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Controversy regarding the unfair treatment Super Junior is receiving from SM Entertainment (especially in comparison to SNSD) is still brewing hot on Korean boards. Recently, a post on Nate Pann received about 205,069 views and made it into the top 10 most viewed/commented post of the week. It received about 2,125 recommendations and 1,227 comments as of October 16th.

The full translation of the post is as follows:

1. Let’s begin with what Lee Soo Man himself thinks of Super Junior (this is taken directly from an interview he had):

“그는 ㅂㅇ 가 일본 진출에 성공한 이후 아시아뿐만 아니라 세계에서 통할 수 있는 최고의 팀을 구상했다. 그러나 자원의 한계 때문에 선택과 집중이 필요했다. 그래서 여러 팀에서 최고를 한 사람씩 뽑아서 메이저리그라고 할 수 있는 단 한 팀을 구성했고, 그것이 ㄷㅂㅅㄱ였다. “여기에 선발되지 않은 팀은 모두 와해될 판이었습니다. 하지만 계약을 했기 때문에 책임져야 했지요. 그래서 그런 팀 중에서 음악도 잘하고 버라이어티쇼도 할 수 있는 팀으로 키운 게 슈퍼주니어였어요. 그들은 살아남기 위해 피눈물나는 노력을 기울였고, 저희도 미안해서 도와주게 됐지요.”

“Lee Soo Man successfully advanced BoA into the Japanese market and began planning the best team that he would be taking not only into Asia, but worldwide. Because of the limits of support, he needed to focus and choose. Out of several different teams, he chose one member from each and brought them together to create a ‘major-league’ team. That team was TVXQ. Lee Soo Man stated, ‘The members that weren’t chosen to be a part of the team were on the verge of disintegration. But because we had already contracted with them, we had to take responsibility. One of the teams was Super Junior, a group we raised to excel in music and variety shows. In order to survive, they had to cry tears of bleed through their efforts. We felt sorry for them, which is why we helped.’”


So I guess that’s proof that they don’t care what happens to us and that they’re only supporting the group out of sympathy. To SM, it doesn’t matter whether Super Junior does well or not. I feel so bad for our oppas, they have nothing but their fans to trust in a company like that.

It’s always the fans that are promoting their albums for them.

2. SM Entertainment changed Super Junior’s solo concert to an SM Entertainment concert.

Europe had been sending many requests for a Super Junior concert. Right when they were preparing one, SM changed it to a full out SM Entertainment concert.

Peru voted Super Junior as the #1 artist they wanted to see there. Not SM Town, but Super Junior. They had petitioned for a Super Junior concert for some time now.

3. Album quality

SNSD’s album is made out of iron – obviously a lot of work was gone into it. But as for us? Ever since our second album, we’ve been getting nothing but pieces of paper.

But it gets better. I heard that SNSD’s iron album is only $19. Our pieces of paper was $20. Since when did paper become so expensive in Korea?

SM never does anything for us. At first, we were just upset and shocked, but now we’re so used to it. Don’t you think this is too much, though?

4. SM is trying to delay Super Junior Show

5. SM is always re-using sets for Super Junior’s music videos and teasers

6. SM always cuts off Super Junior with ‘etc’ when talking about their company in articles.

For example: “Starting with H.O.T., artists under SM like BoA, TVXQ, SNSD, and etc are receiving much popularity overseas.”

Lee Soo Man also stated, “TVXQ is a group formed by taking the best members out of three idol teams. Super Junior is a group with the rest of those members. Because of that, there was a large difference in skill, which is why they had to grit their teeth to work to become the world’s greatest idols. It’s a result I myself didn’t expect.”

7. Heechul’s SM diss on radio:

“내가 가끔그러거든요.그 회사분들이랑 얘기할떄 아니우리뭐 대만에서 38주 1위하고 뭐 미인아도 지금뭐 18주짼지 몇주짼지 1위래요 이런거#%@#^* 왜  우린왜 기사 많이 안나와요. 따른데 처럼 막 플레이하고 우리도 빵빵해야지 우린 아무것도 안하는줄 알잖아요.그렇게 얘기하면은 회사에서 어떻게 하면 되게 고마운 말이에요. 아이.. 우리는 슈퍼주니어가 그정도하는거는 어느정도 되게 당연하다고 생각하기 떄문에 고런걸로 괜히 호들갑 떨필요 없다고 생각한다.  그래가지고 제가 그러거든요.
YO말만잘해 욕쉬~”

Heechul: “I sometimes mention how we’ve been ranking first in Taiwan for 38 weeks and how Bonamana has been topping for 18 weeks and stuff like that when talking to people in our company and ask why they don’t make articles for us. I asked them to put out a few headlines like other companies do so that people just don’t think we’re doing nothing. When I say things like that, however, they’ll say back, ‘It’s because we think that it’s definite that Super Junior achieves those things. I don’t think it’s necessary to make a big deal out of things like that.’ So I’ll always just say back, ‘Yeah, you’re all talk.’”

8. ELF, the more things like this happen, let’s not forget our roots and continue to protect Super Junior!

“It is not the cry of an immature child. Being a fan means being brave enough to protect what is most precious to you.”

I’d like to make it clear to Sones or fans of other SM groups that we are not hating on SNSD or Sones, we are criticizing the unfair treatment SM is giving Super Junior! Sones, please don’t apologize for something that isn’t your fault.

The three best replies were as follows:

1. 1,413 agree, 54 disagree

“So they made a group that they didn’t even think would do well out of pure sympathy. They made them sleep only 2-3 hours a day and travel to Malaysia, China, and Korea in just a day. They made someone who lost their father three weeks ago stand on stage and sing bright songs. They made an injured person that couldn’t even walk properly drag their legs on stage to sing. They made someone that had just come out of a car accident to go on TV. In such a tragic setting, you forced these kids to go on variety shows, perform at events, made them the talk of misunderstanding and criticism just so you could touch a bit of money. Even if they created laughter on variety shows, worked so hard to the point of fainting, they were only given several hundreds for their work – all members included. Even slaves are treated better than this.”

2. 1,382 agree, 67 disagree

“Super Junior cried tears of blood to reach the position they are at now.”

3. 751 agree, 19 disagree

“How much harder must we work to get some support? Super Junior was able to ride a private jet for their schedules on this Music Core, but it wasn’t provided by the company, but by the broadcast station. Thank you, broadcast station.”

Random reply:

“There’s a reason why Super Junior is so nice to their fans. Everything their company and networks say are different so even though they have to trust them, they don’t trust them all the way. They have nothing but their fans to depend on… Elfs know that, so we take care of each other. Thinking back to all the times that we petitioned together, suffered together, and cried together makes me think that I can’t quit being a fan just yet. Things that other fandoms took three, four years to experience, we had to experience just a thousand days into their debut. We have no where to trust – not the company, not anyone – except the members. The members knew that and were always by our side. The company never gave their support, and the fans, using our own hands, got them the DJ the positions they have now. This post makes me think of the old times where I believed that all we had to do was hold it in… hold it in until the group grows more, until they’re at the very top, to create and rewrite history because we have so much more to show.

Source:Nate Pann (There are more pictures and proof links in the actual post).

 Source:Nate Pann 
Translated by:netizenbuzz
Shared at by Destinyhae 


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  1. its okea..they always have ELFs to support them!til the end!our oppas are the best!and is a miracle to me!I love them with all my heart!and I will continue to be their fan till the end!that is a promise~ SUPER JUNIOR hwaiting!!!!!!!

