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7 DAYS AWAY ~~! ORDER From DVDHEAVEN.com it counts!

A-CHA HERE | Mr Simple Version A HERE  | Mr Simple Version B HERE



2. Click on Super Junior-Mr. Simple picture. [ All the way down ]

3. Then wait till dialog box appear, click OK.

4. After that, the page will change to: HTTP://SPORTS.CHOSUN.COM/, just close that page.

5. Repeat the steps above. You can vote many times.

vote to let suju win the GDA ^__^


—MonkeyStar ♥

Thanks to ★ ☆ Miss Elastic For Sharing


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  1. Oooh good thank you i will vote everyday ^-^ khamsamida !

    • Every day? More like every waking minute, lol ^.^

      • i think i will do it every second….

        • same here every moment!! lol

          • yep~ open, vote, close, and open again xD

            • me too ~ open , close and vote . repeat it again and again XD

  2. its A-cha pic, not mr simple :), lets keep voting for them!!!! we can do it!!!

  3. Should I vote with IE better than firefox

  4. Thx I’ll keep voting 🙂

  5. there is no picture of super junior for mr simple, only acha. would i click the acha picture?

    • yes.. it has been changed since A-CHA was being released..

  6. Hey, does it update automatically? ‘Cuz I’m voting as hell and I don’t believe that is couting my votes….=/
    Is it something with the browser?

    • I think it’s counted.. Coz every time I voted,as quick as I return to vote again, the vote rank is already comes up…

      Well, need to vote for suju again, ELF…!
      We are still behind KHJ and DBSK….

      ELF Fighting~!

      SUJU Fighting~!

  7. Thanks for sharing !
    I’m glad it’s one thing I can do for more than 1000 times ^.^

  8. about buying albums.. any other cheaper way? shipping to europe is sooooo &@#!@$ expensive ㅠㅠ
    im feeling like a criminal.

    • u might try gmarket Korea and buy some clothes or anything u want plus the album and ship together to make ur shipping fee lower. Sorry if I don’t help much. This is the way I did.

  9. the first and the second week we’re at the fourth? 😦

  10. Actually you can only vote once a day…..

    • I guess u’re right. I tested voting to Lee Seunggi (his smile was flirting with me) and it didn’t counted…=/

    • it counts limited vote per day. U might want to refresh ur page when u return to the page. Sometimes it just goes gay and doesnt update. But it counts

      • sorry. Is *unlimited

      • No it really doesn’t bcos when i used to vote when Mr. Simple was released if you vote the first time it gives you a thank you message (in hagul) but if you try later that day it alerts you that you can only vote once a day but now you don’t see this message cos of some think of encryption that doesn’t show the hangul message just gibberish but you can only vote once a day even if you refresh your page or restart ur computer

        • oh yea!! I tested Davichi and it really doesn’t count!!! TT nothing much I can help here. Elf really need to vote but not just read and close the page here.

      • How is not updating “gay”?

  11. Hi suju’s elf after voting, one needs to close the page before going to the page to vote again, for the vote to be counted. you will see if one closes the page after every vote the vote always increases, Try it, All the best^^

  12. every click is counted. i’ve tried it, and the number really changes.
    so you can vote as many times as you can 🙂

    (in some situations, it just doesn’t show immediately…i think)

  13. btw, i think it also works if you open the page in multiple tabs. 🙂

  14. We are now second place! Let’s keep voting!~ Suju hwaiting~

  15. Is it Mr. simple or A-CHA? I only see A-CHA @_@

    • It’s A-CHA xD

  16. What? I’m pretty sure this has got nothing to do with GDA. This voting has been going on for months, definitely not a voting site for GDA.

    • Yea i was going to say so…it has nothing to do with GDA…nothing at all

    • Maybe you are right. But if you got nothing much to do over the weekend just vote when u are free. It’s simple and no cost.
      Not for GDA also it’s something related to our oppars right?

      • I thought the same with u guys, i think that not related with GDA,yesterday my friend told me to made acc in arirang & vote for suju so which one is true??

        • no poll related to GDA is out yet…..

  17. Wait, actually, is this really a voting site for the GDA? ..

  18. let’s vote for our SUJU….i will vote many many times everyday…tq

  19. this is as simple as breathing, elfs !!! JUST CLICKING on IT !!!
    i’ll click as MUCH as breathing and blinking eyes !! hahaha lol

  20. ELF Figthing!
    We can it))
    SJ must win GDA in this years!


  22. The vote only counts once a day. So I tried and found out a way. It’s a bit troublesome but if you really want to help, this is the way.
    I hope ppl who see this only keep it to urself or elf who really want to vote for suju oppas. Sometimes I’m a bit selfish. I don’t want any other fandom see this.
    So now.
    Go to hidemyass.com (it’s a ip hiding webbie) and insert the link. Vote as usual. Then close the page.
    Again open a new page. Go to hidemyass.com. Then insert the link. Then vote. And close the page again.
    I tried and it works.(please do update if it doesn’t work)
    Let’s fighting!

