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SJ Variety Shows & Dramas  . SUPER SHOW 4 .  Super Junior in Taiwan

FAME with Eunhyuk, Musketeer with Kyuhyun & Melon with SJ

this post can be found HERE ——————-> How to —–> Vote Super Junior for the Golden Disk Awards



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  1. thank you chingu i will do my bast to do any thing to help thim fitinnng

  2. Let’s all do our best. Fighting!

  3. Thank you!! 😀

  4. how to vote in Style Icon Award 2011???

    • Soon as I get more details I will let you know ASAP ;D

  5. I’ll give my piggy bank for suju’s album

  6. I’ll do everything I can to help the guys win 🙂

  7. thank you so much chingu.. I’ll do my best for Suju.. ^^

  8. I’ve got problem to vote in SportsChosun since yesterday. looks like it’s frozen. the number of voting still the same. Anyone here knows why it become like this… i really want to vote for SJ T_T

    • YEA , i got the same thing ><

      • Just keep trying to vote guys ~~ that’s all we can do ;D

        • me, too !! have voted three times since this morning ~ yet the # stay the same !! what happen ???

  9. thank you!

  10. thanks for sharing ^^

  11. Just wondering.. what is that poll on Hanteo Chart website. Mr.Simple was on it :))

    • it’s not’s album selling..

  12. OH MY GOSH!!! Thank you so much for actually posting the valid information. >< ELF really need to know what is actually going on.

  13. Er I want to know .. if I open the searching webs on a separate window on firefox, then after 2 mins, I close and reopen that particular window under recently closed windows, will the searching count? 🙂

    • O__O not sure, will ask & find out ;D

  14. it took me a while but i finally got it. i just have to remember to vote once a day! haha 🙂

    • Please remember! 🙂

      • i still to find the word..all i can see is the list but no place to vote..? How..? i have follow each step but am stuck at the 2nd last step

  15. how to vote in seoul music?..i don’t rly me.I’ve been trying to click all the thing with super junior pic or column. help me!!please i want them to win..i’ll do whatever i can.

    • I’m not really sure, I will find out ASAP & LET YOU KNOW ;D

  16. I have a question: when is the last day for the sales, to count in Hanteo?

  17. When I click to vote, the number doesn’t increase, why??

    • I’m not sure, but just keep voting.. Obviously GDA is the priority so make sure you get your one vote per day there..!

  18. ok i tried but i just wont let me get to the website..where you click in your email

  19. i’m confused.. for GDA popularity voting, after i login.. where should i click? i couldn’t find the word to click for the next step.. help please…

    • this vid has all the steps really clear (:

    • don’t worry your not the only one getting confused

      look at the additional info it’s step 10-13 it’s easier if you click for a larger image

      • Thank you!

      • thank you! when i look at the larger image, i miss out step 10.. haha.. thank you once again!

    • same here! please help! I was busy with work so I couldn’t do much to help them, but now I have time since it’s my break. I really wanna vote so please tell us what to do >_<

    • guys, go to this link:

      then the link will bring you to (see PART 3 TUTORIAL ABOVE)
      follow step 12 & 13

      good luck… vote once a day… ELFs fighting!!!!

      • but we must login first and then go to that link, right??

  20. it was kinda confusing but i finally figured out how to do it 😀 this vid helped too~

  21. & by the way, thank you so much for sharing this!! ^^

  22. aish!!!!!! its not loading!!! huhuhu i cant vote…

  23. Oh..I can’t understand what is on that page..I can’t read Korean writing..

    • Look on the top right corner, there’s 회원가입 click on it to register. After you click it another another thingy will pop up, click on the first 1(it’s kinda blueish) & then enter your email etc (follow the pic above) & then go to your email to verify the account. Hope this helps ^^

  24. need we login to the all of the part 2 music site?

  25. – 2011 Style Icon Awards
    Voting Period: Oct. 5 – Oct. 31
    Voting Site:
    on that link we need to sign up but its in Korean so i really don`t understand

  26. yey! I finished voting on GDA thanks for your help 🙂

  27. OMG!!! at last… after struggling to understand how to vote at kpopwave…
    i manage to vote them ^^ tq 😀

    Here’s the link ->
    You can vote with your account twitter and facebook once a day..

    Vote Super Junior in categories:
    -> Must-Follow Musician on Social Media
    -> Must-Follow Media Personality on Social Media

    Vote Super Junior SHAKE in categories:
    -> Game of the Year
    -> Best Mobile Game

    Vote Mr Simple – Super Junior in categories:
    -> Best Music Service/App
    -> Viral Video of the Year

    • what should we type: superjunior, SUPERJUNIOR, or Super Junior?? or they doesn’t even mind?

  29. are the voting for popularity award on GDA already started?
    it means i can’t create an account?
    please tell me

  30. can we vote using google chrome??

    • Yes, I use Chrome and when I vote on Chrome, my votes are counted typically.

  31. uh i cant find 투표하기 in

  32. I don’t understand how to vote in music star ._. can someone help? also, how many times can you vote in music star, musician power ranking and kpopwave?

    • on music star : just click the star beside A-Cha album cover – once a day (4 categories)

      on musician poer ranking : it’s not limited voting. as many as you can

      on kpopwave: once a day (you must make an account first before voting)

      Good luck!

    • MUSIC STAR – Click the “투표하기” button (there are 4 categories) – vote Once a day

      Musician Power Ranking – you can vote many times, after you click on A-CHA pic, then click OK, then it become this page (IGNORE this, close & just repeat voting) – VOTE MANY TIMES

      KPOPWAVE – you only can vote once a day…


    • Wow ! awesome songs dude !

  33. For KPOP Wave…..this이미투표하였습니다 keeps appearing and the voting numbers did not change. I’ve tried deleting my history, shut down the comp, run CC cleaner and none of it works. Can someone help give suggestion on how to vote? Really want to help our OPPAs…..thanks!!

    • After you voting, than refresh the page. You can see the number of vote has increase. 🙂


    I paste the hangul name 슈퍼주니어, but this came out, it’s not the same with the above picture …is this right?
    I’ve tried it many times already…

  35. I just registered in kpopwave but the question is how do I vote? Can you please give a link that will take me directly to the voting page? Thanks!

  36. hwaiting!!!!!

  37. tried to vote on kpop wave but 이미투표하였습니다 keep appearing and voting number did not increase. Pls help!

  38. for the kpopwave thing how do we vote for gda because i can’t read korean?

  39. Because of my pure love to Super Junior I learn their own language even though I have so so much other foreign languages subject to learn to,but because of’s not very hard for me to read and understand HANGUL..

  40. i already registered and made an account but i don’t see the voting page when i click on the link ?only the main page come out..please help!

    you can also tweet me @Happiness__Ever

  41. how to make an account for vote suju in 2011 Style Icon Awards??

  42. i though the GDA vote in kpopwave not haven started. GDA didn’t decide the nominate yet.than how can you state the GDA popularity vote is started??

  43. I’m also confused…^^ when actually they will open the voting for GDA?? But when I go to this link

    then i click on step 11 (as above), then click the pink arrow.. it’s written like this:

    2011년 골든 디스크 본상 후보에 유력한 가수는?
    음반 판매량과 인기상 등 각 분야별 골든 디스크 본상에 뽑힐 것 같은 가수를 뽑아주세요. 최종 선정 된 상위 5명의 가수는 실제 골든 디스크 인기상 후보에 반영 됩니다.

    ** I’m not korean (can someone translate)
    ** what I know is it mention “Selected as the final Top 10 Popularity Award nominated singer will be reflected in the real
    Golden Disk. (correct me if i’m wrong)

    check this 2 images:
    1. pls see the statement written (as shown by blue arrow)

    2. after i click again the pink arrow

  44. did the counting for album sales for GDA stop ?
    i heard that it will stop today is it true ?
    and how can i vote in style icon award ? i dont understand anything !

  45. i even stole my sisters’ accounts to vote!!

