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October 31, 2011 at 5:20 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Donghae, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 54 Comments

Donghae is a Christian now, went to church with Alexander and was baptized today, for praise god.

Source: @sungho0716  Via @TaiwanLuvSJ 
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Good for him ~~  Even though he is not the same religion as me.. I respect him now, just like I respect him before…
He is my true love after all kyakya ! 



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  1. i’ve read alexander tweet just now..huhu

  2. ><
    What was his religion before? ?

  3. so before this what is his religion??

    • ……………. FAIL.. Yes he’s always been a Christian..

      • before he’s atheist? so he doesn;t believe in God? but why o thought siwon had encouraged him to jjoin him even before..?

      • thats Heechul not Hae. Heechul only atheist in SJ.

    • He has been a Christian. He is just now baptized though.

  4. what is his religion before? i thought he joined siwon’s religion? he’s baptist right? and xander is also baptist is that the same as christian? thank you for the answer.

  5. hae was already a christian..but was just baptized now..theres a lot of people like that..even if they’re already christians they’re notyet baptized..i would know, im one of em..

    • yes that’s right..because im an Christian too ^^

      • am not Christian can u tell what is the difference now i thought u get baptized to became Christian
        so is it part of the religion u must do and what happens if u didn’t do it

        • theres not that much difference really..most catholics are baptized as a baby but some babies from a christian family can also be baptized as a baby but the only different thing is when you grow up and decided to really trust your life in God(not trying to be all religious just explaining..hihi) you can have yourself baptized again. im not yet baptized coz i havent got a chance yet..but i will soon..

          i want to explain what the church thinks about if you didnt get baptized but its really hard to explain..but it doesnt make you less of a christian if you didnt though..

        • no difference – being a Christian is about believing and having a relationship with in Jesus Christ – doesnt’ matter whether one is baptised or not :p

  6. Donghae was raised as a Christian. He has even promoted a Christian youth retreat…
    He just was baptized today though. I think it was a reconfirmation.

    • yup, and i even saw picture when donghae and siwonnie in church before

  7. Donghae has always been a Christian last time i checked….he has said so himself so i thnk he just got baptized…..

  8. Ohhh!! Donghae getting ready to marry hyuk xP

    • LMAO XXXXD This cracked me up!!!!

    • Never losing the faith lol. Eunhae always

  9. i just read alexander’s tweet XD so happy for him~!!!

  10. I got baptized after birth. So I’m also a christian. But I’m not as religious as Siwon. lolno. I never got all this “all praise the lord/God is our everything” stuff. I’m baptized because my parents were also christian. And they are christian because their parents were christian. I’m sure there is something after death, but I’m also pretty sure there was no adam and eva. lol.

    • Agree with you. To me, religion isn’t all-consuming. Not that being very religious (like Siwon) is a bad thing, but it just isn’t for me.

    • Haha, I agree. To me religion is just something to ensure that we do good and have a correct way of living. Afterall, all religion teaches good.

      Like… I’m a Buddhist/Taoist (for some reason, we just practice both) but I rarely go to temples except for special occasions and even if we have the altar at home, praying is not a daily thing. Me being a Buddhist was influenced by my mom. In general, I believe and adopt some of their philosophies like Confucianism (modesty, humility, etc) but that’s really it.

      More than religion (Gods, deities, etc), I actually believe in Karma the most. LoL.

  11. so…. would that mean he is a Baptist if he was baptised at the church Xander does… that is if Xander is a Baptist like allicia said?
    but if he went to church with Siwon previously, wouldn’t he be a Protestant?
    Or are they the same?

    Sorry, I’m not too sure since I’m not a Christian ^^;;

    • Baptists are Protestants and Protestants and Christians. Getting baptized doesn’t make you a Baptist though. 🙂 I am a Baptist but I didn’t get baptized at a Baptist church. Also, I waited until I was an adult because the churches I went to as a child don’t believe in baptizing someone until they are old enough to decide on their own. Meanwhile most Catholics I know we’re baptized as babies cause that’s how they do it.