    • As for me,an international fan,i really depends on articles in english to know about what’s the latest about our boys (that’s before i know bout u guys dat rocks!!) BUT end up misunderstood the REAL situation. Such as Hangeng’s case towards SM. Before this,i thought that Hangeng was the troublesome,coz there was an article who said bad things bout Hangeng. then,after some research bout it later i already understood everything. i can’t believe what am i read dat time. it feels so uneasy..and this year,’s all crystal clear to me. Here’s what i mean :

      1) When the teaser pictures for the 5th album been released,i felt like ‘what kind of dis cheap feeling?’,”why they were in an outfit like dat?’, ‘what does dis concept really mean?’ and they said it was Ubersexual concept. i accept it and let the feelings grows on me. i like it.

      2) When all the ELF around the world celebrating and enjoying our boys Mr.Simple MV at Youtube,there’s always HATER in the mv’s comment box..and usually,their name mentioning ‘TVXQ,DBSK,Cassie,etc that related to that group.’ It’s just frustating to see this coz TVXQ still under the same roof of our boys. I started to think,why always them? Why are they hating SM dat much? Is it because of what happen to JYJ? I kinda active to comment in the mv’s box and to see their hatred words everyday,i can’t deny it effects me a bit. I started to think more.

      3) As we all know,ELF did a great job in a few days the views are sky rocketing..but do u see any notes bout it in our boys or SMTOWN’S FB page? it’s always late or a week after what we accomplished. same goes to the ALL**OP sites. What we accomplished is a successful thing,why should they treat us this way rite? I started to hate how the media seems like didn’t care bout it.

      4) The latest,SNSD. BUNCH of articles give the limelight to SNSD’s comeback..and when i saw their teaser pictures i was like omgggg,dat is wayyy better than our boys. That’s the way our boys should get with their 5th album! and when it comes to the teaser,i notice that ALL**OP exaggerating. Totally sick of it. I get sicker when i saw their MV teaser+album. DISCRIMINATION is totally obvious.

      The conclusion is,we ELF can see what SM do to our boys,we are not BLIND. Plus,we are SMART,POLITE,NICE,WELL-MANNERED fandom. We doesn’t have to compare to others,coz we know that we are the GREATEST fandom ever, *E.L.F everlasting friends* that will always be by our boys side no matter what. It doesn’t matter what happen after this,for us’s always 13+2..what we wish are our boys happy,successful in their lives. Thanx SM for ‘creating’ a SUPER AWESOME GROUP EVER which u doesn’t even know their potential in 2005. Here they r now,Global Hallyu Wave leader in 2011. Proof? They are known globally,check the map in Mr.Simple MV,then you’ll know what i mean..and F.Y.I,we don’t need some crappy articles..our boys was the 1st Korean group that featured in CNN. SUPER JUNIOR,THE LAST MAN STANDING!

      • I thought, why sm very concerned about snsd? just look at their teaser, they like the queen in their teaser, and for their comeback, they are thinking to go international by making mv english version.
        I think suju have more potential than anything in terms of snsd.

        I actually don’t hate snsd, but because they always get that shouldn’t deserve, I was so negative about them now.

        • Ya! I mean look at the GDA awards incident. Explains everything. Argh. I just want SuJu to be treated for what they deserve

        • i also think the same way… they are going to be marketed in USA, i think they want SNSD to go head to head with Wonder Girls, but honestly, i don’t even get a noise after their american concert tour with jonas bros… i mean, okay they topped the Billboard Chart, and then what happened next?? nothing!! i’m gonna put my two cents on SNSD as well, they will maybe make a noise, but not for long… america still got the most talented performers in the world, and Super Junior is next, i hope!!

          • yes, I totally agree. GDA last year when they didn’t get daesang. what it means with which to occupy Bonamana chart in Taiwan for 38 weeks, then the increase of foreign tourists who come to Korea just to see suju, and what it means with 3 million more people who like suju in official page!! What they don’t realize that suju have the potential for international market rather than snsd.

            • maybe they are some reasons that we don’t know, and the only one knows are the people behind SMEnt.. i also think they also recognize the boys popularity around the globe, but whatever reasons they have, as i said earlier, they only knows…

      • same here I also misunderstand Hangeng but truth was something else!!.. SM never pay heed to SJ boys!!

        • I also hate SM especially after reading what sooman said, can imagine what the boys had been through. based on his words, it looks like all the left out boys after the best tvxq one put into one group, and go to hell whether they’ll be success or not. but i have my own view above
          1. regarding why SNSD, a bunch of plastic doll has english version and blah blah blah. first, they’re going head to head with Wonder Girls who establish strong market at USA. and they have 2 members who has good in English, Tiffany and Jess. SJ doesnt have one, or even they have not native like 2 girls above. to win the market, that’s their strategy.
          SJ had 1 Chinese member, so their focus was china, and continue dong so even after Hangeng left.

          2. Age matter. SJ will come to the point hiatus. next year Lee teuk, Yesung will left. even if Kangin back, it still left some hole to the group. so introduce them to US market is like wasted. except if they want to introduce SJM, who is doing very well in CHina / Taiwan / Hongkong.

          nevertheless I agree about SM always grab our money and spend less for the boys. damn u soman..i hope all the money you grab for the boys will eat you alive someday

          • i dunno maybe SNSD get a better treatment because sunny i there afterall sunny is lee soo man niece -_-

    • Comment deleted by uksujusid.

      • What did you just post? I just… /shakes head/

        Those people who you’re calling idiots had suffered enough even before they’ve debuted (and much more after debuting, knowing how unfair SME have been treating them, but never saying anything about it). If you don’t know anything, please refrain from posting anything like this. It’s annoying and sickening and it just shows how immature of a fan you are.

        I like SNSD and f(x) (they are still under the same agency company after all), but if it wasn’t for Super Junior, I would never be a Kpop fan. I respect your idols and your fandom (whatever they are), so please. Learn how to respect SJ and ELFs.

        Oh, and one more thing: never, ever compare SJ to EXO. I’m sick and tired of seeing posts and comments of fans comparing the two groups. They may have the same number of members when they debuted (SJ added the 13th member a few months after their debut), but they will never replace SJ. Bear that in mind.


  2. I really agree with this article!!!!!

  3. This really touched me and it is very sad. I am not hating on snsd or other groups but SM really needs to be fair everyone. I do really feel sorry for suju they are hard workers and deserve every bit respect in the world for enduring everything.
    Whenever I see the members doing their own thing I do feel sad that they are going their own seperate ways while trying to be together at the same time.
    I hope SUJU stays together forever.
    I will always be a fan of them and like them for who they are.


  4. AHHH IM SO ANGRY NOW I FEEL LIKE RIOTING THE SM BUILDING ALL OVER AGAIN HOW COULD THEY TREAT OUR BOYS SO THOUGHTLESSLY. honestly when did suju EVER deserve a rubbish company like them! without the company’s help we’ve come so far and yet SM STILL refuses to acknowledge suju properly and attributes their success to all the other bands /coughsnsdcough. and i hated on snsd for a while at first cos of the obvious bias treatment but i realized snsd doesnt deserve that hate at all and our real enemy is SM! BLOW YOUR MIND SM, BLOW YOUR MIND >( stop dissing suju! stop doing everything only for the sake of money! FUUU

  5. Well… yeah. I don’t really like SM form the start anyway. But I thank them
    SJ is working hard, and they have us. They don’t have to worry Kekeke

    btw, do you translate the main points or all of them? It looks like longer in Korean? I just want to know ^^
    Thanks for sharing ❤

  6. *speechless*

    • speechless 2

      • speechless 3

        • speechless 4

          • speechless 5

          • speechless 5

          • Speechless 5

            • Speechless 6

              • SPEACHLESS 7

                • speechless 8 :-O

                  • speechless 100!