  46. I just don’t understand for 2011 Musician Power Ranking..
    Why it’s always the same number of vote ? Nevertheless the vote haven’t stoped..
    I don’t understand. x)

  47. When did yesasia start counting towards Hanteo ?…..
    I don’t think it does. I don’t think it ever will…

    • In Yesasia’s site information it does states that albums sells will count to the Hanteo chart after Oct. 29 and if your album hasn’t arrived yet after Oct. 29 it will count. (Yesasia joined because there was a high demand for contributing to the Hanteo chart by fans and since Yesasia was Hong Kong based the sells couldn’t count but now it does) But most fans are being safe with buying off dvdheaven…

  48. did kpopwave voting period end already?? i thought until 30th oct…
    or… japan already 1st nov?

    omo… but, sj won… hehehe

  49. Why can’t I vote in kpopwave? The vote button isn’t there anymore. 😐

    • i thought because kpopwave vote has ended.

      • I think the GDA popularity award has not end yet. And it’s not officialy start to vote the popularity award. At now, the voting just for select TOP 10. After that, the real voting for GDA popularity award begin.
        keep make another account as many as you can before the real voting starts.
        And ELFs, we have to work hard for disk daesang too. Please buy more albums.

    • you still can vote today Oct 31st.

      use this link

      i just done voting for today.


  50. guys. Need your help!
    Hyun joong will over take our boys in no time now on sports.chosun.
    The gap is only less than 100 now and its increasing so fast.
    Help. We need force. VOTE NOW. As many as you can.

  51. thanks for the detailed tutorial! it helps a lot! 🙂 hwaiting!

  52. thanks alot sid and all Sup3rjunior crew, and sure ALL ELFs
    now we all get works to do, so detailed
    WE CAN DO THIS, spread this out

  53. I keep voting for them from 6 or 7pm. Still don’t reach 45, 000 yet. Now is 42, 677 (Sport Chosun). My hand is tired because vote for them. But if it’s about SJ, I’ll keep voting!

  54. I have done ALL 😀 Thanks!! SJ WILL GRAB THE GDA!!!!

  55. Can anyone make a video guide about how to vote? (Blurring)

  56. how many time can we vote in melon ? plz

  57. How do you vote on Melon without Korean ID? And can anybody make an analysis of our situation for GDA this year? What is our figure so far? Who is our biggest competitor?

  58. guy. Need help.
    Hyun joong is ALREADY the first placer on sports.chosun..
    Need your help everyone.
    This is the end of the month, thats why whoever lands on the top today would be the winner for the week.
    Vote as many as you can.

  59. hate kim hyun joong!!!! ELF fighting!

  60. hi! i’m just wondering since GDA will be on jan. does that mean we still have a month left to increase the sales or oct 29 is still the deadline even if it be held in jan.?

  61. Super Junior need to vote

  62. Hai ELF.. Btw, i need you guys help. Please vote Super Junior as many as you can in sports chosun. Our Super junior is 7000+ behind KHJ. Now, i’m voting for them as many as i can. Thank You ELF.. We can do this. 😀

  63. hey, can anyone tell me how to ‘check attendance’ at kpopwave. coz i know that its being counted and i guess its something that i can contribute. i already sign up, so please, anyone tell me how to ‘check attendance’ at kpopwave. i saw sj is losing to tvxq in that section.

    • oh, and can anyone tell me what does it mean to ‘dig’ someone in kpowave?

    • Click SJs box picture, than click in the pink area in the left side above on the SJ Sorry Sorry 3rd Album Cover
      Mention me @austinilona , if you still confuse. 🙂

      • oh, i get it! thanks a lot! also, do u know what it means to ‘dig’ someone in kpopwave? i went to one of the rankings and there’s names of fans with the most post and participation etc, when i click on them and went to their page, there is one word that said ‘steamed’. i click on them a few times but i dunno if its okay to click them on sj fan’s page.

  64. i love super junior

  65. suju 4ever algerian elf

  66. I want to buy version A but I don’t have the payment method they want on dvdheaven 😦 kpoptown doesn’t ship to canada i think T.T so what to do?

    • how about

  67. Wow .. !

  68. Wow .. !


    • When you click the voting sign, a dialogue box pops up and I’ve heard some people say that it’s supposed to start with the letter A in order for your vote to count. Is that true? All I’ve seen was the letter C and I was just wondering if you had to be a member in order for your vote to count…Can someone help me?

  70. anyone knows how to get the cover for certain member (version A)? I want to buy through those websites but they don’t give me option which member’s cover I will get.. T.T Thanks!

    • you can choose on kpoptown, but there’s only ryeowook, leeteuk, and shindong album covers left.

      • I want Kyuhyun’s….. TT but Thankssssss!!!!

        • if you ask it from dvd heaven they send you the one you want. I wanted my mr simple cd with Eunhyuk cover so I sent e-mail about it and I got it with eunhyuk cover.

        • Oh now kpoptown shows Kyuhyun’s cover. 1 left!

          • Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought it….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have 3 left actually… ^^ kya kya I’m super duper excited and jumping up and down… ^^

            • Actually it’s easy enough to get the cover you want on ebay typically… but not all of those vendors count on Hanteo!

    we’re behind 2000 votes! Keep voting! (:
    And on kpopwave, there’s a new voting that is from Nov 1 to 8
    Vote there too~
    We can do it ELF(:

  72. Heylow! Why,I can’t go in to melon website ? I tried using my phone & computer , & I can’t go in ? Please help me!

  73. SUJU ……. action

  74. hi every it very important vote for suju to win in mama 2011 please log in to vote once a day

    • ok…

    I gonna crazy …… we need about 5000 vote !! < yasterday just 2000 vote
    Please ELF realy we can do it !!!

  76. need help

  77. ELF CRAZY..

    • WELCOME…

  78. ATTENTION ALL ELFS! Please vote for Super Junior at for ‘Mnet‘s Annual Music Awards’.

    You don’t need to create an account, you can sign in via your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Super Junior are down for –

    Best Male Group
    … Best Dance Performance (Male Group)
    Song of the Year
    Artist of the Year

    Get voting and please share this to all ELFs! They need your support!!!

    • yes drling..i already vote 😀 but i’m still hurt about MAMA’s result last year.. I means we already leading for all categories (w/ SJ nominees) but SJ win NOTHING. I know voting only count 30% but I’m still frust~~ 😦

      btw, we shouldnt give up rite??!! fighting elfsss!!!! ❤

      • Judging for a “better” relationship between mnet and sme, I think we have a chance to win …. ^^

        • pls vote for MAMA we’re 20,000++ difference from TVXQ for Best Dance Performance – Male Group

  79. is there a problem with melon?I cant go the website…


  81. I wish I could help but unfortunately I cannot … T.T
    My parents don’t want to buy T.T

    • You still can support them by online voting and streaming on music portal website.
      Or you can wish your parents to buy it as a christmas gift 🙂

  82. what’s wrong with
    why have we been so far behind KHJ):

    • I gonna crazy …… we need about 9000 vote !!

      • i have try this morning on
        when we click Super Junior, they only can 1 – 2 votes while KHJ votes will increase 3 – 5 votes, that’s why the gap has been very wide now.

        • i feel like it’s rigged or something. are they tired seeing suju win?! boo. ):

          • I have check and the gap now is 4000 votes. will try to vote again and see how it goes. Thank you

  83. I also face the same problem with voting. When I click SJ, the number did not change instead KHJ vote is double to 2 to 5 votes and I try to click other singers, their vote did not change instead KHJ votes is increasing. IS the webpage has problem as I dont understand Korean language.

    • Credit: janie6789@Tumblr

      If the gibbering after you vote says: “ÅõÇ¥ÇØÁּż­ °¨»çÇÕ´Ï´Ù.” that means your vote counted.

      If it says “ÇÏ·ç Çѹø¸¸ ÅõÇ¥°¡ °¡´ÉÇÕ´Ï´Ù.” that means your vote didn’t count.

