111025 Seohyun and Kyuhyun look like a couple

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111022-23 SMTOWN New York, MSG with SJ Compilation

^^ the REAL COUPLE.. Below is the FAKE one.. 🙂

Pictures of SNSD’s Seohyun and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun were recently released.

On the 25th, SM Entertainment posted pictures, which were taken during the ’2011 SM Town Live in New York’ concert on the 23rd, on their official facebook account.

In the pictures, Kyuhyun and Seohyun are singing while looking at each other. Seohyun slightly rested her head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

The pictures drew a lot of attention and people are calling them “SeoKyu Couple”.

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  1. andwae. andwae. andwae!

  2. ooh please..! i don understand the hook up thingy .. why.?? i’m not jealous coz i know .. i am not be able to HAVE him. but please. hook up with someone who does not related to entertainment. if u actually like someone from the entertainment try to find a very one..! i’m not saying she (as above pic) not good. i just don feel she is the one for u kyuhyun.! sorry it just my opinion. don hate me =)

  3. no… no… no….

  4. I think their cute! Seohyun’s better than other girls 🙂 feeling the maknae love!

    • YES! I so agree! 😀

  5. seokyu jjang~!

  6. oh no,, my kyu … seohyun only for yonghwa.. ㅇㅅㅇ

    • it’s true.. i love kyu very nuch.. but i think seo is only for yonghwa…

      • yes.. i think “Yongseo” is better than “seokyu”… I love kyuhyun, though!

        • well, just let HER decide, then, whether she loves Kyu or Yong. I think everyone would agree…

  7. oh no,, my kyu, ur mine! haha..n seohyun is only for yonghwa.. ㅇㅅㅇ

  8. PUKE!!!!!!! KyuHyun belongs with LEE SUNGMIN! They are REAL COUPLE!

    • hey, they’re not gay!…keke…^^

  9. Stay away from our KyuHyun!!!!!!!!!!!! :@:@:@:@

    • Who do u think u are?? kkk~ Lol xD

  10. I know you guys don’t like this just like me but can’t you just respect the other groups?

  11. i believe sungmin oppa approve kyuhyun with seohyun…… because seohyun really close with sungmin oppa ….

  12. I’m sticking with KyuMin…they’re the real couple ^^

  13. Don’t worry,gamers.Our Kyuhyun likes older women more…(refer to Vic XD) lolol

  14. no, Kyu’s destined one waiting for him on the sub way lol
    and Kyu said no one of female artists are his ideal type. NO ONE 😀

    • well, there IS a subway station called ‘Seohyun Subway Station’. just letting you know.

  15. Seohyun has Yonghwa… Kyuhyun has Sungmin…
    That’s the deal!!!

  16. oh no…..envy…..T_T…

  17. Lol i don’t want to start a war but for me it will always be Kyuwook ‘o’

  18. i hate seohyun i want to kill her

    • This is why some ELFs get bashed. Please respect other groups. >.>

      How would Kyuhyun feel if he heard that one of his fans wanted to kill one of his friends?

      Wow, real mature of you.

  19. ELFs, some of you need to really calm down.

    They’re not getting married. It’s a professional duet. And they act romantic together for the stage. So calm down. Jesus.

    SM paired them together and you can’t do anything about it.
    Kyuhyun and Seohyun are friends, so please don’t threaten to kill Seohyun or something. Do you know how Kyuhyun would feel if he knew that? >.>
    And also, I’m a KyuMin shipper, but can we please just face the facts that KyuMin won’t get married?

    Like really…

    Be rational and realistic.


    You guys are making some of the ELFs look bad.
    This is why all the fanwars between ELFs and SONEs have been going on for this long.

    Everyone just has so much hate for the opposite group.

    It kinda sickens me.

    P.S. I’m an ELF first, but I’m a SONE too. ❤

    • Yeah for real. Seohyun and Kyuhyun are allowed to sing a song together and of course they are going to act romantic since that’s what the song is about. I respect SNSD and have grown to like them because they’re so close with our boys. And it’s obvious that the two maknaes of the group will be close, with Kyu and Seohyun.

