111028 Heechul Twitter Avatar Update [2P]

October 28, 2011 at 11:37 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Heechul, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 37 Comments

Credit: Heechul’s Twitter | Taken by @elf101586
Reuploaded and Posted by elf101586 (



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  1. He looks a bit like teamin here o.o

    • NO one is comparable to heenim. This is not a valid statement..

      • Just dropped to say by to say that is very true. Heenim is the one and only~

  2. So pretty.. 😍

  3. Does anyone know this picture is from? Seems like from the Don’t Don era, perhaps?

    • no….this is when 1000 challenge song 2007 (18 march 2007)….with SJ-T

      • Wow, hazifa, you absolutely know your HeeChul, down to the exact date! I salute you!!!! 🙂

        • thank you….honestly, i only watch variety show that heechul attend… 🙂

  4. heenim should tweet something….

  5. so pretty! I wonder what he does in twitter when he updates his avatar. maybe he reads his mentions? 😐

  6. Ah. I miss him so much. I am sure that he isn’t allowed to go public while he is in army, because if they didn’t care, he would be tweeting every day. I think he must miss the freedom./////////////////

    But listen: now he has a life that gives him a 9AM to 5PM schedule….just like a lot of regular jobs. Does he hate it or love it? Just think: evenings are free….no more long rehearsals… guest appearances on this or that. I really wonder: is it like a vacation or a jail to him? There he is in the dorm when the rest of the members go off to concerts or practices, and all he can do is wave goodbye. The fans would go crazy to see him, but he has to stay away. *sigh* ///////////////

    What do you think? Is he loving the down time, or itching to get back in the spotlight? I really wonder this.

  7. beutifull

  8. heenim cute

  9. ::laughing:: You can see who the diehard Heechul girls are round here!

    I think he’d be doing better with regular sleep, meals etc if he was on active duty. On the civil service route, he has to take more responsibility for organising himself. The month in KATC might have broken some bad habits but they’re very easy to slip back into, especially when he’s such a terrible cook! It probably all depends how physically tiring his new work is. That said, the benefits of a break from constant media attention and saesang fangirls can’t be underestimated – although I suspect he’s still checking nervously on twitter to see if people are still talking about him. It’s a fangirl quandary: the sensible thing is to go do something more productive over the next 22 months, but someone still needs to be getting the mentions in on twitter and supporting the rest of the band etc, so Heechul knows he has something to come back to,

    • Yeah, here we all are, out in the open about our enduring affection for this Korean superman. (note to xs: you managed to get nn to Admit it!!…..that’s right, the nn who is famous for her “Oh, no, I’m not an actual Fan of anyone…Who, me? No, not me!!” …so that’s quite a coup, xs haha 😉 You should be working in a police department somewhere, getting confessions out of’d be amazing..! Meanwhile I will mark this date on my calendar!)

      I guess I will continue to worry about Heechul and care how he feels about things. About his cooking: he could so totally be a chef if he wanted to. Anyone who takes their time and measures ingredients to a recipie can cook, but Hee doesn’t like to, and has learned a way to get others to do it for him! He can be such a brat! (I love him for it)

      • Nope. Not buying it. You’re a FAN!! It’s okay!! *hugs*

      • ^^ I just stated the obvious. A snippet of news about Heechul, suddenly the long chatty posts reappeared (here and elsewhere)!

        Heechul was kind of my coffee break companion as well, and I always used to listen to Young Street when I was home during the day. Have to dispute with you on cooking, however, because I have personally been proving that theory wrong for years. The only thing I get right is Christmas cake because by the time I’ve failed to that to cook in the middle, recooked it, flooded it with sherry, cooked it again, and added more sherry… nobody really cares! I should send some to Chul…it might make him feel less pain when Eunhyuk comes home crowing about having to sign autographs in Every Single European city he visited.

        • …I died laughing. I bet you nailed it when you mentioned Eunhyuk bragging about his popularity. I can just see Hee’s face. Yeah, he’s gonna need some of your cake. Poor baby. Two years is such a long time, I may need some of your cake before he is back.

          I work in a place and sometimes cook and sometimes wash pans….I can tell you that your problem is likely your oven. If you follow ingredients closely and directions and cook it according to the directions, but it fails, it’s your oven. (temperature is not right, or heat is distributed unevenly) Not to brag, but I can cook with both hands tied behind my back, haha. Trouble is: I am like Hee. I hate to cook. But I can’t get out of it at work, and when Christmas or holidays roll around, people expect me to put in major effort because they love my stuff. ;-(

          • Poor Hee indeed – although it would be fair (for Eunhyuk) to point out, that Chul spent most of his trip to Paris holed up in a hotel room playing computer games, whilst Hyuk is out seeing the World (and football).

            My brother has the same kind of job as you but is always working through the holidays, so I never get the benefit.

            • The job is only til I graduate from Univ. I need it to help pay my way. Scholarship doesn’t cover all expenses and college is EXPENSIVE here.I have to work through holidays too, but school is out then so I have more time to be in 10 different places at once O_o So, yeah, I cook.