  7. Yes I have heard of how hard SM work their artiste, thats why TVXQ broke up right?
    But lets not forget that without SM, there werent be superjunior, even tho ELF work tto protect and advance the interest of Suju, lets not be ungrateful to the people who give us the group. Alot of work goes into planning, designing and producing the albums. The people behind the scenes often dont get any credits.

    • Agreed!

  8. Im brought to tears…. Its really… Initially i thot lee sooman was gd to them n its e new director’s prob.. Really mad at SM.. Really feel heartpain when i see them work so hard!!

  9. I have often thought the same things, anda always asking me why SM is like that with Super Junior!
    It’s really sad that they don’t give a real support to our boys, but even of that, ELF will ever protect them, always! no matter what happen!
    Super Junior Fighting!

  10. Yeah, for me it’s not good that members do extra activities like acting, I talk of siwon and kibum, and I can see that most of the time ryeowook and kyuhyun song more and that could be unfair, I just hope they will be together. Poor suju’s they look so tired in the latest perfomances :s

  11. I do not know why I was crying while reading this article ..
    tears ..pain .. sad .. all the bad memories .. we’ve all felt ..
    after all .. These tears .. This pain .. all these bad memories have made us stronger than anyone else …

  12. yeah,SM always like that.they’re UNFAIR!!
    and the most thing that i really disappointed is why BIJIN and SUPERMAN music video just like fanmade?than for the other group,SM make a lot of version with a great MV T__T
    i just wanna see our boys get a place as an idol like the other group in that management T.T

  13. Up to you SMent ! Hate You!!! SJ FINE LIVIN’ WITHOUT YOU!! RGHH!

  14. Omg, but why did sj recontracted w/ sment again? They should just quit as a team tgt and join sum other company.But I wonder if the source is biased, having not a more balanced view of the situation . I really hope the situation isn’t that bad, why do they have to suffer like this and earn so little amount. ):

    • I think they resigned their contracts because otherwise they might have to break up. It’s easy to say that they should quit as team and join another company together, but with their current market value i don’t think there are a lot companies that can contract all of them, which is why I think they stay with SM if things are realy that bad (I do believe the articles but I also think there are a lot of thing happening behind the scenes which we don’t know, so it’s hard for us to judge)

      • I Think why they resign their contract is for being together as super junior and ELF. If they quit, they may break up.

    • suju has a contract with SM for 13 years, isn’t it?

      • before, but someone told me that it was lessen for 10yrs already… but i don’t think SMEnt will let them leave just like that, i mean, they are now at their top of their game, and if i am Lee Soo Man, i wouldn’t let go of these guys who gave me thousands, billions of wons in my hand…

  15. SJ is definitely a star group, you can see KRYs in osts because their voice really sound nice and blend well to melodies. Hyuk and shindong they are the best dancers out there, definitely capable of being the best! Their talents and personality is what outshine other groups, also how the talents are widespread and balanced too! I dont see how their just a ‘2nd class group’ as being perceived from sment words, I feel sad seeing this ): Superjunior aja!

    • Just to provide a little historical perspective: iirc Shindong, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun (among the names you mentioned) weren’t even trainees at SM when the division was made and the members of TVXQ singled out as the ‘cream of the crop’.

  16. :””””””

  17. yesterday,i read a newspaper and there was an article about jyj..i am not a cassie but i really wanted to know about,i read the whole article..and i found out about a song call ”a song without a name” written by mickey..i listen to that song and was captured with the lyrics..!it is not a surprise but i wonder how tough is life as an artist..and it is toughest when people keep using the word ‘family’ to hide all the unfairness..

    • i like your last word

    • using the word ‘family’ to hide all the unfairness.. YES , that is exactly what happened to SUPER JUNIOR at SME!!!

  18. Whatever they did or didnt for Super Junior.. ELFs keep thanks to them because they made those men, all 13 members gather and being Super junior..
    If they cant care of them, ELF can do that. Because ELF always beside, Behind and in front of Super Junior..
    ELFs are Super Junior’s friend, supporter, and even can be their guardian..

  19. It’s the truth!

  20. I think I just notice this unfair treatment when they start releasing the same mv for Suju. I mean seriously starting after sorry sorry it is always the same kind of mv and the same sound of song.They should get better song.:)

  21. How can I not hate sm because of all those unfair treatment thing? Sigh

    First time i heard superman, especially at heechul’s part, “But we are not lonely, we have SM family and ELF”, I was wondering, how could they still adore sm after all they’ve done for SUJU?
    And then I think, that’s just show how good our boys are and I have to stop hating sm for the sake of our boys.
    Instead of hating, we must support them no matter what. We have to show sm our ELF power! Show sm that we still can do better even if sm doesn’t support them!

    Just remember that ELF will be the last man standing beside our boys.

    • agree with you.ELF fighting! suju fighting!

      • agree:))

  22. I wonder how is the feeling of SUPER JUNIOR MEMBERS after hearing those hard words from SME!!! HOPE THEY WILL BE STRONG… 😦

  23. You know what, all these treatments by SM will only make us ELFs stronger! I would say we are much stronger and united than before!

    • I couldn’t agree more!!!

  24. I know but we don’t bring it in public and creat stupid rumors. ELFs are looking like bad name in Kpop fan because of our complains 😦

    • I’m not an ELF. I’m a Cassie. And your complaints are LEGIT. you have a point. I have a great respect for your fandom. And reading these “complaints” don’t give you a bad name. You’re just saying what you see.

  25. We know it well but we try to ignore and keep supporting our boy like dying.

    The way they treat our boys make SuJuELF STRONGER!!!!

    We do know that the boys have a lot of potential, but at first some can do a really good job but some cant’t.

    But after many years all the members’re blooming and find their way in variety show and music industry like sing the OST,musical etc.

    The boys’re the senior of all idol in korea but they still humble and work hard like everyday in the end of the world.
    And E.L.F know that SJ do their best so we have to do it too because we only have each other!

    So as long as the boys decide to royal to SM, as ‘Freind’ all what we can do is stay beside them until ‘Everlasting’.
    Let’s make the new history together ‘E.verL.astingF.riend’

  26. Right now I’m kind of regretting all the money I made SM gain every single time I bought Suju’s goods.

    Speechless. That’s what I am. TOTALLY SPEECHLESS AND DISGUSTED.

    Those poor guys don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

    • and if we dont buy SJ’s goods bcoz dont want SM gain our money, SM will treat SJ worse!coz he thinks SJ isnt good enough tht no one buy their goods.
      damn SM.

  27. Reading those best rated comments in the posr made me want to cry. I will always support SJ and remain an ELF no matter what.

  28. Wat did suju did 2 SME to receive this kind of treatment? (╯._.╰)
    this so.. unfair =.=v

  29. I love suju but i hate their company.

  30. why u’re so unfair?? SuJu also working hard for u, right??? they’re not robots, they’re also human! poor Super junior . i hate SME .