  23. Seriously…this has nothing to do with GDA. Stop spreading false news.

  24. wow! 5,000 + votes in less than one day.! Daebak! on our way to no.1! yey!!!!!!
    even if this voting isn’t solely for GDA,..it helps~ ^^ GDA takes into account a lot of other things too, this could be one of those~ still, I like seeing SUJU on top~ ^___^ Hwaiting~!

  25. can i copy this article ??

    • sure..

  26. SUPER JUNIOR IS NUMBER 1!!! Let’s keep them their for our oppas ❤ ^.^

  27. Thanks 4 share this informations, i’ll try to vote everyday 4 urideul super junior, our oppa.. ^^

  28. are u sure it’s for GDA??Cuz it looks like weekly vote

  29. do not spread false info, though we have to vote for SJ here but it has nothing to do with GDA, please edit this post.

    thank you

  30. From what i know we can vote later (if i’m not wrong it’ll be started this late october) on mnet and arirang for gda. therefore we need to make an account on those site before the voting start

  31. I have read other article long time ago, the result is in weekly not 100% by vote.it count around 60% of our vote.another marks they will check on article,appearance on tv,radio and etc..i still remember during SJM in the list, even we always got no1 on vote,but we always be on no2 or no3 in weekly chart.you guys can search the result around SJM promotion..

  32. is it free or we muy pay for each vote?

  33. other than that, the end of year,this actually determine the rank of idols which give the biggest influence in korean music industry..

  34. HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!

    I want to search Mr. Simple and A-CHA on MNET and Melon.

    I’ve read dozens of times that I have to stay on the website for 2-3mins, but does this only apply to people who close the site afterwards?
    Am I able to only stay for 1 min and click on another link/search again to get counted??

  35. i’ll vote as many as possible..FIGHTING

  36. the page ws all in korean … evn though i cudnt understand what ws written thr but i still click on the a-cha picture … i hope that my vote is counted 😦

  37. can i use playlist on utube to up view??

  38. http://imusicfes.com/

    Please vote for Super Junior’s Bonamana!! Just scroll down until you get to Super Junior and click on the gray box connected to the side! Though it is Korean it is easy to follow!! We are at # 8 right now and you can vote 10 times a day! Let’s help our boys!!

    SUJU Fighting!
    Elf Fighting!!

    • Actually, it’s Japanese. ^^
      Though I guess it’d be hard for us to catch up, I don’t think we’d pass Yamapi and Akanishi Jin in the end… D:
      It’s worth the try, though! I’ll vote as much as I can 🙂

      • oops 🙂 aha sorry but we can do it! ELFs~FIGHTING!

    • this is better, a week ago our boys were at #14 as i recalled -___-”
      mblaq at #5 ? how come ? oh my …. i’ll vote again then ^^

      • ok i will vote we can make it mblaq on top so we can at least be in the top 5 even if they were Korean i just wish super junior to be happy

  39. Ahh, I still have to buy versions B and C, I’ll have to hurry! ;A;
    Just to finally make sure though, does kpoptown.com count as well? They no longer have version B in stock but in case I can’t purchase from DVDheaven I’ll have to buy from them. D:

  40. we..elf are really daebak!!!last friday on 21st were on 3rd with 58++ and now on sunday 23rd were 1st with 28+++….

    elf are really amazing..keep going…

  41. i will do this for sure! and i have to! it’s a must! hwaiting!

    ELF fighting ^^

  43. how is it that SJ is leading on the number of votes but still 4th on the chart…???? I’m a bit confused, but still voting!

    • That list is from the first week of October. 🙂 We’re in the lead now~

  44. suju is number one forever

  45. oh.. thank u for this info.. please spread this.. go ELFs.. keep voting..

  46. we need Arirang account to vote for GDA and Mnet account for MAMA~!

    For Arirang, please sign up before voting start, you wont be able to sign up once the voting start, which will start on november..2 emails for 1IP address..


    *choose foreigner in overseas

    • http://www.arirang.co.kr/TV2/WaveK/Vote.asp

      Is this it?

      • actually its the same site..but that voting i dunno for what since from what i know voting for GDA havent started..and you need to create an account before voting start ^^

    • Is this one really just one vote per user, though? 😐

      • yeah one vote per user..

  47. i have bookmark the page ^^ and is it true we can vote every hour?? FIGHTING ELF’S WE CAN DO IT ^^!!