      I think it only lets you vote a certain amount of times a day/hour/whatever, but if you clear the cookies on your browser, you should be able to vote indefinitely.

  84. Does any kind soul knows why I can’t vote for MAMA at all? The web keeps telling me my IP address(PC) has reached the limit number of votes, but I haven’t even voted yet! I really wanna help SJ 😥

    • you log in using facebook account or what??

      • Nope, mnet account. I even tried twitter, it still gave me the same prompts. 😦

        • I also facing the same problem about mnet account as they keep telling me my IP address has reached the limit numbers to votes. Can any kind elfs please advise as we are unable to vote for SJ on Mnet.

          • what IP address currently you use? i think you need to change it to another IP

            • Thank you will try again tonite.

              • I’ve been facing this problem for 3 days already, and the web still gives me the same prompt when I haven’t even had the chance to vote a single time. Are you from Singapore btw? Because I don’t think we can change IP addresses in Singapore …….. not sure though. :/
                I’m at a loss, cause I really wanna vote for SJ 😥

          • Oh the Mnet is going through maintenance since the site has several issues with voting; such as polls not displaying all 50 nominated songs and etc. We’ll just have to wait until Mnet sever is fixed. ^^

    ( )

    Date of voting for “K-POP 열풍을 가장 크게 주도한 가수는?”
    → 1/11/2011 until 8/11/2011
    you can vote once a day.. Let us help suju, they need elfs !! 🙂 🙂

  86. cant we sign up on kpopwave.joinmsn by mobile?

    • I’m too… i can’t vote kpopwave by mobile…T_T

  87. GDA voting & GDA popularity voting is different?
    Cos part 1 stated GDA voting has not started , Part 3 said GDA popularity vote is started:) sorry i am new

    • Yes these are two different awards; a Popularity award and Over-all winner for GDA (there’s a special term for this award, as well it is consider the greatest award that a musician could receive in the Korean show biz)

  88. all chingu i want ask,can foreign elf vote on melon award?if can haw the way to vote?

  89. I think for the KPOP Wave we have to join the fanpage for Super Junior also, not just vote for them. Cause I see that TVXQ is leading right now, imo it’s because of the fanpage. Maybe you can go here >>> then click the one on the left side that says “팬 가입하기”
    I’m not too sure if I’m right or not, please someone correct me if I’m wrong. And of course you have to log in first.

    • i think so and then we can vote for fan page on

    • Ur totally right. We must join the fanpage as well as check attendance. As u can see there are a pink area on the left side of Sj’s box picture , just above the Sorry Sorry Album Cover. Check ur attendance daily. The attendance is in included in one of the rankings.

      • that’s right, let’s do it every day as our daily routine.. hahaah… “ALL FOR SUPER JUNIOR” ^__^

  90. Hi but i heard we have to type in A-CHA and not A-cha or a-cha because A-cha is another guy’s song. I forgot who but a lot of people has been saying this.

  91. ah…finally i understand how to vote GDA, feels so pabbo hiks…

  92. You should put on the MAMA voting site for international elfs to help out with the polls. After-all the male categories seems sort of tight. ^^

    Elfs you can vote here :
    SJ is nominated for the following categories: Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance – Male Group, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year.

    **You can make an account or log in with FB or Twitter.

  93. do we have to write in the exact name for this voting information:

    Here’s the link ->
    You can vote with your account twitter and facebook once a day..

    Vote Super Junior in categories:
    -> Must-Follow Musician on Social Media
    -> Must-Follow Media Personality on Social Media

    Vote Super Junior SHAKE in categories:
    -> Game of the Year
    -> Best Mobile Game

    Vote Mr Simple – Super Junior in categories:
    -> Best Music Service/App
    -> Viral Video of the Year

  94. Hwaiting!!!t
    it’s so neck and neck 🙂

    • Ah oh no! We need to make the gap bigger. it’s so scary right now. Keep voting on mama everyone.

  95. anyone can tell me,how the way to vote in http://musicstar.sportseoul/com/
    that’s all in hangul language,i can’t understand?

    • just click on the star next to A-cha picture

      • but under which tab? I was told that there were 4 categories on music star, and I’m guessing each tab is one category. I click Super Junior’s star for each tab but after the first one a dialog box comes up, saying something which I’m guessing is telling me that I can only vote once a day >_< so which tab/category should we click Super Junior's star for?

        • yes,i agree with your opinion,where tabs must click?

          • I think it doesn’t matter which star you click. It all calculates into one. The different categories just show they calculate where suju stands. The categories are comment rank, box rank, general, and voting rank. So, I think comment+box+voting=the percentage (general). Don’t take my word for it cuz this is how i see it as.

  96. Wow at MAMA we’re only 1%-2% apart from TVXQ now for all 4 catagories… Is there a way to ask Sid to make a big announcement about this? T.T anyone knows when the voting will end?? Thanks!

  97. i really don’t get how to vote for gda, and for MAMA, i need to download adobe 10 something, but when i clicked the button for download. it says its automatic if there’s new updates. i can’t vote. but i still do my best for the rest.

  98. i understand how to vote GDA

  99. y is my comment deleted?
    everyone go vote for MAMA! We are losing our 1st spot! OMG, SOMEONE, EVERYONE DO SOMETHING!!! SPREAD THE MSG! You don’t want last yr GDA replay!

  100. MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is in dangerous stage now people, please try to vote all you can. You can create as many account as you want with email. Each account one vote per day. And each IP can vote for about 10 times!!!


  102. AHH OMG we lost our first place for Best Dance Performance by .2%!!! Voteee!!!

    • yes , too bad T-T
      i cant vote for now , plz do your best for super junior

  103. One way to increase SJ votes in MAMA Awards!! If you have Kpop friends who do not vote the same categories as SJ, pls ask them to vote for SJ as well , this will help increase our votes indirectly through alliance (since everybody has to vote in all categories) !!! Tks 🙂

  104. D: We are losing by about 1,000 to TVXQ! ELFS VOTE! EVERYDAY PLEASE!!!

    • I know I just checked! Please everyone vote vote!

  105. OMO we’re tied with TVXQ now. Suju has 31.1 and they have 31.1. Ahh this is scary.

  106. omo! snsd is fast approaching in sports chosun. i was voting yesterday, they had 1k+, but when i opened it today, it went to 26k+. O___O and it’s going fast!

    and i don’t know how to vote for mama. help me!

    • just login with facebook and twitt id at
      .make lots ids 🙂
      u don’t have to sign up

      • no because it says i have to have a adobe flash player 10+ support. and i downloaded it but still can’t.

        • me too… T___________T

          • try usin google chrome instead of internet explorer or Firefox.. it works for me

  107. just additional info… u can login with facebook id n vote, then login with twitt id n vote
    (It counts as 2 vote :))

  108. everyone! let’s vote for sj! ><

  109. Does anyone else face the problem of the IP address limit thing? Its annoying the hell out of me, because I haven’t been able to vote for SJ since the MAMA voting started. 😥

    • Are u in China? If you are, go to SJ Baidu Bar… there will be some C-elfs knowing how to go round the firewall…. 🙂

      • Thanks but I’m from Singapore! I don’t know why is this problem happening though.

        • Hi, you can contact this SG-Elf : Jeslyn (I think she is the person in charge for one of the SJ fan club in Singapore)…. I believe she can help you on that.
          Her email :

          • Oh ok thanks! I’ll send her an email immediately! Thanks load 😀

  110. Whoah. Website triggers epilipetic fits…

  111. i’ll do.. thanks for sharing.. =)

  112. I know all of us are having problems with MAMA as you all know you can only vote 10x (that’s 10 diff accounts ) per I.P address ( that’ s your p.c ) if you tried to vote on the 11th time a message will pop-out saying this I.P address has already had the maximum of votes and come back tomorrow right? but I have found a way to beat around it. For example at 00:00 am(ks)t try to vote your ist 10 account in MAMA from the last minute you voted on your 10th account wait for1 hour and vote again using another 10 different accounts don’t use the accounts that you used on the 1st hour. We just have to create a lot and lots of emails to do this. I already tried this and hope you can do the same to make sure our boys will win even though the online votes is only20% overall getting all of that is a BIG thing. I didn’t post this on my wall so ELF’s can only see this please spread thanks.