  31. I think our boys could have been even more famous than now if their company wasn’t SM at first…let’s take an example, SNSD has a personal youtube channel instead of SMTOWN, but what about our boys? we have to check through every videos posted by SMTOWN just to find clips related to our boys?! I always wonder, how would oppas survive if they don’t have ELFs to support them? how would they shine until today if ELFs weren’t there to support them? So i always feel proud to be an ELF, though sometimes when i tell my friends that i love SUJU very very much than i can imagine, but they will just say SUJU is nothing compare to their BB, TVXQ, BEAST etc….i can do nothing to change their perspective to our boys but what i know is….our boys are shining for ELFs, not for their company, they are not performing for money, they are performing to repay loves they received from ELFs. So what if other bands have nicer music video than SUJU, nicer outfits than SUJU, nicer album cover than SUJU, all these doesn’t matter anymore as long as we all know that we’re loving the boys from the bottom of our hearts, we know they are talented, it’s just that they are unlucky to be picked by SME, we don’t have to mind those negative comments towards our boys as long as we know the truth 🙂 i would like to say that im really really really proud to be an ELF and im so regret for not knowing them earlier, and im actually catching up with all the shows when they just debuted just to know them better 🙂 actually i didn’t purposely wanted to know SUJU, everything was like fated, since they had long stay in taiwan around April this year, they had been attending many variety shows in taiwan, and then i accidentally got to know them and their talents, before that, SUJU is a boy band that has good looking but not talented for me, but after watching the variety shows they were in, i checked all the news about them, discover things i don’t know about them, and then felt so guilty for judging the boys without knowing them, so from that day onwards, i’ve been a really loyal ELF that i can’t even imagine because this is something that wouldn’t happen but now, it’s happening! and my love for them is increasing day by day until it comes to an obsession! well, it’s an obsession in a positive way of course 🙂
    once an ELF, forever an ELF!
    hopefully SM would regret for not treating our boys nicely one day 🙂 our boys are definitely angels who came to earth from heaven to help them 🙂

    • omg.. i love your comments >___<
      at least made ​​me realize that i love suju cuz the way they are..

      "So what if other bands have nicer music video than SUJU, nicer outfits than SUJU, nicer album cover than SUJU, all these doesn’t matter anymore as long as we all know that we’re loving the boys from the bottom of our hearts" thanks for the enlightenment

      • wow you’re welcome, didn’t know that my comments would bring such a big effect? haha…:)

        • I love your comment!!!!!!
          be stronger!!!!!!
          we elf is one, all for one and one for all

      thank KYU very much T^T

      *sorry im speechless and just reading all comment

      • Well said dear ! *Applause*
        Super Junior and ELF = one love and it is pure, i gotta tell ya that heh…

        • what you commented are exactly what i am going to say…..i start to like them from their long stay in taiwan….from then onwards….i was totally uncontrollable obsessed by them. All i can say is Suju changed my life so much. I really thankful that SJ appeared in my life. I used to live without any motivation and being ignorance. But now i learned alot from their personaity and i have changed and feel my live better. And now i do everything happily after thinking that i have Suju to think about. So i really hope they will be together forever and be happy forever. Please anyone, SMent and whoever involved, please treat those angels better as they deserved it. Dont make anyone regret in the future.

          • Yeah, me too, I also got to know them through Taiwanese variety shows.bcos I regularly watch mpop artistes, that is why when they perform, it surprised me..they were a notch above most mpop artistes, they dance n sing EXTREMELY well. Their mandarin pronounciations are great too. they may be the top kpop group but they still humbly n hardworkingly put in effort in the variety shows (gosh, I’m still awed by their acrobatics on golden stage), this alone touches me alot. compared to other bands who limit themselves in variety shows for reasons like maintaining the musicians/artistes’ integrity or just don’t want to tire themselves or just want to focus on music, shame on these ppl, super junior just shows how supermen-ly they are!

          • ??? how come every posts that i replied goes to the same post? sorry people i can’t reply u one by one…thanks 🙂 ELFs daebak! 🙂

        • thank you!

      • omg thanks for the compliment though i don’t think my comment is good enough to express my thoughts regarding this issue…

      • omg thanks for the compliment though i don’t think my comment is good enough to express my thoughts regarding this issue…

    • Yeah,I like your comment,it’s so amazing,chingu^^
      PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE ^^

    • GREAT COMMENT !!!!
      I’m very very very much agree with you..
      Up with the other,,
      I would just love with my boys “SuJu DAEBAK”
      Love Kyu Kyu Kyu 😉

    • me too..
      ive a lot of friend -non KPOP- who look down to SJ just because of their MV, outfit, etc etc etc..
      i defend them, of course but couldnt do more when they compare the MV with well, i will not talk about Gaga, but even the new debut idol got way more awesome MV compare to SJ.
      being ELF is the hardest thing but them is one of my biggest happiness.
      i couldnt stop being an ELF till the wold end^^
      and btw im so proud to stand in this fandom.
      though there are some trolls inside us and lot of problems too, but i can’t find more awesome, supportive, loyal and friendly fans anywhere..
      i love both SJ and my fellow ELF ❤

    • I really really like you’re comment…
      when i read this, it makes me tears so many…
      we have to always protecting our Boy….

      that’s really what I feel ;;____;;

    • “actually i didn’t purposely wanted to know SUJU, everything was like fated”. Me too.

    • very2 nice comment,u made me cry! lets protect our boys!!!=) ELF FIGHTING!!!!

    • I am not ELF but i really adore all ELF around the world – their love, care, praud toward SuJu are unbelievable – i adore super junior, i love their songs, i hate if peoples bushing super junior, until now i hold my tears to see how great they are on the stage – i love suju just the way they are even though i know their members are talented is does not matter anymore for me suju is the best no other boys band can replace them

      your comment so nice and genuine – God bless you

  32. i’ll support them! no matter how their company treated them so unfair! SUPER JUNIOR + ELF are DAEBAK! I’m proud of you guys! we’ll do our best for them, rite? although they’re not treated well, we’ll always be in their side. fighting! >,< PROUD TO BE ELF 🙂

  33. Right now i feel sad, when i read this post in other web page i cannot beleive what LSM said…but anyway i don’t care about SM or LSM o what this people think or said about SUJU anymore…
    I love all of them because who they are and how hard they work in order to make us (ELF) happy even if they are tired or sick. So i promise to support and love them always.
    ELF’s let’s focus on 5th jib so they can win, this is the best present that we as fan can give them.

  34. Hopefully SM will realize that if not for Super Junior none of their other bands would be famous.

    SM please show some respect for our oppas, We all want the best from them and I bet they do to, We all want SS4 not a SMtown concert. And we want them to be able to have the opportunity’s that you give the other’s. ELF’S WANT SUPER JUNIOR TO HAVE A SAY!

    • Actually, TVXQ, BOA,are the ones that makes other groups in super junior. Expecially TVXQ, super junior came after them. 🙂

      • I mean,Actually, TVXQ, BOA,are the ones makes other groups in SME famous. Expecially TVXQ, they’re the hottest group out there, then came super junior 🙂

  35. do you know what i think?
    what if all the elf dont buy thair albums or go to their concerts?
    woudnt that be like a protest?
    because all sm wants is money and they know that even if sm doesnt do much for sj we will suport them. i dont think that only suporting suju is the best idea. we must do more , something that gets the attetion of all.
    what if we all show them that we arent someone who they can get money of. And the suju opas could rest for the time beeing.
    I think now suju is popular and so on but i miss the old times when their were togheter and we could see them natural.
    now groups like ifinte beast mblaq 2pm are doing the shows were we can see them having fun.
    you know like in hello baby, every group did it toghter like snsd or shinnee
    but in super junior only leeteuk is doing it with sistar .
    because sm wants sistar to get known.
    what do you think??

    • Hi, selina! I think that if Elf stop buying their albums and going to concerts, SM would drop them in a New York minute. The only motivation SM has to keep them in their *family* is money.

      Elf have a different motive. We support them out of pure love. We prove that love by voting with our cash: when we stick together and buy product, SM won’t cut them loose because they aren’t willing to let go of a cash *cow*. As long as they make money for SM, they will remain together as a group. When we stop buying, they will be forced to disband. We must stay behind them with our love and our money.

