111021 Ryeowook donated 3.86 tons of Dreame rice wreaths to elderly

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Super Junior Ryeowook donated 3.86 tonnes of rice wreaths, participating in Dreame’s rice wreath activity. On the 18th Oct under the request of SUJU Ryeowook, rice wreath Dreame (A/N a company that sends out rice wreaths http://www.dreame.co.kr) sent out 1360kg, 1200kg, 800kg, 500kg etc of rice, totaling up to 3860kg to elderly residents in four areas of Seoul. Dreame rice wreaths will start to distribute this 3860kg of rice to elderly who lives alone or are receiving basic living allowances.

The Dreame rice wreaths that Ryeowook donated were sent by fans since 14th July this year, from various countries in support for his musical “Temptation of Wolves”. More than 90 fan groups with thousands of members hailing from Korea, China, Singapore, New Zealand and 10 various other countries participated in this support project.

Fans of Musical “Temptation of Wolves” cast members SUJU Ryeowook, Actor Sung Du Seob, Jang Hyun Deok, Kim Hyung Min, Yook Hyunuk, Z:EA Hyungsik, CJSH Lina sent out over 120 musical support rice wreaths amounting to 5 tonnes.

Source: StarNNews | Chinese Translation: x-shiping @ yinyuetai.com
English Translation: milk.pudding @ SUPER-LEGACY.COM 


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  1. our angel in action again!!!! or should i say superman haha!

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