  113. why is it that i can’t vote for MAMA?

  114. TVXQ is slowly pulling away guys 😦 We need to vote!! Spread the words guys because they are also catching up on the other categories too!!

  115. Is there any information on voting for Mnet Media Awards? (Although only three members are nominated for that!)

  116. super junior is against snsd now at sports chosun. heeee

  117. you mean that the foreign elf can not vote forsuju to win GDA i subscribe in kpop wave and i vote for suju every day for 3 weeks so my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? T_____T even in chosun too so there is no way for foreign elf to vote for suju to win GDA? so sad T_______T but i will keep voting

    • You can vote for suju to win MAMA for now 🙂
      GDA, as I know, we foreign elf can vote for suju to win GDA…

  118. snsd has taken over super junior in sports chosun.

  119. E.L.F. here use this
    1. Go to this page
    2. copy the email they gave to you.
    3. go and sign up at
    4. then.. go to and refresh them..
    5. you will get i at that
    6. then just copy the number that they gave you..
    7. login and vote at
    8. the email will self-destructed.
    9. you can repeat this step for every 10 minute.. go!!!!

    this vote for what ?! GDA ?? oranother award ?

    is something wrong with this website or did it crash? today i can’t get into it):

    • now it works, we’re 700 behind snsd):

  122. Suju losing on Melon ><
    pls elf keep vote ,, i want to help but i can't make id 😦

  123. Sid, so foreign elf really can’t help for SJ on Melon? (exc. search on search box) Coz somebody tweeted that we can vote once a day (for unpaid acc) and three times a day for paid acc. Is it true? Or again, only applicable for Korean ELF only? 😦

  124. Sid.
    remind elf to vote for suju for Mama Award.
    we already lost 1 category to TVXQ..
    remind them.
    i don’t want to feel the heart break like last year.

  125. didn’t understand… after i vote with fb so i’m log out and wanna vote again use my sister’s and friend’s account but when i clicked facebook-voting start-back to my vote “2011 mama my vote” so how can i use their account?? thx^^

    • i think maybe after u vote with your fb, log out your mnet fb account and log out your facebook on, and then u can use your sister or your friends facebook account. You must ensure that your facebook account that is used first to have logout

    • make sure that you are log out of your facebook account before you use another facebook account like your sister’s, meaning that after you vote and log out of mama, go to and check to make sure that you are log out of your facebook account. then you can go on the mama site and click log in using facebook and log in using your sister’s account.

  126. and i can’t log in with email. always your email-password incorrect. when i entered the certificate number they said false. huft… or i missed the step or what?? help”

  127. i think i already solve this problem but about the facebook account “not yet”

    • yeah can log in with email-password correct but the problem same with facebook’s problem. always back to “2011 mama my vote” (??)) please, somebody tell me. thx very much

      • Don’t block popup window.Use internet explorer, it is easier

  128. We lose from TVXQ on MAMA and also GDA Popularity award !BOTH OF TVXQ! Cassie is strong but we are STRONGER rite ?

  129. URGENT ANY elf who is still awake please vote for super junior at for mama 2011 , because tvxq is just about 600 votes from super junior for the best male group. Do vote now if you are reading this. thanks

  130. ew…super junior is already behind tvxq in best male and best dance male group T_T… hwaitinggg

  131. WE HAVE LOST. i saw twice how tvxq took over super junior for best dancd group and best male group in mama 2011. the number of voting increased fast for tvxq. as for super junior i spent quite a long time voting, and as i witnessed tvxq votes kept increasing and getting near super junior, in my heart how i wish there are elf who avail themselves to vote. It is very disheartening to see tvxq voters took over super junior votes TWICE. If this continues i am NOT surprised if best artist and best song of the year go to them too. Tvxq voters really votes…..

    • Super Junior has best male group….

  132. You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address.
    Someso I wanted to vote but you can not because my address: (I wish with all my heart tI was so upset, and started to complain that he could not I vote, I tried two address I have, one from facbook, that nobody talks to mehat suju to win:) web addresses are case sensitive. sorry 😦
    fighting suju take care 🙂

  133. ahhh i feel like crying today. these news made my day not good. I really want to vote for Melon!!!! we’re behind Beast by 2,000. how is that possible? it does not make sense. man MAMA is really intense…the battle is so close. at least we have a couple of weeks…I can’t believe all this happen overnight while I was sleeping): we must always be alert.

    I have a question: How do you join the fanpage on KpopWave?

    • nevermind i found out. Suju has way more fans joining their fanpage, but why are they 2nd place on fanpage ranking?

      • I’m already voting for SuJu on Kpopwave everyday but I don’t know how to join their fanpage. Can you tell me how to join their fanpage? I don’t know Korean. Thanks. ^_^

        An ELF (MeLoveHyuk) in one of the comments above mentioned that we have to “check attendance” at kpopwave coz it’s being counted and that SuJu is losing to TVXQ in that section.
        Another ELF (loversKyu) replied back, “Click SJs box picture, than click in the pink area in the left side above on the SJ Sorry Sorry 3rd Album Cover
        Mention me @austinilona , if you still confuse.”

        So, maybe more fans joined SuJu’s fanpage but aren’t “checking attendance” everyday. I’m not sure, ahh, it’s so annoying to not being able to know Korean. I’m confused why SuJu is losing on kpopwave too coz for the voting part, SuJu has the most votes.

        • to checking attendance you must Click SJs box picture, than click in the pink area in the left side above on the SJ Sorry Sorry 3rd Album Cover

          for fanpage, you must click “팬 가입하기” in the centre left side on that page. you will see some number above 팬 가입하기

          • oh thanks. i didn’t know we had to check attendance. lol. i think maybe we are losing cuz we don’t check attendance.

          • thanks 🙂 I joined SuJu’s fanpage and making sure to check attendance everyday.

  134. Come on ELF! Fighting!

  135. VERY GLAD super junior has regained #1 for best male group in mama. but it is still a very close chase from tvxq, It is a 0.1% between them. So elf need to keep voting ! do your best and all the best !

  136. omo K-ELF, thank you for helping suju catch up to beast. now we’re 400 behind. even though sometimes it seems we’re falling behind, we still have the ultimate power. (:

  137. ELF, keep voting for MAMA! Make many different IDs, use twitter & facebook also. Each IP can vote up to 10 times a day, so we can create 10 IDs… After you’ve voted with all those IDs, delete your cookies… Don’t give up! We can catch up to TVXQ.

  138. can i download then i upload the video to facebook ?? i’ll share this video to my friends..

    • SURE..

  139. they’re losing in Melon to BEAST! where are youu K-ELFs 😥

  140. any elfs that can get contact with C ELFs? we need their votes too and from that mama site…votes from C ELFs are lesser than K ELFs…we can gain more votes and get back best male perf (rmb about the most recent come to play where they said suju succeed in gathering 10k elfs for their performance, if we can get C ELFs aknowledgement, it will be easier and faster to get back our #1 spot…hwaiting elfs!!

  141. new project: all ELFs make 10 accounts tonight, at 7pm korean time, we vote tgr on MAMA, SEE OUR POWER! pls help to spread the words please!!!

  142. for the KPOP Wave, can we use our facebook and twitter account to vote?

