111020 You know you’re an ELF when…

October 20, 2011 at 12:52 am | Posted in ELF, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 59 Comments

Credit: Youknowyou’reanelfwhen@Tumblr
Posted by elf101586 (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

I thought that maybe some SuJu ELF humor would make all the posts about biased SM slightly better ^_^ Just a reminder WHY we are ELFs ❤


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  1. Oh no! I don’t know the statue of Super Junior!!!

    • me 2 @__@

      • me too

        • i think the statue is siwon, cause kyuhyun once said, siwon is the walking statue in super junior… but i forgot where i watch it…

    • hmm is it sungmin? since he is always a jpg in a gif haha.

      • the statue is SIWON..remember?? SIWON IS A LIVING WORK OF ART..

  2. Omo This are so cute, thankyu so much.I will read all of them xD

  3. I can’t stop smiling reading these because this is SOO MEE!!
    Lol I really am an ELF <333

  4. 098 is so true. i havve to watch heir video at least twice to see their expression after reading the subs :p

  5. Teukie is my umma ❤ LOLL
    Yeaaah i know they are 3 yrs old.

  6. omg. #98 happens to me ALL THE TIME! i have to read the subtitles and then rewind to watch their faces 😡

    • me too,, haha,,

  7. oh noooo, i don’t have dinnosaur leather jacket!!! >.<



  10. Just by thinking of them or just hearing an SJ song randomly played in the radio will DEFINITELY brighten up my day ! That makes me an ELF !!!! yipee !!! :))))

  11. 104 and 102!!

  12. can some one explain 100 to me i don’t get it

    • i think it was during full house when the english instructor came to teach them english. Donghae was ask what was his age but he heard A and continue with B, C, D 😀

    • Full House the boys visited an English Village, and to get in they had to pass “security.” The lady asked Donghae (I think it was him) how old he was and he said “A? B! C?”

      • Now that I think about it, it could have been Eunhyuk because he didn’t get in and was sent to the “jail” for a while hehehe

        • it was Donghae…. the security lady asked ‘Age?’ Donghae answered ‘B’ and they continued the alphabet conversation LOL Eunhyuk didnt pass the security because he lied to the security lady by claiming he was from Thailand LOL

    • In SBS Full House, when they went to the English Village, Donghae was asked: “What’s your age?”
      He answered “B”
      Then they just continued with C and D like that xD

      • oh is that what it was thanks i get it now and i remember loling over donghae answer thanks again u guys rock

  13. Aw, I love these X-3 They’re all so true, hehe ^^

  14. Not gonna lie I have suju everywhere in my bedroom. That’s what make me not scared to sleep in the dark. Haha

  15. Omg! I couldnt stop smiling when i was reading this! I know im an elf~~

  16. love this.. so true

  17. I know because it’a about Super Junior and ELF!

  18. 098!!!! haha but others apply on me too but 098 is the most accurate one!

  19. OMG I got tears in my eyes while reading everything Is so true lolz.
    121 is sooo true dont even think about new yr all I know is that its Sungmin oppa’s birthday lolz.
    Lol I’ve only known SUJU for a few months and I feel like I have known them forever lol.

  20. 102 lol

  21. This made me laugh out loud. It’s so true!

  22. omo ! it’s super cute kkkkk XD

  23. can someone explain the car flying to the sky? #144

    • I think it’s from oops!! lyrics ^^

  24. any idea what is 118 why wookie is connected to harry potter

    • I think he dressed up as Harry Potter during a Super Show concert, singing to Wonder Boy. Maybe that’s what it is? I dunno if there were other times when he dressed up as him.

  25. Yeah ~ Am An E.L.F !!! Proud to be an ELF ~ For ever …. 감사합니다 !!! ~ love u 15 .. Suju

  26. So cute. Love this so much ^^


  28. Whoever started this is A GENIUS! Love this site! 

  29. omg all of them is true~!!!!
    hahahaha~~ Poker Face thing, and all of that~
    can we get this on that tumblr?

  30. I AM AN ELF!!!

  31. haha! can’t Stop smiling X)))
    but, what is #137 ??

    • it’s the lyrics from oops!! ^ ^

  32. reading these brought a very big smile on my face……thank u so much for sharing cuz whatever i just read….. it’s just SO ME….!!!! xD

  33. woooooow ,this pictures made me proud to be an ELF <3<3:)))))

  34. This does put a smile on my face. They’re so cute~!

  35. i love Pink coz of Sungminnie…

  36. -You said kession instead question
    – There avrage age us 3 years ?
    – Reyoweok make the best harry potter ?
    I dont get this ㅜㅜ

    • I get why reyowook is best harry XD
      But pllllllz tell the rest ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

      • Why no one answer me ><

  37. Love is……………….like this.
    even the world turned upside down, They’ll still in my heart.
    Love All of them.

  38. I love 098! Ahahaha,, ><
    And Donghae part on Oops! no. 141! So funny 😀
    over all I like it 🙂

  39. soooo true, since I knew SUJU on 1st January i always reminded of ming’s birthday

  40. 111 ,, I say hee you say sica looool

  41. 097, my friends think of me that I have 15 HUSBANDS ! lol

  42. What does 173 mean?

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