    • I dont think SM wants SISTAR to get popular cos, SISTAR is not under their management 🙂 And if you stop buying SUJU’s album and stuff, that would make them flop. Seriously, do you want to see your oppas sales drop? I hope not. Its a love hate situation elfs having with SME now. You hate them but you still gotta help suju. So.. I think you get my point.

  36. thats why hangkyung left suju

    • but i dont want other members to leave suju…..

  37. I had heard from SJ members how hard they had to work thru training, how most of their previous groups fell apart, and then how they were passed up in the creation of TVXQ! and then how SJ was only meant as a project group with a short lifespan. But none of that made me as sad as their own CEO saying they were 2nd rate and only worked with them out of sympathy.

    I can’t imagine a world without our Super Junior. The countless days they make me smile with their songs. The hours I can spend laughing with their outstanding personalities. The nights I fall asleep listening to them as they heal my broken heart. The days they inspire me to work harder for my dreams and be a better, happier person. This is the power of Super Junior!

    And despite all of their setbacks and detractors and obstacles Super Junior stands at the front of the Korean Hallyu Wave. They are who the Western countries are dying to see. I won’t be mad at SM for what may or may not be unfair treatment to SJ. instead I will love SJ more, through and through, and continue to hold on to them for this wild ride.

    We will wait for you Super Junior, forever Super Junior and ELF. ~~I’ll see our boys in NYC!

    • Ah, I love your reply Elle. You are right. They are in the front of the pack due to hard work, even though they may lack the intense effort of SM to promote them. ////

      You know what? They remind me of me! I have to work hard and face obstacles too, and no one with deep pockets ($) is helping me to achieve my dreams. But I AM a winner and I am still standing. Just like my beloved Suju who earns the respect of the world because of their example. Maybe that is one of the main reasons I love them so much. We are alike in this way. I am proud to be a fan of this beautiful group.

  38. there is never any regret to become ELF, I always bel13ve that our love (oppas n all ELFS) is real. So… lets continue life like this until the end… :))))))
    because we need each other, laugh together, and cry together…
    we are one…:)

    lets more show it to SM… Our oppa is the best…

  39. i curse you SM!!

  40. just be tough, dudes~
    no matter what, they still need SM for that “title”..
    even SM doesn’t treat SuJu well, like what was written above, SuJu has their own luck..

    *begging permittion for followed up*

  41. it’s very UNFAIR!!!!
    Fighting SUPER JUNIOR~~

  42. Aah this post made me remember how much all of us ELFs have cried for our boys since the very beginning. How much we have all tried to continue being the pillars of support for our boys so that when things are too hard, they can continue on, because we will be there to support them.

    I don’t understand why SME doesn’t see in our boys what everybody else sees. In shows when they are talking about the “best” groups our boys are at the tips of everybody’s tongues.

    I hope that once they are all out of the military and their contracts with SME expire again, they can do something similar to Shinhwa and start their own talent company together. Imagine? then there would be no reason for Hannie not to perform with them. And they for sure won’t treat their own trainees like they’ve been treated because they know what it is sweat tears and cry blood.

  43. what SM wants is PROFIT……..SM and everybody knows that SUJU is the center of HALLYU WAVE! SUPER JUNIOR RULES no matter what….

    • That’s right -__-

  44. spechless .
    everytime SM interviewed , they’re so rarely mention SJ . yess, they always cut off w/ etc. Hey, when i ask Western people or people around me that non Kpopers who korean artists that they know , mostly will answer Rain, wonbin in single artis and Super junior, Wonder girls in Group case .
    Imagine, if They dont have SJ, will SM even Kpop known by world? i dont think so. SM even Korean are so lucky havt our boys.
    And i 100% agree with @sayying .
    ah~ kyunyuk disini juga? minta twitter dunk!

  45. Honestly, when compared with another MV, the SuJu’s MV seems ordinary,,
    Lucifer japan ver MV look cooler than Mr.Simple MV,
    Whereas Mr.Simple is the fifth album suju and Lucifer just songs that made ​​the new version………… pfuihhhhhhhh
    But the charm of SuJu has conquered everything 😉
    SuJu is always the best in my heart T__T

  46. OMG i’m sad T_______T and shocked really but this unfair treatment makes me support <3suju<3 more and more and love them much more and makes me broude to be an ELF i think that hangeng oppa was right to quit the company one more thing if <3suju<3 could reach this high rank even with the unfair treatment from the company i think they are the greatest and the stronggest group in the world
    i'm an ELF and i will be and i will stay an ELF

  47. thats why i kept saying to my fren, who’s also an ELF, that SJ only has ELF. bcoz of ELF, they are still here. if not for ELF, SJ will be long gone. and trust me, i’ll be an ELF forever.

  48. urgh, i can’t stand seeing how our boys are being treated like they didn’t do shit!!!!!! i wish a freakin atomic bomb will just hit lee soo man and crack his head open!!!!!!!!!! >_____<

    • hahahah.
      i will pray with you anytime for your wish to come true!!!

  49. SM had never been fair we all know this!! i mean what is surprising you? suju only got its members and elfs!! and look what we’ve became!!
    i just hope they’ll one day sue SM!!


    “It is not the cry of an immature child. Being a fan means being brave enough to protect what is most precious to you.”
    Yes it is the cry of an immature child…..
    Sometimes most Elfs really really really are immature little kids….I’ve always said this “I’m a huge fan of SUJU, they’re the only group i actually follow in kpop” but i’ve never said this “I’m an ELF” and i hope one day most Elfs wouldn’t be so embarrassing and immature so i can say i’m actually an Elf 9trust me there are alot others like myself). When i see another whining article/comment about SJ & SME i just shake my head in shame for u guys. If it’s not about GDA 2010, it’s about MV, if not that it’s about special preference to snsd or God knows wat would be next, when would all this immaturity end? when u’re older (i’m sure some of you are over 18 so it makes me wonder more).This article and comments proves my point…..
    1) Oh they use recycled MV sets for SJ, they do for all their artist (maybe with the exception of Fx)…Gee was a colorful box S.S was a black and white box, Genie was a pink box It’s you was in the streets, Oh was in a field Minah was a black and white box, RDR was a black and white box No other was outside in a school You see the pattern here it’s all the same MV treatment even with snsd’s new video dat’s not out you can clearly see that one of their sets is very similar to TVXQ’s set…..
    2) They paid for snsd’s private plane but not SJ. Have u seen it this way, those who invited snsd to perform in those condition didn’t think about them so SME had to do it (end of year flights can be a bitch so they would not have made it if they used regular flight) but SJ the organizers wanted them to be there badly that they paid for a private plane for them (even if they didn’t use a PP they could still fly there through regular means)….
    3) OH NO SNSD’S CD CASE IS METAL AND SJ’S IS PAPER…..Last time i check that metal is almost as cheap as paper covers and it doesn’t take much to make seeing it’s a lunch box already all that needs to be done is just print the pics on it. And the $1 difference, really are u guys seriously on about $1 difference (shakes head in shame)…And even if snsd’s album cost more to make and required more effort and then wat? they make the most money for SME (u can’t argue that and if you’re trying to u’re just delusional. Japan is where most money comes from not China and snsd has sold over 600k in albums in Japan last time i check and SJ-M’s album hasn’t sold up to 100k in China) so if they treat them better it makes perfect sense cos it’s business not a charity organization….
    4) LSM ‘s comment was rude. No it wasn’t he said the truth, SJ was supposed to be a rotational group since u all know that, his statement should not come as a surprise. He didn’t know they would be as big as they are today which is why they are still together.
    5) SM took SJ’s Peru concert? how the hell do u know it was supposed to be SJ and not SMTown? last time i check SMTown is also doing a world tour and people were all over twitter saying SMTown Peru (yes there were later SS4 Peru but they also requested for SMTown Peru.
    6) How on earth are they delaying Super Show? lats time i checked they are on the same schedule as last years Super Show…Are u guys really serious?
    7) SJ in etc….Oh wow the only one article that a news outlet puts SJ in the etc (not SME nut news outlet) u guys are complaining that it’s SME’s fault? Oh Lord!!! the people that are usually in etc that everyone complains about are Shinee, F(x) and the others……
    8) Heechul being on of my fav members(#4) also sometimes tends to be immature (if u deny it then u’re biased) which is part of his charm. If i were SME i wouldn’t announce that they’ve been #1 for 18weeks since it hasn’t yet beat out their previous ranking for S.S i would wait until it beats that record to announce it which SME did so this right here should not even be an issue……