  143. if you want to help suju ni MAMA.. email me.. i’ll give you the step which i get from other E.L.F… here my email

  144. OMG!!! i have a way to vote more than once.. used different internet access:)

  145. heey friends ~ .
    i don;t know whether this is for real or not ,
    but i heard there’s a conspiration between cassie and sone for defeating suju and 2ne1 .
    look at this

    please spread and vote our boyss !! >__<~

    • Thank You very much for telling this. Now, I know.. I don’t know why when I read this I feel afraid for our SuJu oppa. But, let ELF be strong and support Super Junior. Okay.. Let show ELF power. Fighting!! 🙂

      • thank you very much for warnning us

  146. ELF. Please vote for Super Junior in Kpop wave. We are no 3 now. Don’t forget to check ur attendance first before voting. Super Junior~ ELF Fighting!!! 😀

  147. And in Kpop wave please vote Super Junior in all the Three categories. Okay. 🙂

    • Guys on Kpop wave look to this

      1 2 3
      what meen ?! what is Important ؟! all ?! in vote no.1 my suju #3 !

  148. hey elf i’m glad we close to defeat tvxq i do the 10 minute mail and i opened two mnet count so u must do that coz it works fighting

  149. oh my god what is that i read this it ‘s really an evil plan it ‘s a conspiracy thank you fo making us aware about this i just can’t believe i’m so angry but i will vote evrey minute and me too i will open 121 count and voting for suju

  150. GDA open new vote “2011년 11월 9일 ~ 2011년 11월 18일” ( from nov 9th – nov 18th). please keep voting for GDA Click on starrangking “스타랭킹” , then click “테마투표”, and click “유럽 팬에게 큰 사랑을 받은 가수는?” (Singer who has receive a lot of love from Europe fans?). Please click super junior !! (Now TVXQ no.1 and SJ No. 2)

  151. I am a bit sad about I did vote for Brown Eyed Girls because I like them. Not because I hate SNSD. So why SONE get angry because some ELF didn’t vote SNSD? Please be fair, vote for singer you like the most, stop conspiracy and bad mouth about “Kill Suju” in your public discussion

  152. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (( ELF WHAT HAPPEN TO US IS THAT SO HARD TO VOTE FOR OUR BOYS ?! IS THAT SO SO HARD TO OPEN THE SITES AND VOTE EVERY DAY ?!

  153. oh no they didn’t. can’t believe sones and cassie…they just messed with the wrong people. ELF, let’s show our sapphire power! We don’t need an alliance. We are a big fanclub. WE are the #1 fanclub! Don’t give up and waver. Let’s stick together till the end for Super Junior.
    We will be the last fandom standing with Super Junior, the last man standing~

  154. Elfs, go here — and make as many emails as u can and vote at kpowave as well as MAMA.

    u can also use this — it will self dispose in 10 minutes so hurry and sign up then vote for SJ.

    To admins in Sup3rjuniorwordpress — please share this information officially so others can read it. WE CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE TO DBSK OR JYJ.

  155. i subscribed in kpop wave with 2 other emails but when i clck the vote button it appears a message 이미 투표하였습니다 tell me that i have already voted why ?

    • is time important for voting bcoz ther is difference of 9 hours bt korea and algeria time

  156. yay suju is #1 on kpopwave’s new voting. Let’s make sure they stay #1 till the voting is over(: I think for fanpage ranking, we’re losing because of comments?
    in the 4th tab…

  157. disappointed in k-elf. we were winning in melon’s first voting. the voting is still the same, just narrowed down to 10 artists. I feel sad not being able to do anything. we have been 2000 votes behind every single day….

  158. on 9 November 2011 at 10:41 PM said:
    prediksi togel hari kamis 10 november 2011
    angka main
    angka lemah
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  159. a fandom is nonsense. they said ELF is working w/ BJ to beat their idol?? hello~~!! we’re thinkin bout only SUJU no time to think of beating that unimportant thing, ok!!

    n now they r workin w/ other fandom to beat SJ, to kill SJ.. ?!

    brainless,, how pity.

  160. I really want to help Suju win the GDA and so I made an account on Kpop Wave to register. The problem is that when I get the e-mail for my registration and click on the link given to complete it, the site just won’t come on. It just says something in Korean and something like ‘the webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window’ and it says ‘do you want to clost the window?’ I click ‘no’ and then the webpage just won’t come on. Can someone please tell me what I should do or what the problem is because I really want to help.

    • try clicking yes and then go to kpopwave again and log in 🙂

      • Yay, it worked! Thanks! 😀

  161. does anyone know how to contact chinese elfs because we’re losing by like 11000 votes on mama for best dance perf. also for best male group we so close like 7000 votes ahead…. thats way to dangerous…
    does anyone know any chinese fansites for suju please tell me asap
    post here to email me

  162. does anyone know how to contact chinese elfs because we’re losing by like 11000 votes on mama for best dance perf. also for best male group we so close like 7000 votes ahead…. thats way to dangerous…
    does anyone know any chinese fansites for suju please tell me asap
    post here to email me
    please hurry

  163. Does KPOWAVE really contribute towards GDA? or GDA voting has not started yet

  164. HEY GUYS!
    Check this out. Sones and Cassopeia are uniting to beat our boys! Such a shame!
    I hope we can do something about this! PLEEEEEEASE!

    • It’s their fault why we are losing! We should do something like unite with other fandoms as well! I think blackjacks are willing to help or helping us already. nevertheless, we should DO SOMETHING.

      • Don’t worry.. We will not loss hope after seeing that. I don’t care about their talks cuz I know ELF are here to support our Super Junior. SUPER JUNIOR~ELF FIGHTING!!! 😀

    • I think Sones need to realize that their affiliation obviously only work one sided for DBSK only.. coz 2NE1 is taking both SNSD spots by now.. If they affiliate with ELF, it will give them better result… just my thought…

      but Keep voting!!!! I vote more than 10 times everyday… SUJU fighting..

  165. umm..can anyone tell me what’s this voting for??

    and what’s the diff with this 1???

  166. I am PROUD to be ELF. Today, I vote Super Junior on MAMA again. My sister also help me vote them with her 3 facebook account & 1 twitter account plus my email account, so altogether I vote 5 times a day. I also vote them on GDA. Searching them in MELON. Also viewing their Mr. Simple & A-cha MV. 😀 Proud to be ELF. SUPER JUNIOR ARE THE BEST. ELF ARE THE BEST. Saranghae!! Fighting!! 😀

  167. SNSD PASS 200K MARK!ELF,CAUTION!i am a bit scared..*go and order another album*..(^.^)

    • I thought they already stop the calculation last month. is it still counting?

      • Nope the deadline is a fake. GDA usually stops counting 30 – 40 days before the award starts and GDA is taking place January 13-14. They’ll probably count until the 1st week of December or something.

  168. ELFS there are like 44k+ elfs subscribed to this site if we can get them all to vote once for all four categories we could pull the distance away from dbsk!!!! is there anyway of uniting the elfs that are like subscribed to this fan site for example sending them a email… i think the best/ fastest way we can win is to get more elfs to vote…. i believe there are many elfs out there who either doesn’t know about his voting or doesn’t know how to help… we need to somehow spread this information..
    we need to think to a way to tell the chinese elfs… but china blocks facebook and youtube so we need to find someway to get to them can people plz try and spread this?

    • C-elfs are already voting day and night but the access is still very slow ‘cos of limited broadband speed & have to go round the firewall…. it would be great if all the international elfs can help by voting 10 times a day at least everyday….if possible, try to create as many ID as possible & vote at different PC.

  169. hey, you know for Kpopwave. I just notice something. I have multiple accounts but the vote only counts for the first account I logged in on each day. So is it 1 vote per IP address?

    • yeah i think so,, but i don’t know definitely

      • yes i realized that too so sad T___T

        • that sucks.. oh well. at least i can use multiple accounts to check attendance.

  170. For kpopwave, don’t just vote and check attendance. Comments count too. So write some short comments on the board.

  171. please spread this voting news & other important statement to all ur guys facebook or twitter or whatever so other ELF that doesn’t read this site will know & vote!