  48. vote for suju now !! super junior they are super superman . DAEBAKK !!

  49. Super Junior or suju, sudah menjadi hot public topick

  50. I will definitely vote as much as i can ^^

  51. It’s not for GDA. GDA’s site is here.
    how to creat an account : http://twitpic.com/753oms

  52. so i got this pic from twitter http://twitpic.com/753sta it says that you should make account first, including your email etc. i’m confused, it’s very different from your link

  53. ELF!!! please do Vote Super Junior in this link : http://musicstar.sportsseoul.com/
    just clik the star button on super junior A-cha. Currently SJ is no 1. KHJ no.2. SNSD no.3. So please do vote once every single days. Thank You guys. ELFs fighting for Super Junior. Okay.. :)))

    Super Junior+ELF Fighting!!!! 😀

  54. Hello ELFs.. I just saw this teaser on Youtube and i want you guys also see it. It is not about GDA but it is about 2011 MELON MUSIC AWARD. This is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpFZUf95yqU&feature=player_embedded
    I don’t know how to vote SJ. Maybe we can try by searching super junior “슈퍼주니어” and Mr. simple in this link: http://www.melon.com/index.jsp?MAIN=GNB or even increase the view of Mr. Simple mv in youtube in super junior official channel. Okay.. Thank You again guys.. ELFs fighting. Hope it can help them.

  55. I find this piece of information on how to buy albums and many other tips on this website : [ http://www.dkpopnews.net/2011/10/info-how-to-buy-album-and-increase.html ] I hope the admin of this website will post it to let other elf know more about it and i hope it will help somehow.

  56. I vote everyday elf fighting

    I was wondering today i order 10 copy s from super junior a-cha album from the website you gave us I want to know it is still count or not I didn’t buy mr simple cuz if my dad see siwon pic he will be upset i wanted to know is a-cha count too and It is too late now

    • Hai.. Don’t worry.. I think it is counted. Thank You ELFs.. 😀

  57. Opo tumon

  58. What happened? Today we have 40 thousand votes, and now 10 thousands?
    Is there any one explain to me What happened? <~ I do not know What is really happening here T_T

  59. Votemos hasta el cansancio!!
    PERU ELF ❤

  60. I’m not sure this vote is count towards GDA,,,
    cuzzz the official vote for GDA just open please go to

  61. Help!! KHJ is catching up with SJ !! we must maintain #1 !!!

  62. Superjunior is 14 . From leeteuk to E.L.F . U need remember . Henry and zhoumi is Superjunior M not Superjunior . 🙂 Thax U

    • Please don’t bring up that topic again and just vote, kay? >.>

  63. lets all vote!!!!! vote every minute!!!!!!!!ahhhhhh!!!!!!!
    i’m going to vote like a crazy person!!!! nonstop!!!!

  64. IM so scared from SNSD scared that they will steal the GD from my boys >< so scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared though i really like them </3 OPPA HAWITTTING

  65. i will vote super junior everyday,everytime,every moment.
    when i sad,happy,or cry
    i don’t care
    i will

  66. hey..do u know how to vote 4 SuJu 4 the Asian Popularity Awards?? Last year they won the award so i really want them to win again this year..can u please find out how to vote TQ 🙂

    • how to vote?

  67. i’m voting all the time 😀

  68. I tried to vote using my phone…gonna keep voting it every minutes …

  69. I will always vote, super junior must win at this year’s GDA, the spirit of ELFs, super junior fighting ❤

  70. I think there is some problem with it… When i vote, it does not count… Then there is a msg apper but it seem longer than the normal one… Do anyone get it or it just me??

    • I saw that to what is that?

      • I have no idea as well… My PC cannot read the msg… all appear #$>>>:{“: something like that…

  71. woaaa i’ve already vote many times,,and elf work so hard,,but i think KHJ fans really strong too O_O the voting so fast ,ELF hwaiting!! :3

  72. clicking on the picture of suju is MUCH EASIER than choosing an answer in the examination ..

  73. Hii everbody
    You shuld stay at that page at less tow mnet
    Or your vote will note be right
    I try that with orange cramel and itis work

    Pleas elf be carefully about that and tell evry elf you know about it
    Sorry for my bad english 

    • I meen the bage that will oppen for stay 2menet then cluse

  74. i’m confuse here , the voting for gda has opened or not ??

    • open now 🙂

  75. i’m confused here , the voting for gda has opened or not ??

  76. how many vote we can do a day ? answer me please ^^

  77. so how do groups win awards from GDA?
    is it by the online votes?

  78. you know, you can only vote ONCE per day. that little popup with the wierd letters shows it. if it’s an “A” in the beginning it means your vote counted, if it’s a “C” it means what your vote didn’t count since you’ve already voted!

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