111029 Top 30 nominees in the Melon Music Awards 2011 revealed

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MANILA, Philippines – The K-pop awards season begins in Korea with Melon Music Awards releasing its top 30 nominees for this year.

Melon, a music download and streaming site in Korea, will hold the awarding on Nov. 24.

The selected nominees for this year—chosen based on downloads, streaming and SK Telecom music-on-demand use—are BEAST, Super Junior, 2PM, Big bang, CNBlue, 2NE1, GD & TOP, 4 Minute, f(x) and TVXQ.

Also nominated are Infinite, IU, T-ara, Park Jung Hyun, Girl’s Day, Huh Gak, 4Men, SECRET, Davichi and Kim Bum Soo.

Completing the top 30 are miss A, K-Will, SISTAR, Leessang, Sunny Hill, 10CM, Zia, G.NA, Mighty Mouth and Baek Ji Young.

As of this writing, Super Junior was leading the initial voting followed by BEAST, Infinite, TVXQ, 2PM, f(x), Big Bang, CNBlue and IU.

The first round of voting will run until Nov. 6 where the Top 10 artists will be chosen. The second round of voting will be held from Nov. 7 to 23 to select the best artists in each category.

For the last two Melon Awards, Girls Generation won the grand prize; this year, however, the girl group is not nominated.

The Disk Daesang award went to 2NE1 last year and G-Dragon in 2009. Boy band 2AM won the Digital Daesang last year and by Girls Generation in 2009.

The Top 10 artists last year were Girls Generation, 2AM, 2PM, CNBlue, T-ara, 2NE1, IU, Lee Seung Gi, 4Men and DJ Doc.

I know O.o some info is wrong but… it says SJ is on top >o<!!! hope this is true!! ^_^

Source: Manila Bulletin
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  1. why are they talking about GDA when this is for Melon Awards nominee list? :0
    & uh.. SUJU won Disk Daesang in 2009, along with Girls’ Generation who got the Digital Daesang.
    actually there’s a whole a bunch of errors in that sentence, nevermind the correction. What’s the point? :/

    • crap! u guys are right. totally forgot about the disk daesang for melon as well. the wording totally threw me off. -_- oops!

  2. what a misleading article 😐 wth 2ne1 and bb for Disk Daesang? It’s Super junior who got it last 2009 -_-

  3. ?? what’s wrong with the article? i think the article is correct..
    disk and digital daesang are not just awarded at GDA..
    there are melon disk daesang(album of the year) and melon digital daesang(song of the year) which are won by gd, soshi at 2009 and 2ne1, 2am at 2010..
    and yeah.. SJ is leading the voting now.. and i hope at least we can get to the top 10.. 😀

  4. Actually this article is true, every award show in korea has ‘disk daesang’ which is ‘album of the year’ in Melon Music Awards GD won it in 2009 and 2ne1 in 2010. Also the digital daesang. So its not just GDA who has disk daesang nor digital daesang -__-

  5. OMG! our boys are in top ain’t them?! this is so confusing!

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