  172. aah the difference between suju and DBSK in best male group only 0.2% now >__<
    let's vote more 🙂

  173. How to vote in mashable

    • open your fb account..
      then open another tab..go to
      then.. click facebook.. wait until it open new tab.. do as what they told u to..
      then.. just vote…

      Vote Super Junior in categories:
      -> Must-Follow Musician on Social Media
      -> Must-Follow Media Personality on Social Media

      Vote Super Junior SHAKE in categories:
      -> Game of the Year
      -> Best Mobile Game

      Vote Mr Simple – Super Junior in categories:
      -> Best Music Service/App
      -> Viral Video of the Year

      Super Junior – Kiss The Radio – Best Online streaming video
      Super Junior – Siwon – Must follow actor
      Super Junior – Heechul – Best Social Network

      good luck

      • Thx:)

  174. For kpopwave, when l confirm my email address l click [회원가입 인증하기] it give me a message that say ” The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window
    Do you want to close this window?” WHY??

    • I had this problem too. I clicked ‘yes’ and then when I went on KpopWave, I logged in and it worked. So, you can try that. 🙂

  175. I wanna talk to contact K-elfs!!! I can’t understand the voting on Melon. I understand if TVXQ or SNSD is beating us, but why Beast? Is there something going on? Beast is increasing very fast and now they’re about 3000 away. Is the voting determines who wins or is it only a percentage of the win?

    • Voting for Melon is only for K-elfs, we have to put our trust and faith with K-elfs. But since searching is the criteria for Melon awards, we can keeping searching [슈퍼주니어] in melon.

  176. ELF, Please vote for MAMA…we just win 0,1% from DBSK for best male and we lose 0,7% for best dance…where is our unity? Lets make our boys happy…>.<

  177. What’s wrong with the site?!
    I could not access it. This is the message that I get.

    • The server was down yesterday, many elfs experienced this too. But I think you can vote now. Try using twitter ids and facebook ids to vote.

  178. Wow. The gap between DBSK & SJ really shortened quickly by Sones and Cassies’ collaboration. This just shows that their fandoms aren’t as strong on their own as I thought they would be. They are very determined but that means we must be as or more determined as well!

  179. Hi Guys .. All ELF’S In The World
    Want to Super Junior Win on MAMA alright ?! so
    what about Meet in Time Specific ؟!
    I mean we are can Give ( Best Dance Performance – Male Group)
    To Super Junior When Cooperate …
    Let’s Meet in one time ,, voting in one time
    Like one Heart .. THE 4 NOMINATION SUJU WILL BE WIN!!
    This Is a promise ELF .. WE ARE CAN DO IT
    let’s meet on Thursday-17 November
    6:00 – 22:00 GMT
    If you like this ,, pleas Publish to all ELF
    from :~ arab ELF

  180. Hi Guys .. All ELF’S In The World
    Want to Super Junior Win on MAMA alright ?! so
    what about Meet in Time Specific ؟!
    I mean we are can Give ( Best Dance Performance – Male Group)
    To Super Junior When Cooperate …
    Let’s Meet in one time ,, voting in one time
    Like one Heart .. THE 4 NOMINATION SUJU WILL BE WIN!!
    This Is a promise ELF .. WE ARE CAN DO IT
    let’s meet on Thursday-17 November
    6:00 – 22:00 GMT
    If you like this ,, pleas Publish to all ELF
    from :~ arab ELF

    • great idea i agree with u


    Hi Guys .. All ELF’S In The World
    Want to Super Junior Win on MAMA alright ?! so
    what about Meet in Time Specific ؟!
    I mean we are can Give ( Best Dance Performance – Male Group)
    To Super Junior When Cooperate …
    Let’s Meet in one time ,, voting in one time
    Like one Heart .. THE 4 NOMINATION SUJU WILL BE WIN!!
    This Is a promise ELF .. WE ARE CAN DO IT
    let’s meet on Thursday-17 November
    6:00 – 22:00 GMT
    If you like this ,, pleas Publish to all ELF
    from :~ arab ELF


  182. ATTENTION!!! For MAMA voting, everyone can have vote (max) 10 votes/ 10 accounts for A day 😀 hurry up ^^ we’re catching them up in “best male performance” only 4% apart

  183. ELF ! Let’s do it ^^

  184. Remember to keep voting on Kpopwave too! We’re losing by 10 votes

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up ELF !!!!!! Suju ON.2 !!!!!!
    difference JUST ABOUT 40 VOTE PLEASE WAAAKE UP !!!!!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up ELF !!!!!! Suju NO.2 !!!!!!
    difference JUST ABOUT 40 VOTE PLEASE WAAAKE UP !!!!!

  187. OMG hurry and vote! The voting ends today!!!

    • what ?! realy ?! ends today ?!! are you sure ?!!!

  188. at the top of the page, it says 2011년 11월 9일 ~ 2011년 11월 18일
    the 18th is today in korea

    • aigooooo O_O so we need about 100 vote .. we can do it alright ?!!
      I am very disappointed .. first MAMA but now kpopwave !!!!

      • and Melon!! i’m disappointed too and sad): we need to make our boys win!

        • ahhh ~ i can’t believe that !!!! so what we can do ?! any Suggestions ؟!! i don’t have any ideas !!!

          • i’m thoughtless right now lol i can’t think of anything except make everyone around you vote for suju lol i wish i can go to strangers and say hey can you do me a favor and go to this website and vote for suju, it’ll take one second(:

            • kkkkkkk yeah maybe that .. IN FACT when i think in this Case,,, melon be coz korean ELF’s have The university entrance exam alrght ? & in , kpopwave maybe be coz all ELF Focus ON mama ?! so we need Balance between the two ?! what do you think ?! else Cassiopeia Collaborators with soan !!! maybe be coz that ?!! realy i cant think !!!

              • yeah you may be right. but still it’s one click on a couple of websites. even though i’m tired and overwhelmed with hw, i make sure to always vote on alll awards. i think elf are forgetting about kpopwave though because for this voting we’re so close to tvxq when in the previous votings, we surpassed them like 10000. for mama, i don’t think their collaboration is doing so well lol SNSD isn’t even leading anything anymore and now Suju is .1% away from TVXQ for best dance performance.

                • yeah that’s right ….. but now mama i think is Important be coz we need just about 3000 vote !!! While last days we need about 10,000 vote !! that’s great right ?! Efforts All ELF’S Especially arab ELF SHOW After meet !! so be coz that we work hard to win !! and you right i meen Cassiopeia Collaborators with soan Has nothing to do about it !! so just we need Order of voting by importance right ?!! but we have just A few hours to end’s vote kpopwave !!! and this a Problem

  189. ELF’S
    WE JUST NEED 1000 VOTE ON Best Dance Performance – Male Group

  190. hi elf can any one help me please i want to sing up in kpop wave in another emil but i do not know how and the picture above was remved

    • On kpop wave, at right above 로그인 (log in) I 회원가입 (sign in) click on

  191. ELF emergency. Please vote in KPOPWAVE. SJ in No 2 TT__TT

    • Sign up?

      • Oh sorry I mean how can I sign up in kpop?

        • First user name or Emil and second password

          • Ah I am sorry (I am indonesian, my english not good). I mean “sign up”. then click “일반회원 가입하기” to register. First, your ID. 2nd, Email. 3hd password. 4th, your password (same with 3hd). then checklist on small box and click finish. Check your email to confirm

            • Thanks for your help

  192. * GO vote for SJ !! They are No.2 now ! (for 1st time><)
    pls refer to "Part 3" at above~

  193. Come on ELF!!!We can do in KPOPWAVE as like as MAMA. Votes for TVX* seem increase faster than our boys. Yet, tonight is dateline for us.. Don’t forget be aware with another fanbase… Hwaiting!!!!…
    GO VOTE for SJ… GO VOTE for SJ… GO VOTE for SJ…!!!

    • Addition comment for my recent comment above

      Seems another fanbase do an “all out”,great total effort in every dateline.Just warning about that… We can do more than them, chingu…ELF,hwaiting!!!..For our SJ…!!!

  194. Urgent!!!.. The Best Dance Performance-Male Group in MAMA, just abot 600 votes, wth TVX* behind SJ!!.. and also in another list, TVX* speed up the range between SJ,make it shorter gap…!!! GO ELF..GO ELF..GO ELF!!!