    No matter how much i love SJ i’m not an immature fan who is blinded by my bias to know the truth…..This is business here not for ur emotional feelings……

    • hmmm sounds like a anti disguise as a “mature super junior fan”

      • berantem yuk

      • No Suju is the first kpop group i ever got into and they’re still my #1 since then i have their 3rd and 5th album (#4 wasn’t good so i didn’t buy it)…..If you like go to AKP and search for the same user name and u’ll see…..
        And yes i’m a “mature SJ Fan”…..and it sounds like u’re one of those i talked about in my post…..

    • you’re last statement.. that is where you and the other elf’s differ.. you failed to see the the essence why we love SJ.. why we react this way, why we are so protective about them, and saying Heenim as immature.. he knows everything than you..

      • Heechul is immature sometimes which is part of his charm, yes he knows more than myself since he’s in the company and i’m not but when it comes to business decisions i’m most likely wiser than him……And if not being overly protective and being clear minded b4 making irrational accusations makes me differ from other elf’s, then i’m happy being different……

        • i kind agree with u…
          we know, that as in anywhere in this world nothing is easy, and we cant deny that somethings that SME did to suju or other group have no excusse… (that is why JYJ an Hangeng is not with them anymore). something that they did was really pathetic!
          but in someparts you are right …
          i am just saying… we cant say that everything is going great for super junior, but we cant also say that they are treat like slaves!
          they really suffer, for slepping less then normal, for being sick and have to go up to stage… all we have to do is keep with they and support always (:
          ELF STAY STRONG!

          • Oh, yeah, sweetie, you are soooooooooo mature. Wow, when I grow up I hope I am just like you!! I can’t wait until I am sitting on my royal throne and pronouncing judgments of Suju, including calling out HeeChul as “immature”, and judgments of Elf as irrational and embarrassing as well. (those were Your words). But I am taking notes on how that is done..You are showing me such a great example of how to be a smart@ss…..let’s see…..”Anyone who disagrees with me is WRONG”…..that’s it, right? I learn quickly. Oh, and let’s not forget, I will also be able to know how to understand the business workings of a multimillion dollar company according to you (you must be making hundreds of thousands of $ yearly, yes? And have several degrees in finance and management?) …and if I am not agreeing with you, I am not *using my brain* (your words, not mine). Your tone is arrogant. Your words don’t impress me.

            Anyone who knows me would be shocked that I am being so belligerant towards you…most of the time I walk away when people start talking trash. (Like they know-it-all and their viewpoint is the only correct one…as you are doing) It’s not worth the effort. But you just seemed so cocky and disrespectful…of Suju, of Elf, hell, even of LeeSooMan. I think you should make yourself a cup of tea, and take a deep breath. Then, I think you should take your superior skills and “clear-minded” judgments to the chairman of the board, where he will be soooooo grateful to have such wise counsel and will pay you handsomely for your input.

            My comments can easily be deleted, but I have been no more disrespectful than this dtp person has been. That person sounds like a troll to me. I’m done here. I won’t say any more on this subject, no matter how I am baited. I don’t want to get all angry over it. Haters can hate me for the comments if they like. I don’t care.

            • comment above was to dtp person.

            • You sound so Heechul…. I love it!! ( I know, out of topic but seriously..) 🙂

          • Korea fans are the people who live in the same country with Sj, they stick with the boys since the very start. They known things that we, foreign fans, doesn’t..

            Difference? You’re not a fan so of course you’re difference.. Do you ever see?
            How the girls got a 2 mansions, one in Japan, one in Korea. Our boys live in two dorms, and when KyuHyun joined, he can’t have a bed for 9 moths

            And how the SM concert in Paris is announced as power of 9.. Suju remain as “etc” in the article about the event, although 70% fan in the stadium is E.L.F .

            SM concert in Tokyo, the company forbid fans to bring light stick except pinky , Sone (or kiss me or honey or whatever) called it a pink ocean and power of 9 ( again)

            The GDA last year, it belong to our boys, and some SM’s staff come in the last minutes.. Suddenly, it became their

            And a lot more a bout SM and their stupid favor, i don’t want to say more

            Dont said HeeChul (or LeeTeuk or Kang In or anyone else) is immature, because they’re older than you, smarter than you and know more than you.. You’re not the only one who have brain here. You call your self mature, i’m sory i call it blind.. Too afraid to admit the true.. Don’t want to be call fangirls, crazy fans but hello, what are you doing here?

            I don’t think i can change your thick head, but stop being the nice person here. We don’t need you, or person like you

            • I love your comment. Agree completely.

              • yes.. i think you’re right.. we all love suju.. not the stupid snsd..

    • You want to talk business, let’s talk business… Will you treat a money maker this way? Everything they do, SM is getting paid… variety, drama, album, ost, concert…etc. SM getting paid and what have they done for Super Junior? I think I can say that Super Junior is an international artist. They are well-known in many countries. They have been topping in many country music chart… Will it be fair to be treated this way??? Who is making the most money for them??
      I don’t think Heechul is being immature… It does not matter whether they have beaten anyone… They just want to be known and not those they are not doing anything… If you don’t want to be known then what is the point of being an artist…

      • OK i wrote a reply b4 and it somehow was deleted/disappeared….So to summarize it, SJ is not the major money maker in SME dats snsd (arguing that means u’re delusional). SJ is really popular internationally no denying it but that does not generate money for them, they make money from Korea, China and Japan (snsd makes more money in both Korea and Japan)…..And wat are u talking about here “It does not matter whether they have beaten anyone…They just want to be known and not those they are not doing anything…If you don’t want to be known then what is the point of being an artist” it doesn’t make sense nor does it correlate to anything i wrote…..Use ur brain i know it’s there that’s why i can’t talk business with u…..

        • How do you know that SNSD is making the most money for SM??? Have you see their Balance Sheet Account??? If you have, please proof it…I will be happy to admit that you are right… Do you know what is min cost max gain???

        • Uhh… Dude.. You really need to go read the money statistics released by SM every year.. Super Junior has been making them the most money since Sorry Sorry and before that, it was TVXQ.. If you don’t know your facts.. Please don’t pretend to cause it shows ignorance and stupidity from your psrt 🙂

    • Relly agree with this comment!!! Finally there’s someone ‘mature’. I’m sure many ‘behind the scene’ of what public have known.. We shouldn’t judge sme like this post did!

    • I don’t think the other elfs are immature to make those comments above. Yes, I agree that as a biz corporation, SM always consider the return of investment first when debuting a group or promoting a group. But I think as the SM chairman, LSM is rude to make those comments about SJ in the interview as if they are “leftoers” or talentless. He should have said it in a more appreciate way, ‘cos it really hurts the fandom to hear such degrading stuff.

