’m so sad ,I know this movie :(( sorry
    like like suju

    • it’s not a drama…it’s just like reality show where sj-m play some game challenge with each other

  8. OMG i Just love this Reality Show… I saw new sides in the members Eunhyuk being quite cuz the language and Kyu was soo active hahaha i just love SJ-M and of course SUPER JUNIOR

  9. kyu in this episode angry because his coach in speedboat XD kyu’s angry like angry bird *plakk XD LOL
    but i’m sad this variety show its over 😥

  10. in the second video when kyuhyun was swimming back to da shore and the wave pushed him in and got cover in water, all the members came running to kyuhyun. hes truly the magnae, the baby of super junior. everybody worried about him and rushed towards him. and at dat moment when he said i cant see, u can see that he likes being baby.

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