      Anyway, not trying to be all preachy and stuff, just trying to answer questions. 🙂 I’m proud of Donghae for doing what he believes in and I hope he’s happy!

    • Baptists are Protestants and Protestants are Christians (like duckyone just wrote). The Protestant side of the religion is split off into different sects, such as Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, etc. Usually, if you get baptized in one sect, you’re still able to change churches without being baptized again. (Except for Mormons, but that’s a whole different story.) Adult baptisms are just reaffirmations of faith, but it’s not really needed. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Ah I see. yea, I’m just confused about the Baptists and Protestants. Thanks for clearing it out ^^

        So in general, he would be a Protestant.

        Well, I do have some friends and family who are Christians (some Anglicans, some Mormons..) so it’s nice to listen and learn more ^^

        Anyway, thanks again ;D

  12. i wish he was a muslim :'(((

    • oh! wow! that makes me think he would make a HOT MUSLIM!! xP with the hat (?) and the religious clothing..ooooh

      • haha your comment is funny.
        Not all Muslims wear what you call “hat” or “religious clothing”.
        We wear “Typical” and modern clothes as any other people form other religion.(What you mean by hat/ religious clothing is only traditional clothes and they differ from one country to another and absolutely ,it doesn’t have anything to do with Islam)

      • heheh i know 😀 well not all muslims wear that but wow seeing him wearing that makes me thrilled 😀 ..ah how i wish he was a muslim :'((((

        • amen if he becomes a Muslim that would be perfect him and heechul and eunhyuk and yesung well all 15 for sure

          • amen…^^~

          • If he become muslim will by happy man and comfortable
            bout he is not known about the real Islam
            I hope the suju know about Islam…and all become a It will be a great..

            • Kyuhyun, Donghae & Siwon said that the only girl who wish to become their wife must be christian. They said it as one of their ideal girl.

      • haha… too funny…
        just imagine he used clothes called “koko” in Indonesia… and a tasbih in his hand… lmao…

        • not necessarily to wear it..
          islam is not adress

    • Yes, I wish they all do 🙂

    • na doo….. if they were muslims, then i can dream of marrying them! LOL! (even now i dream of having them all in my daily life!)

  13. Lol, looks like siwon succeeded lol. In all seriousness though, good for him 🙂

    • Oops, just read the comments >< there are many different religions in christianity. I just remembered my friend is a christian since she was born, but was baptised when she was 15

      I'm catholic and i was baptised as a baby so i thought hae just joined christianity as well ^^' my bad

  14. eventhough i have different religion with him but i supporting him for having religion…because it will be better for a person to believe in God and have faith in his/her life…
    but i didn’t mean to bash heechul for being atheis because it is his choice and i respect that…but why don’t we, ELFs, pray that someday Heechul will find God in his life…:)

    • amen Allah guide him to Islam he is my bias

  15. OMG, Good for Donghae! (: Congratz on the baptism~!

    • Actually, that’s really funny timing, ’cause I just completed my Affirmation of Baptism, and now Donghae’s been Baptized. It’s feeling like a very religious day to me now.

  16. wow~~ thank you for all your comment, it’s really help me understand

  17. ahh so he’s a Protestants?

  18. Think Donghae has been a Christian since long ago? Congrats on his baptism!

  19. ??? ones need to be baptized in order to be a christian? i don’t get it…

  20. Mwo? I thought donghae was already a christian?

    • he raised as a christian boy,but he just had baptised now..

  21. Wow, sometime i wish my bias, kyuhyun can be a muslim, but i always support SJ members to be a good person:)

  22. Eventhough I’m Catholic, I’m very happy and proud of Donghae Oppa for getting baptized. I’m happy he did it now instead of never. I love you Donghae Oppa.

  23. Congrats Hyung :))

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