    • $1 times the number of 5jib has been sold will make a quite big number, just saying.
      And that group’s album is not only iron case i think, inside it’s velvet and to think how many meters of velvet have been bought for the album would also make price difference. Lunch box? don’t you think it was too shallow as a lunch box?
      Nice comment to cool down the rage after all. I agree at some points.

    • As a somewhat mature fan (I’m 25), I’d say I have enough real world experience to know the real ways of the world, that is, not everything is black and white. So I agree with the gist of your argument. I wouldn’t precisely word it the way you did, cuz it came off as a little harsh especially since most elfs are teenagers and they feel everything so intensely. But that doesn’t mean I disagree with every argument mentioned in the “Nate” article: Before the LSM interview, I had the distinct feeling that they weren’t appreciated very much in their company. There was no rhyme or reason for it since there really was no concrete evidence (cuz like you, I agree that their mv etc. are a non-issue) but the feeling was there. That feeling was further cemented by his remarks that SJ was minor-league team (implied)that deserved pity. It was a comment that was degrading as well as it was unnecessary. He shouldn’t have said it and I question why he would say such a thing. For a team that he’s supposed to promote, I’m at a loss as to why he said it. So, in the end, even though I agree with most of your arguments, I have to say that I think the Kelfs’ reaction is justified. Rather immature and grasping at straws on some points, but still justified.

      • If they were only arguing over LSM statement i would be more understanding but everything else listed in their argument makes me shake my head at how their brains work (cos they keep trying to justify it)……I get that they are teenagers but sometimes they need to hear the harsh truth bcos they keep on doing this stupid things that makes people even myself ashamed for them….Even if they’re young that doesn’t mean they can’t think with a clear and rational mind. I guess it’s my mistake for expecting such from teenagers

        • If you were mature enough, you would know that not everyone thinks the same way as you do when you were 15. And it doesn’t mean being immature makes us less mature than you.

      • can’t agree more.

    • I agree with most of the things you said. (for example what you said about the albums and the MVs)
      But you can’t deny that SM tend to give more credit to other groups. Or that SUJU’s workload is inhuman sometimes. Ok, for SM they’re nothing more than moneymakers and we’re pretty aware of that. But this doesn’t mean that they have the right to treat them like that.
      They’re human, no matter how hard they try to be strong, sleeping not more than 4 hours a day, getting through rehearsal after rehearsal, jumping from a studio to another in a short span of time– al those things are unhealthy. I’m talking about their health here.

      • All idols go through that not just SJ and yes i know it’s not healthy and i get concerned for their health but on the other hand it’s not an SME thing it’s a kpop industry thing….You have to work a whole lot to keep urself relevant to the public with all the one too many new artists popping into the scene almost everyday……

        • yeah, I know that all too well.
          It’s just so sad sometimes, you know… watching all those idols working so hard– I know, it’s normal for them, but from my point of view it’s just too much.

        • Most of elf are teenager, and as we know they could be so emotional and over sensitive about their oppas. They might not checked or researched like you did, but please don’t be so bitter. Ur comment may hurt their feeling now

    • I read your comments and I have to agree with you in some points and disagree in others. I want to start saying that not all teenagers are like that, we do think. If it is immature, be it, but our ways of thinking beeing different doesn’t mean it is immature. Also, I face to agree that Heechul is immature, but asking for some recognition of their work is it? I mean, I’m honor student of my school, and last year they didn’t want to prize me even if I was on first spot and other students records were prized. I had to talk with the director so I had my recognition as well. Why did I do that? Because I want some recognition of what I have done. Isn’t Heenim’s actitud here the same? It is again, something unfair and he is trying to change that; it is something like when he defended the other members, like Henry and Zhou Mi. Was that immature to?
      I’m not saying I want a fucking iron album with velvet on the inside. I want the music, but come on, the could have done something better with the teasers. I don’t really care about this, but they should be balanced with the effort they put in ALL their artists, I’m not saying in is only SJ.
      And of course SNSD is having more success on Japan.remember that SJ haven’t even made an official debut there even though they have made japanesse songs, albums etc. But they are still somewhat popular, SMe even opened JPELF fanclub.
      What I want to say is, if SME promoted them more they would even more popular. I mean, I don’t care if they debuted in jp or not, or if they want to build a castle to other artists, what I want is SM treat all they artists the same way. Promote them the same way.
      Also, it is true in most international countries they are the most popular, And when SM town Peru trended, also SM town brazil and SM town Venezuela and mexico did so, and it was just because SM town Paris news were out, doesn’t mean that ss4 is more wanted. I don’t really what people wants more, but I just want to remark that because SM were asked for a concert it means we people in south America doesn’t want a super show
      I’m sorry if I’m not making my ideas clear enough. What I want to say that even if it is immature some way of how elf sometimes take this kind of things, it doesn’t mean they are not having unfair treatments

      • U didn’t read clearly let me reiterate
        1) I said Heechul is SOMETIMES immature, now if i said he’s immature i’ll understand why u’re bringing up other things he’s done.
        2) Yes SJ is somewhat popular in Japan but snsd and DBSK makes the most money in Japan hence snsd gets special treatment from SME cos they believe if they spend more on them they will get more in return (which is true)
        3) The same type of teaser they had for SJ is almost the same as snsd
        4) I don;t get wat u’re saying about the whole SMTown Super Show thing (the grammar makes it hard to understand sorry)
        5) I never said ALL teenagers are immature i myself when i was a teenager i was too mature for my age (i graduated high school at 15yrs so i had to mature fast esp when u’re in a class with people 2yrs+ older than u) and till now i still hear i’m too mature for my age…

        • Warning: this is an essay, but I hope that it’s at least a well-written one

          I agree with you on most points, but there is one thing that I heavily disagree with. I think that SME should put a lot more effort into SuJu’s music and music videos. Yeah, SNSD might be more popular, so they might receive be treated better than SuJu. That doesn’t change the fact that SuJu is still also immensely popular, and probably generate plenty of money for SME. So when I see younger groups with way better music and music videos, like Infinite or Beast or MBLAQ, I always wonder, why can’t SuJu ever come out with something cool or exciting like that? They’re more popular and definitely make more money. In fact, I think SME as a whole should improve their quality of music videos including SNSD’s and TVXQ’s because honestly, reusing the same old formula of just dancing in a box should NEVER be acceptable.

          It’s also hard to argue that the quality of music that SuJu gets isn’t worse than what SNSD or Shinee or anyone else from SME. While SNSD may come out with a bunch of bubble pop songs, Gee sounds way different from Genie or Hoot or Run Devil Run. When Mr. Simple was coming out, I was really really excited. I had high hopes, which in hindsight were probably unfounded, but I thought maybe Bonamana was just like a mistake and Super Junior would release some good music. But no, all I heard is Bonamana + Sorry Sorry + Perfection. A-Cha just sounded like noise. SME can definitely do better, because even I could do a remix of those songs and just hire a choreographer to come up with some dance moves to match. And there’s definitely a problem when my favorite song in the SuJu album repackaged was Andante, seeing that it’s composed by Henry and Leeteuk, the non-professionals. Even Shinee, the younger and less popular group, get’s more inspired music, which can’t be simply explained by your logic.

          However, I think that it’s a problem that won’t easily be fixed. Elfs are very supportive of SuJu and even though I’m sure they all feel annoyed that SME isn’t giving them better things to work with, they still have no qualms against buying these same albums in bulk to ensure that SuJu wins music shows, the GDA, and all that jazz. Yeah, great way to communicate to SME about how much you hate what they’re doing. At the same time, if you don’t support SuJu, the boys will personally be hurt, and if the group is unprofitable, they might get treated even worse at even disband so putting up with the crap that SME gives us is the lesser of two evils here.