  195. Hai my dear ELF. Btw, I just check again on KPOP WAVE and it say that the closing date is on the 21st nov. So, we still have time. Keep voting ELF.. FIGHTING!! 😀

  196. MAMA.. I’m going to you right now.. SUPER JUNIOR~ELF.. FIGHTING!! 🙂

  197. guys … i think Date kpopwave is chang !! in last end’s on 18 now but on 21
    read that 2011년 11월 9일 ~ 2011년 11월 21일 !!!
    right ?! we still have a chance to win !!! Through 3 day’s we can do it !!!
    don’t forget voteing on MAMA we nees just about 2000 vote !!
    ELF WE CAN DO IT !!!

    • I just noticed that too! I’m so happy! What a coincidence right? we’re losing for the first time and they changed the date for the first time. Let’s use this to our advantage, guys! Fighting~

  198. hey guys u think we can make them on the top again i’m so scared

    • cmon guys just 3 days we muuuuust make suju no1 again

    • Yeah, I will vote with different computer : my home, my office, then internet cafe to vote !!!!!!!!!

      • we must do something
        did noticed there is something wierd there how in short time they jumped on the top with large gap bet them and suju

  199. Guys, after you click “투표” to vote, the site will says “투표하였습니다”. If it says “이미 투표하였습니다”, it means you already voted before for that day so you must vote again tomorrow.

    • u can vote in kpop wave with differen ID evry 9 or 10 hours i jst did that and it works TODY I VOTED TWICE

      • u can vote more than once a day in kpop wave with different IDs
        jst vote with ur 1st ID
        than turn off ur internet when i said turn the internet off i mean pull the blug off definitively
        than turn it on again
        than vote with the other ID
        IT WORKS

  200. Ok. So I’m registered for KPOP Wave but after signing in, I have no clue where to go from there to vote! HELP!!

  201. OMG! SJ is on top for Best Dance Performance!!! Last time I checked we were behind 2,000 votes but now we’re ahead by 4,000!!


  203. elf are the best elf fighting

  204. I’m very happy !! pleas keep voteing !! We must make a big difference !! not 10,000 vote … 50,000 vote At least

  205. They’re keeping up real fast… Please keep voting as many times as you can and not just once a day.


  206. All Cassiopeia ( Arabic or not ) Agreed to meet ( to day ) 19 November ON 5:00 GMT – 21:00 GMT !!! To voteing IN MAMA … so we need Pushed back !!!!! we need power !! we need fight to keep stay on our NO.1 !!! if you understand me please Tell other ELF

  207. In MAMA I noticed that my previous votes have been saved, so it’s okay to just press “complete voting” right? Cause I don’t have a lot of free time, and that’s all I can do T_T

    • Yupper 🙂


  209. AH what happened?! TVXQ took back our best dance perfomance): Keep voting!! ELF Fighting~

    • We’re only behind by about 900 :O
      Come one elf vote!!

  210. ELF we can do it

  211. i found out i can vote multiple times using the same account on kpop wave..just log out whenever you voted…and then go back a few hours and vote again…because i had once voted 5 times a day with the same account…”투표하였습니다” this was shown everytime…^^

    • Really?

    • omo why didn’t i know this sooner): I tried it today and it worked! I’m gonna continue to vote till i go sleep today.
      The deadline is changed again!! end today in korea! Please ELF, keep voting till you can’t anymore! Opportunities don’t come by that easily…they’re like giving us another chance to make suju #1 again! So let’s not make this chance go to waste!

  212. To All ELF’S we most win in mama …
    so we need to meet in one time then voting
    Let’s meet
    Tuesday 22 November TO Friday 25 November in 5:00 – 21:00 GMT
    we know how Cassiopeia is strong but in end’s day’s
    them be come More powerful !!
    but now we have a 4 chance on 4 day’s , never never never lost that
    so we most take carefully & Make the biggest difference from now! !!
    all days until end’s vote let’s meet on 5:00 – 21:00 GMT !!
    please we can do it & don’t forget kpopwave voteing !!!
    from : arab ELF

  213. whoa! in MAMA, now there are more chinese voters than korean lol
    at the beginning chinese voters were so low….yay hope most of them are C-ELF(:

  214. New nomination on Mashable Awards 2011…

    Vote Super Junior::

    * Viral Video of the Year – “Mr. Simple” starring Super Junior
    * Must-Follow Musician on Social Media – Super Junior
    * Best Mobile Game – Super Junior Shake

    GO..GO.. ELF….!!!!

    Awards winners will be announced on Mashable on Dec. 19…

  215. To All ELF’S we most win in mama …

    so we need to meet in one time then voting

    Let’s meet

    Tuesday 22 November TO Friday 25 November in 5:00 – 21:00 GMT

    we know how Cassiopeia is strong but in end’s day’s

    them be come More powerful !!

    but now we have a 4 chance on 4 day’s , never never never lost that

    so we most take carefully & Make the biggest difference from now! !!

    all days until end’s vote let’s meet on 5:00 – 21:00 GMT !!

    please we can do it & don’t forget kpopwave voteing !!!

    from : arab ELF

  216. To All ELF’S we most win in mama …
    so we need to meet in one time then voting
    Let’s meet
    Tuesday 22 November TO Friday 25 November in 5:00 – 21:00 GMT
    now we have a 4 chance on 4 day’s , never never never lost that
    so we most take carefully & Make the biggest difference from now! !!
    all days until end’s vote let’s meet on 5:00 – 21:00 GMT !!
    please we can do it & don’t forget kpopwave voteing !!!
    from : arab ELF

  217. Very Cool ^ ^

  218. hey guys! we need to vote more!!!! ELF fighting. we need to make them number one!!! (

  219. Super Junior is only in top 2! MORE VOTE PLEASE!

  220. They are also nominated for the Internet and Music festival!

    I saw some Cassies talking about it so I checked it out….I don’t know exactly how it works, but it seems like the Japanese version of Bonamana is nominated.

  221. hi guys u can vote more than once a day in kpop wave with different IDs
    jst vote with ur 1st ID
    than turn off ur internet
    than turn it on again
    than vote with the other ID

    • when i said turn the internet off i mean pull the blug off definitively
      good luck ELF

  222. guys ,, it’s realy voting of mail 10 minute Not calculated ???!!!!
    or just Rumor ؟؟!!!!

  223. I heard that voting for GDA will be using MSN.. 🙂 I want to know how?? 🙂

  224. yoo my fellow elf… i have a question that i want to use forums that can discuss abt kpop like 6theory (AKP) but not these one… i hate this one… any advice….

  225. c’mon ELF! let’s keep voting on GDA 2011
    We have to make our boys win! =)
    Fighting!! ❤

    • how do u vote for GDA?

      • follow the steps in PART 3 above
        just subscribe in kpopwave u can see how above

  226. OMG !!!
    Im cofused
    i want to vote SuJu, but i don’t understand what the meaning 😥 #babo

  227. Just a suggestion, can someone create a new page for GDA, voting is going to start from 28 Nov, here’s the address link:
    It can be found on the left column (‘Popularity Vote’)

  228. Is the sportschosun website actually a part of GDA? The information above says GDA voting hasn’t started yet.

    • GDA start long ago just keep voting

  229. i heard the information about SJ is not nominated for Digital Music Award?
    is that Digital Music Award is the highest award in GDA like last year?
    honestly, i’m shock reading that.
    please inform me, thanks.

  230. Sh*t sj didn’t get nominated for the Digital Sales! adjkashdkfj!! Does that mean that they already have no chance of getting the Highest GDA award which Leeteuk always wish for?

    • As far as I’m concerned, SJ wants the disk daesang and that’s where we’re nominated in 🙂

      • Disk Daesang is typically the highest award? SJ songs are not typically nominated for digital sales anyway…! Why? Coz most ELFs buy the physical albums!

