111018 Super Junior’s SS3 Concert Live Album will be released on October 24th

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Idol group Super Junior’s will release a live album from their 3rd concert “Super Junior Asia Tour Concert Album – Super Show #3” on October 24th.

The album contains 2 CDs of the live recording from Super Show 3 in Seoul 14-15 August 2010 at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

The album will consist of 37 tracks from their 4th album perfomed at the concert as well as unit groups, Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior T, Super Junior M, and Kim Heechul’s duet with f(x) Sulli of Defconn’s “The way an idol breaks up” .

Trot unit group Super Junior T’s “Tok Tok Tok” which was first revealed at Super Show 3 as well as Donghae and Eunhyuk duet “I Wanna Love You”, remixed version of “Sorry Sorry” and “Don’t Don” studio versions are included as bonus tracks.

Source: OSEN
Translated by: reneee  only for www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com

reneee’s note (and spazz) 😀
I only translated the article roughly due to my limited Korean knowledge >//< Translated it only for Sup3rjunior’s readers information. Please do not take this out anywhere thanks! 😀 and OMGGG im excited!!! even though this is just the CD, i LOOOVE listening to the live versions of their songs!!! I wanna love you studio version?? who doesnt want that!! xD and since the CD will be released soon, im guessing the DVD should be out soon too? 8D



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  1. omg im so going to buy one!!!!

  2. CD? Not DVD?
    Only audio without video?

    • They always release the CD, and then they will release the DVD

    • “Concert Live Album”. Of course there will be videos of it ^^

      • I just wanna ask something, can anyone tell me why the SS3 CD i bought does not have any videos but only contains soundtracks? ’cause i’m dying to look at the videos.

  3. Ahh cannot wait til the DVD then gets released!!!

  4. Omg! I’m gonna buy that asap. But looks like the solos of leeteuk, heehcul with hae are not included?? Please someone tell me i’m not right

    • They recorded it at SS3 Seoul. So there was no Leeteuk’s Solo. But I really want to hear Leeteuk’s “Hitomi To Wojite” studio version TT___TT

  5. so they make i wanna love you studio vers?? yay!!!
    i was hoping they will release super girl remix in studio vers too 😦

  6. I wanna love you studio version?! ♥ I’m so gonna buy this!!
    Can’ t wait for the release and after that the release of the DVD version >_<

  7. yesss!!! i’ve been waiting for the SS3 concert album to come out. i figured they would release the cd and dvd right around the time before SS4 starts. hope we have studio versions of some of the boys’ solos!! 😀

  8. wow!!its great!

  9. we are love super junior so we must to help vote for super junior…!!! dont forget

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