      HOWEVER, I disagree about the KyuMin statement. They WILL get married XD

      KyuMin fighting!!!

    • I completely agree with you. I’m not much of a K-Pop couple shipper, but I do see your point. SNSD and SJ are like brothers and sisters together. I like both groups, and actually, I think that Kyuhyun and Seohyun make a really nice duet. I don’t get why some overly biased fans react to that saying that they hate that person or whatever. -_-
      ELFs, respect SNSD, please. You don’t need to like them, but PLEASE don’t bash them for idiotic reasons.

  20. Relax girls! They actually looked more like brother and sister is you watch the vids… Think KyuWook felt more like a couple on clebrity tour guides than SeoKyu….

  21. Kyumin is the only real couple i see ^^

    • Agree 🙂

  22. haha love the words…FAKE one…trying to calm ELFs down? haha!

  23. They really look good together and they got more comfortable with their duet perfs! ❤

    I'm sorry but who posted this? I know the KyuMin photo was added for entertainment but people might get the wrong idea and think we're bashing Seohyun. I was hoping admins or posters are more unbiased or objective when posting articles.

  24. Kyumin is real…..They’re real couple

  25. i think the one who said she want to kill seohyun is only joking..everybody take it easy..but seohyun is only for yonghwa….peace X)

  26. omg… who ever posted this… why do u have to be so childish..?
    not trying to be rude… but its cuz of fans like u that they dot have
    girlfriends…. is obviously they are not marring us.. -.-
    so why not let them date? if he is happy shouldnt that matter?

  27. Kyuhyun just for Sungmin ^^

  28. i saw the video, and on “leaning on shoulder” part, i smiled… they look really awkward..then, i saw that pict, took from behind,,, LOL ..looks More awkward! XD
    yeah…Kyumin is much better! LOL

  29. i just want to see KYUHYUN and YOONA!!!

  30. I don’t hate seohyun , seokyu is friendship,
    IBut hey , who said Kyumin can’t married ?
    J.Law -Kirio can do that XDD
    We have our own confidence , so pls don’t said sometin like “you are not true fans bla bla bla”
    Who knows about what happen 10 years later right ?
    so seokyu shipper , kyumin shipper pls walk in your path
    and for ELF who not pair them with anybody pls don’t say something bad bout them.
    Because everything can happen in this world guys ^^V
    Peace n God Bless u all ^^

  31. i love maknae couple…

  32. SeoKyu Jjang!!

  33. in tears looking at these pics, i love kyuhyun ❤

  34. just saying…
    I dont know why some people like kyumin as a couple =,= Kyuhyun and sungmin is a normal boy..they are not a guy.. oh yeah eunhae too.
    I love kyumin and eunhae too but not as a couple..only bestfriend.
    and yongseo is just scripted… :O

    i love seokyu..yeah i wish they are will get married 😀 but if problem..
    I wish them a happy life ..
    they are happy .. I was happy. ^o^
    seokyu jjang~~!!!

    • i agree with you 🙂
      SeoKyu jjang!!

  35. Seokyu<3
    I'll Support you ever and after:)

  36. seokyun jjang…….
    i am so very happy look this couple…………

  37. SeoKyu Jjang!! SeoKyu Jjang! Kyu for Seo :* i really like that

  38. SeoKyu Jjang!! 🙂

  39. I love SeoKyu couple . 🙂

  40. I think YongSeo couple is better! ❤ & I believe that Seohyun love Yonghwa. . .
    & I also Believe that Yonghwa's Love for SeoHyun is 100000000times greater than kyuhyun ==

  41. Best couple in KOREA?????????????^_^?????????????<3????????

  42. i love seokyu 4ever in ever
    i dont like yonghwa………..because he is not handsome……………..
    i love you””””””””””””””

  43. ~~~~~~seokyun~~~~~~
    I loVe U

  44. I ship kyuhyun with sungmin, but seokyu looks very suit! I ship them 🙂
    tbh I hate kyuyoung and kyutoria pairing! VERY MUCH.

  45. Kyuhyun oppa said “I NEVER had a GIRLFRIEND before I became an artist until now

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    good info you will have here on this post.
    I can be coming back to your weblog for more soon.

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