  231. i saw that the popularity votein the 26th Golden Disk Award will be open on 28th of November, 2011… thi is the address
    is it true?

  232. Guys, we are in second. Don’t stop voting!!!

  233. weirdo…




  235. I have heard that the vote for two days ? for 28th of November To 30th of November !! that’s right ?!! and when I voteing I should Paying money !!
    THAT’S RIGHT OR NOT ?????????????????????????????


  237. I LOVE SUPER SUPER junior so much (kyu hyun) i love yuor voise anyo

  238. Keep voting for Kpopwave ELF! We can’t be 2nd place!! Also try to buy more albums if u can, i think the count ends 11/30 cuz on the nominees for GDA album it said polling period 1/1/11-11/30/11

  239. UPDATE:
    Sports Chosun & Kpopwave, as far as I know (I saw it on SJ Baidu Bar), has no relations to the GDA. Its up to you guys if you want to keep voting.

    The official Popularity Vote will open on 28 Nov, I heard only Koreans can vote using their mobile phone numbers (probably through messaging), so international fans can’t help.

    But, there will be another MSN Popularity Vote (open on 5 Dec), which international fans can vote.

  240. I have heard that the vote for two days ? for 28th of November To 30th of November !! that’s right ?!! and when I voteing I should Paying money !!
    THAT’S RIGHT OR NOT ?????????????????????????????

  241. This is the official GDA Voting,
    It is different from the previous KPOPWave voting

    • Do you know how to vote on that site? When I press the word (in black) next to super junior, a small window appears asking something in korean (I do not understand what it is saying) so I do not know if I am able to vote or not. thx…

      • You need to register for an account first, check here: , after that refer to this: . Hope it is helpful. Can only vote once per day.

      • you have to log in first. after that you just have to click the 투표하기 (black box next to SJ) and you can only vote once a day.


          • Im an Australia ELF and at the moment, I’m trying to see if I can register…. so far, all I can do at the moment (and you guys can follow if it works)

            step 1: get into the link provided above for GDA
            step 2: click to “register” at the top right hand corner (right side) –> it will say in Korean = login | [b]register[/b]
            step 3: if you have facebook, click the FACEBOOK icon to use as your login status. Otherwise, register the old fashion way by filling out the personal details.
            step 4: Type in your email address (so they can send you your ID# and email confirmation link) and allow kpop wave as an app on facebook
            step 5: You head into your email account and find the link they had sent you to confirm your account… You will be given an ID# around 15 numbers! Your email will say in English (besides Korean)
            “Hello xxxxxxxxxxxxx Congrats, you can now access to Kpop Wave, the K-pop start community where you can enjoy and share all K-pop related contents. Please confirm that you own this email address by clicking this link. Your account information including username and password will be managed by this email account. Thank you for joining Kpop Wave!”
            step 6: click on the link and a new window will pop up (but i don’t know what it says) and click Ok.
            step 7: head back to the GDA link and go to LOGIN
            step 8: at the login window, you will see the facebook icon – CLICK THE FACEBOOK ICON!! and you’re logged in!!!!!
            step 9: VOTE FOR SUJU!!!!!!!! (i’m not too sure why a window popped up to login again for your vote, but i clicked the left button and remain clicking the grey button next to Super Junior to vote)

            i hope this would help

  242. For GDA voting, you’re accounts for Kpopwave from the previous votings work because I used my other accounts for GDA too.
    Don’t forget to check attendance too!

  243. i try,but i must make account to vote..

  244. when i vote it will apear box contains words {rigester+cancelled} if i press cancelled will my vote cancel or not?

    • yeah it will still count. it’s just asking you if u want to register for the event or something with prizes i think

  245. why in GDA vote The percentage Decreasing ؟! what mean ?!
    look to this :~

    • well # of votes count more. the drop in percentage just shows like more votes are coming in but spreading out among the other nominees. at least we have a very high percentage.

  246. Since SJ didn’t win Artist of the Year on MAMA, let’s make them win on MTV Awards!!! Fighting~

    • and why did they not win artist of the year? they are highest in votes.

      • coz votes only counted for 20% of the score? (yes it kinda sucks, i know…)

  247. guys… this is SBS MTV(some music awards maybe?)
    I made this guide… I’m sorry if there’re some faults 🙂


    the guide:

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3

    • guys… this is SBS MTV(some music awards maybe?)
      I made this guide… I’m sorry if there’re some faults 🙂


      the guide:

      Step 1
      Step 2
      Step 3

      i hope it will be of use for you guys 🙂 (forgot to log in 😦 )

      Fighting!!! Don’t forget! you can vote every 10 minutes!!!

      the voting is 28 nov till 11 dec

      • ah…i mean, don’t have to log in…

      • for step 2,,, sorry i forgot to put the boy group.. please scroll down till boy group too to vote for our boys 🙂

        • so helpful, thank you(:

    • Please click on each of the tabs at the top of the page! There are other categories to vote for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for doing the how to guide!

  248. i’m just wondering…. im new to this thing so like how can you win at gda?
    does it depend on online votes? 🙂

    • if i was right… it depends on votes, album sales, and judges

      • probably much the same as MAMA – usually judges’ assessment takes up most of the score – based on album sales, quality of the album itself, global influence etcetc

  249. Here people, go to this web,, to see how to vote for the mtv sbs thingy! ^^

  250. where’s the GDA article again?

  251. Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has tried buying the CD online.. I was purchasing through KPoptown(the 2nd link at the top) buy an error occurred… Anyone here have the same thing happen to them? i’m just quite worried coz i already hit the pay now button and it said error right after… Help..:(

    • i bought a cd from them. it arrived safety about a week or two. Have you completed your transaction? if there’s a proof of transaction, they would have send it to your email stating a receipt as proof of transaction.

  252. anyone know what is this for?

    • i’m not sure, but suju is so far below): i clicked a lot of times though lol but then it won’t let me click anymore

  253. It can only vote 10 times in a day..l think so

    • yeah i think about that much too.

  254. guys this vote have awards ?! or maybe Nomination ( like big bang on mtv ema ? ) ?? and why i feel all elf Do not know about this vote ؟! or Do not care ؟! << feeeling !

  255. Because no opportunity to participate in programs of Suju!
    I hope the Suju again in Vietnam, the lovely boys. I love Suju I will support you!!!!!!!!!!! ^ – ^

    • what do you mean ?? ( no opportunity to participate in programs of Suju ) ???? i don’t understand !

    I tried to vote today but grey link next to super junior has disappered so has the voting end??

  257. What should I do? I vote for SJ everyday on GDA but today for some reason it won’t let me. I have an account and I voted as I said before, but today it only shows me the button that leads to the Fan Page. The one for voting is missing 😦 It didn’t happen only to me, but to my friends also .. what happened, what is the problem? can it be solved? pls answer me as quick as you can >_<

  258. oh just found out the voting ended on the 2nd of december. Is it true?

  259. they said it is ended~but i do not why it is ended so fast? but maybe will open it again we do not no how GDA r thinking right now? so we have to keep check the sit every day? that what we ELFs think!

    • it is really ended?caused the vote keep increasing everytime i open the site. So ijust check the attandence. don.t know if it still counted.

  260. When will GDA stop counting album sales?

  261. the voting is increasing but i can not vote ! why?

  262. The vote is increasing but I can not vote. Do they close it for foreign fans or something

  263. I don understand w/ Mama result. isn’t it in Mama Voting Current Rating, SJ won all categories? it means they should won 4 awards. but they only got 3! and best dance group category won by B2ST! isn’t it SJ in the last voting???

    • voting is just 10-20% .. thats the sad part.. if SJ didnt win the album of the year i believe they really cheated.

  264. btw i have a question.. why is it that i can’t vote now? i mean, there’s no vote button anymore. is it just me or everyone experiences it too? is it for K-elfs now?

  265. I checked the site today. The voting for GDA at kpopwave has been extended to Dec 26 so we should continue to vote for Super Junior. ^_^ The vote button is there now.


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