              So….WHAAAATT? Hee spent his Paris trip in his room playing video games, really? I didn’t know this. I saw a picture of him at the Eiffel Tower at night and I figured he was on the town. I think overseas is a perfect place for the guys to see the sights because really, so few people recognize them in the U.S. and Europe and they can be more anonymous. Wow, if I ever get to Paris, I won’t ever be in the room…The room will just be a place for my suitcases…because I myself will be seeing EVERYTHING. All day and night. I would LOVE to offer Heechul lessons on how to sight-see. We would tear it up. He would go back to Korea and have to sleep for a week straight. (in my dreams)

            • kkkk…well, maybe You picture the perfect sightseeing trip for Hee is with Eunhyuk, but I picture his perfect tour guide as…hmmmm….let’s see…how about…..ME! 😉 I will gladly volunteer to take him to see an American city!! Okay, I know I have chatted on for way too long and everyone is sick of me…I’m done!

      • If anyone asks, Kim Hee Chul is merely an interesting psychological study which has nothing to do with how nice he looks in the Mr Simple Ver B poster, which is not on my wall.

        • Yeah, for me too. *rolls eyes* I, too, practice my astute powers of psychological insight with a KimHeeChul focus. He is an interesting specimen indeed….Oh? You say he looks nice, really? I hadn’t noticed. I do have things on my walls that happen to have his picture on them, but they match the color scheme of my room and are purely for decorative purposes. You will never see me staring (gawking, drooling, sighing) up at him. (please knock before entering my room)

        • He’s aaaaaaaaaaaall that. I just had a lapse of total immaturity….I pose as the scholarly type but underneath that veneer lurks a fangirl who loves her Heenim. It’s true that sometimes I just die because Hee is so stunning. Okay. I admit it. Anyways, I feel better now. Back to my wise interpretations and long winded replies. x”D

          • Heechul clearly transcends
            boundaries. I feel no shame.^^

    • nn, hello, is that you??? The *ahem* not-a-fan-just-an-interested-bystander nn? That one? (kat grins ear to ear) Love you, girl, and glad you’re out of the so-to-speak closet about Heechul. x”D It’s okay to admit it, you’re among friends (and fellow fans!!)

      You know, now that you mention it, part of what I miss is about Hee being gone is the way several of us would get on here and just rock on about him and other topics. I only have time to check on Hee regularly…maybe you all still have these discussions all the time and I just don’t see them…? Anyways, yes, it’s great to see you. And great to see the other Hee girls too.

      Meanwhile, I grab any excuse to talk to you guys about stuff: 6 months ago when there were lots of posts about Hee, I would have glanced at this topic: “he changed his avatar” and not commented. But news of him is so scarce, when I saw it, I was all over it!! Haha

      • Doing well, and busy like you. But I always found time to check up on Hee, and it had become such a daily tradition thing, and when you would get on it was always like meeting for coffee with a dear friend. So, I miss a lot lately. But my job is going okay, it’s tiresome. I’m sticking to the horse like I have glue on my rear, haha. (actually, I have been training him and he spooks less often, but he is still no cupcake)

        And you….10 months!??!! Wah. If you are looking to chat, you know where to find me: right here…and YT. ❤

  10. I always liked your comments, because you put some wisdom in them, or at least I feel it, when I read them. 🙂

    I really wonder how Heechul feels about this different lifestyle. 🙂
    I just hope he will see it from a positive point of view as you said.
    But now is autumn, which has a negative influence on people, because it makes them feel depressed. I hope Heechul is OK…

    • Hi, matsujunheechul….I wanted to say hi to you also. I like nn comments too. But I have missed yours lately…..are you doing ok?

  11. I love how the post is to show Heechul changed his avatar and we got different kind of discussions/conversations, different perspectives related to him ❤

    • Hi, syu…me too. I think most blogs have no patience for chatter amongst members, but this one has always welcomed conversation. It makes it feel more like family to me. We’re surrounded by friends here. Don’t you just love this blog? 😀

      • hi kat….i really love this blog….:)
        this is the only source that petal’s can know about heechul and i can read many comment about him not similar as heechulfacts and super junior legacy….

        • hazifa, Yes, I know what you mean….I love the others for the pictures, but when I want to just sit down and chill with people who love Suju as I do (and of course my sweet Hee), this is the only place on the net to be. There are several people who post here that I recognize as regulars and I always love to hear their slant on things. And we aren’t limited to a couple of sentences: if we want to give a speech we can, if we want to rant on, we can, if we want to spazz and fangirl, we can.

          Can we give Sid a shout-out here, for creating this? Yeah, lets. HUZZAH!

          • Hi~~~!!!!
            Yeah, I really love this site, big applause to Sid and teams ^^
            I usually just silently read through all the comments and seldom comment haha ^^”
            I always love to read those comments when they are related to HeeChul ><'' especially comments that are not just fangirl but have different views and opinions like yours, nn, Hazlifa and … (sorry I forgot some regular nicknames but once see them instantly can recognize them ^^''). Sometimes the comments tell exactly what's inside my mind but unfortunately don't know how to express. And sometimes the comments make me think from different view…

            • Oh, syu, please comment more…..! Just jump right in….the water’s fine!!!

  12. oh man!!! he is freaking beautiful!!! shame on myself haha! please tweet oppa! >< i miss u!

  13. Ommonaa hee look beuty , but i think he nice in here 😀

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