111031 Yesasia will now be counted towards Hanteo Charts

October 31, 2011 at 4:28 am | Posted in 5th jib (Album), Albums, Awards, ELF, Wonderboys | 8 Comments


We’re happy to announce that YesAsia is now a Hanteo Chart Family Shop. Korean music sales at YesAsia will count towards the Hanteo chart.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hanteo & YesAsia

Q: From when do YesAsia sales count towards Hanteo?
A: Korea Version music orders fulfilled (i.e. shipped out) on or after October 26, 2011 are reflected on Hanteo chart.

Q: Do the albums I bought before count?
No, albums sold before Oct 26, 2011 are not (and cannot be) reported to Hanteo.

If you ordered/preordered an album before Oct 26 but it’s not yet shipped out, or was not shipped till Oct 26 or later, then it does count. We report sales when the order is fulfilled (shipped out).

Q: Finally! Why did it take so long?
A: Hanteo previously only included domestic shops in their chart. As YesAsia is a Hong Kong-based site that sells internationally, we were unable to join the chart. Because we knew many customers cared about Hanteo chart, we continued to talk to Hanteo about the matter, and recently reached an agreement.

Source: Yesasia Official Twitter
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  1. Perfect

  2. Best news 🙂

  3. FINALLY!!!! but how about the previous albums bought from yeasia? they will not be counted? what a waste ><

    I bought my Mr. Simple album from DVD Heaven but the shipping to Portugal was so expensive >.<
    I'm glad I can buy A-Cha from YesAsia instead YEY 😀

  5. its too late for MR SIMPLE… their album might count more thn 500k if yesasia is counted earlier.. damn… i hate dis feeling…

    • You can still buy it.. !

  6. Finally! ^_^

  7. Will it still count for album sales if I purchase now??

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