[Random] 111026 Getting Mr. Simple Album from Sid!! Fanaccount? LOL xD

October 26, 2011 at 7:13 am | Posted in CandidRandom(nonSJ), ELF, Pictures/Videos | 15 Comments

This is soooooo random sorry lol, but just want to share my experience of getting Mr. Simple album from the awesome SID!!! ♥

Soo~~ the album was sent few weeks ago.. I was sooo excited but when Sid told me she wrote “Renee Choi Siwon” on the package instead of my real name I was a bit worried!!!

First to explain, packages in here usually got delivered to post office *due to some weird reasons* and then the postman will leave a notice on my mailbox saying that this person got a package at the post office etc. And sooo to claim that package I will need to show my ID..

So.. when I knew Sid was sending me a package with “Renee Choi Siwon” written, I was like, HOW AM I GONNA PROOF MY NAME AS RENEE CHOI SIWON!! LOL

And yesterday I got the notice xD *too bad I forgot to take a pic!! >//<*

But it basically said,

We got a package for “Renee Choi Siwon” address bla bla bla you can get your article here etc.

I went to the post office this morning, I brought everything possible to proof that the package is really for me lol, my ID, and also a letter from a bank with my name and address on it.

So when I went up to the counter,

Me: Hi I just want to take this please.. *gives the notice*

Staff: *looks at the notice* Can I see your ID please

Me: *gives passport*

Staff: *looks at name on passport* *looks at me* *looks at the notice again* is this package for you?

Me: err.. it is actually for me.. but my friend didn’t write my name on them.. so I got this letter.. I live in that address… *silly*

Staff: *looks at the letter* *doesn’t wanna waste time with useless kid lol* do you know what is it like?

Me: *explains how big the package is etc, I can even explain theres a sexy siwon inside!! xD*

Staff: *went in and gave me the package*


Anyway, I guess I was worrying too much haha.. I have lots of proofs that the package is mine anyway.. I know where it came from, whats inside, etc, and I can even call Sid lol :3

So here it is!!


– reneee 😀

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  1. hehehehhehehe cool .. it is a good thing that he gave you the package … enjoy your time listening to Super Junior song 🙂 …

  2. Lol, ‘I can even explain theres a sexy siwon inside!!’ that, for some reason, cracked me up xD

  3. CONGRATS~^^

  4. Haha totally relate to the annoying Austpost and having to collect suju packages from the post office and queue up with id etc! Hope you like your siwon cover!

  5. lol, this is the cutest fanaccount I’ve ever read, lol hard esp at the part where you are ready to explain the sexy siwon inside…

  6. lol, the staff wouldn’t get confused is she/he is E.L.F

  7. aaawwww such a cute experience u had! and u actually brought everything to prove that you’re renee?! haha! you’re so cute! and congratz for getting your hot siwon haha! don’t burn your hands!

  8. the penmanship is beautiful and congrats on getting the sexy siwon xD

  9. wow! hehe, i was smiling when i read this
    Renee Choi Siwon – mine will be Dd Jae xP
    Glad it was given to you!! ^^
    Thank Q for sharing, it is fun to read random article…

  10. You should’ve shown the staff the album. That would’ve been fcking hilarious. Hahah!

  11. Wow nice experience but thank god you get the box
    Thanks for sharing

  12. I dont know why when I ever hear someething about sid i get happy why I love her
    I dont know who is she is she or he I dont know she is blogger right??!

    they say when you love someone for the first time you know him thats mean god love him i am not sure though

  13. oh! so glad you got your siwonnie cover! i have his version too ^^ my friend brought it from her trip to korea…but since its too big to put her bag, she was just carrying it. and she said ppl were giving her naughty looks for the half naked man hehe

  14. haha. so funny. 😀 i didn’t get mine yet. lol

  15. SID you have beautiful handwriting!!

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