111019 Super Caramel / Orange Junior?! [11P]

October 19, 2011 at 9:12 pm | Posted in Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin, Kibum, Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other, Ryeowook, Shiwon, Sungmin, Wonderboys, Yesung | 51 Comments

this is PLAIN lulz worthy ~! xD

Credit: as tagged Via Super Junior’s BAIDU 
Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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  1. donghae??????? but ming naturally pretty…..

  2. ming is really pretty………..

  3. Siwon XD


  5. .I was holding my breath for Hae’s pic… but he’s not there >_< but anyway~ I love Teukie's.! It's pretty.! 😀

    • same wauting for hae,why he’s not there T__T

  6. Sungmin and Leader make beautiful women…O.O

  7. LOL at Kangin’s and Eunhyukie’s.. wahahahahaha XDDD

    Sungminnie as always, SUPER CUTE!!!!

    and Leader Teukkie’s so pretty!!!! ^_________^

  8. omg everyne is cute!!

  9. LOL it actually looks like it’s not photo shopped ^^

  10. where’s the pretty hae?! i think wookie’s version got doubled already….everyone looks freaking cute and funny haha!

  11. I laughed so hard hat Hyuk’s. These are really cute.

  12. hyuk’s version, esp one at the middle looks like chukie…hahahaha….

  13. Ming & Wook’s look perfect!

  14. Min fits in way to easily

  15. I am sorry , but Siwon and Kangin are LOOOOOOOOL…

    Hyukiie is so cute in the left photo…

  16. This made my day even better!!! hahaha they all look beautiful!!

  17. i expected this to happen sooner or later…xDDD

  18. Ming sooooo cute here. don’t look like photo shopped

  19. sungmin fit perfectly xD

    was hoping to see hae too..

  20. Aaaaargh it makes me stresss ! How could they are pretier than me ?????
    Teukie yeobo . . . ><

  21. kangin lol i miss u pabo

  22. min looks naturally pretty *0*
    LOL at hyuk’s middle pic, hahhaaaa

  23. o_o minnie’s first pic looks like jessica o_o

  24. I have to say Sungmin look the prettiest as a girl.

  25. HEECHUL!! haha

  26. Siwon’s derp faces and Minnie’s natural beauty ❤ and of course, Heechul… xD

  27. Siwon and Hyuk’s is hilarious !!!

  28. Min, heechul and wookie might as well have their own sub group.

    Super Junior ‘O.C’ —-super junior orange caramel~

  29. You get me stomachache… XD
    But I love those pictures…
    Super Junior is pretty!!!

  30. Teaukie is so pretty! 😀 I’m jealous.hahah

  31. KYUHYUN — FUNNIEST HAHAHAHAHAHA! and omg sungmin looks pretty!

  32. yesung’s cute! i never thought his face would fit perfectly! LOL. but hyukkie, he looks hilarious!!

  33. all our boys look so cute here…even though some expressions are so weird.LOL

  34. Kyu is the funniest X’D … Ming, effortlessly cute (=^^=)

  35. siwon and minnie the best

  36. Sungmin and Kibum really not look like photoshopped, naturally pretty and cute
    LOL, good job, Hyukkie!

  37. oohhh…minnie is sooo pretty!!
    haha…hyukkie looks so flirty!! xD

  38. Where’s Donghae photo’s??????????
    I really wait for his Photo 😦

  39. Kyunie =)))

  40. O…..haha..all so GORGEOUS…love…wanna kiss them…:)

  41. OMG! SUNGMIN!!!! EETEUK.. prettier than girls! even siwon!

  42. Lmaooooo they’re too pretty ><
    Siwon-ah, i am lost lol

  43. Find me Donghae ver please ^^

    • Yes, we can’t be without him in the bunch. 🙂

  44. Minnie Looks So Cute!!!!<3

  45. sungmin’s cover is the cutest

  46. I think wookie the sweestest one in here , look at him 😀

  47. ommona siwoon , :DD

  48. GirlsKyu~~~~ so beautiful~~ Kekekkee XD

  49. Shiwon!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!! TTwTT Dying of laughter. Aaah haven’t laughed in a while! Sungmin looks naturally pretty!!! So does Wookie!

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