          The reason why I support SuJu as much as I do is because, no matter what hardships they have had to deal with, they’ve always sucked it up and given charismatic performances with the little that they have. It’s one thing to tirelessly promote something that you believe in, but it’s another to work hard for something that you know is stupid. (Which is also why Hankyung left isn’t it?) And sometimes I have to wonder, yeah this is a business, but where are your ethics, SME? These boys try so hard to do well, so why can’t you help them out a little? Would it really cost you that much? This might be SuJu’s last album as a whole group in a while, so can’t you at least try? And don’t you think putting up a better album will only help you gain more fans and thus more revenue? I can’t see anyone getting attracted to SuJu musically AT ALL with this new album, I mean, so many other groups are better.

          And dtp_jnr, if you are reading this, this is why I think SME is cheating out SuJu. I hope you don’t view this as just another immature fangirl’s rant (although I guess it still is in a sense). And while I do veer off topic, (yeah I know I didn’t focus that much on how SME treats other groups better but rather degraded into a rant about why SME is just terrible in general) you can’t deny that this is part of the reason why elfs everywhere are looking at The Boys with such hate and jealousy, SME looks like they’re actually trying with SNSD. And almost all other SME promotions this year look like they have had more creativity put in them than SuJu’s. Like I actually loved TVXQ’s Before U Go. And is there really such a monetary difference in giving thought to something? Like TVXQ got a movie, and we got dumb magic tricks. What does ubersexual even mean? SME can DEFINITELY afford to treat SuJu better, so I think it makes sense that elfs would be up in arms about this.

          • Wow yeah, that was really long, I seriously congratulate anyone who bothered to read it.

          • a-cha is not like a noise

          • Well said…

          • Well said… Usually immature person will said that they are mature..
            and yes, I’m being immature here… ^_^

        • I think all this drama actually sells Super Junior and SM more… I don’t mind and I don’t care, since SJ seems to have a happy life despite of all these rumors. One having an Audi A5 and BMW means he or they have a pretty well salary….

          Anyway, I see it as a balance for SJ to have SM as their company to compare with their worldwide popularity. This situation (if ever this is true) will only make them stronger in personality and character. I love them mostly because of this, with their humble, and polite attitude. They have great talents, make good music, dance, and act, but what shines the most is their passion to make people happy.

          • yup yup, that is sooo true
            i agree with you Rajyasri.
            altho i read all the comments regarding this matter,
            i neither agree nor disagree
            as long as the boys prove to us that they’re living well (as in getting paid enough for them to live comfortably), that’s enough for me
            and it’s also true that the treatment from SM also makes the boys who they’re today
            imagine they’re given the better treatment, most tends to get cocky isn’t it?
            so a lil bit trashy/harsh starts makes them humble and appreciate their fans even after being a WORLD STAR.
            WORLD? hardly anyone can achieve it, right?
            and yet they did 🙂

        • I agree with your 3rd comment. The starting music almost similar.

        • like you, i am not an ELF.. but I’m a Petal.
          Yes, SNSD had the biggest profit at the first half of 2011 (frm what they’ve earned in Japan) ~ next is SJ (including what they’ve gained in Asia)
          But whether we talk maturely or not.. there is really an UNFAIR treatment somewhere there.. maybe, as fan, we can’t really point it out.. but seeing how cheap the materials used in SJ’s 5th album, someone can say (it looked) it was low budgeted (compaired to SNSD’s)

          “It’s not just a cry of an immature child”
          I believe its not, those “child” cried because they love SJ so much.. failures, disappointments & departures are really hard to accept.

          Heenim is “sometimes” immature.. because he let himself feel.. Hee’s just being real. Hee’s just a human. But among other SJ member, i think he’s more matured XD

          Let’s just stop the argument on who’s immature or mature.. it will just be an endless argument as someone will try to defend oneself.
          LSM’s words may be hurtful but i will always be thankful to him for letting SJ debut in the first place..

          I’m may not be proud to say that I’m an ELF.
          But I’m proud of all ELF who loves SJ no matter what.

    • IN REPLY TO dtp_jnr :

      I agree with certain parts of your argument but I also agree with half of the author’s. I really wish you weren’t embarrassed or ashamed to consider yourself an ELF. There are no criteria or such to be considered one. I am nothing like those childish fans but I see myself as part of the fandom. Instead of “most ELFs” you could’ve just said “a lot of ELFs” to sound less generalizing because that really makes the fandom sounds so bad.
      We all know by now that the world isn’t fair but despite that reality, we all still seek and fight for fairness. Unfortunately, we have to compare to see any unfairness though. And that’s when other people start seeing it as complaining and us being immature protective fans. Do we sit and zip our mouths when people look down on us and SJ? Are we supposed to feel nothing when important people in our lives are sad and hurt? Do we only keep smiling when we believe SJ deserves more and better than what they have? I go to other forums and I see how much people look down on them, and I will be lying if I tell you that I don’t care. Who takes part in this responsibility of them being look down on because their MVs suck, because their titled songs are crap, because they aren’t as recognized by SM as other SM groups, etc? We don’t know what is best for the SJ members but we all believe that they deserve better.

      I am not speaking for most ELFs but, merely, myself as a “true” ELF. If I ever speak about how disappointed I am of SM’s effort, I am not complaining nor am I being immature. It’s because I am holding high expectations for the smart & big name SM; I know SM can do better and can do more for certain groups. Without SM, there wouldn’t be a Super Junior for all of us to love and grow with. I know that and I am so very grateful of SM for finding them and sheltering them for many years. But there comes some point when that just isn’t enough.

      About business… honestly, I know nothing about it. It’s business to the business people but to SJ and to ordinary people like us, emotional feelings occur and that cannot be helped. We are affected by the big people who runs these business. We are influenced by the products they sell, the artists and music they make, how they work people to make their businesses a success. etc… We know that these business people and others [and probably SJ] don’t care about what we have to say, how we feel, and what we think but that’s why we have each other. We won’t agree with everything each person says or feels but we all have some kind of common ground.

  51. No wonder Han Geng escaped as soon as possible. He didn’t wanna put up with it anymore. Yet people criticized him… I’m surprised that our boys can withstand this treatment. They are GLOBAL stars, and can’t even get tthe things they deserve.

    At the end of the day, we ELF love and support SJ and always fighting !! 🙂

  52. Soo Man may not know how many ELF are waiting for him only to show up once :d Really unfair – our boys deserve MORE! More than they give to them. That’s why the ELF are here – we’re here to protect the boys ..

  53. hmm, I was thinking can we trend #SS4 XXX (your country) to occupy all top 10 position to create a BIG issue in media world to let our boys aware either from their local news or from our print screen, is this 1 way of showing our support?? can we do it as we need international ELF unity? what is the most preferred date of trending? I heard eeteuk said will discuss to have SS4 in arab on that interview

    • I think it’s better to stop escalating this now ‘cos SJ is still in SM now. It will be very embarrassed for the boys ‘cos you are making them to choose sides…. the most important thing that elfs need to unite to do now is to BUY ALBUMS before Oct 29, make sure we can win GDA !!!!! Results always proves your value !!!

  54. sooooooo maaaaaannnnnnnn….
    ribut yok….. barantem zha dah….

    bner2 bkin naek darah ney…

    • iya bener2 hahahaha
      pengen nonjok orang gini jadinya hahaha
      mumpung lg PMS juga, biar ada pelampiasan hahaha *setress karna suju

    • gile.. brani jg lw. si so man nongkrongnya di korea cuyyy, mahal aja klo disamperin. wkwkwkwk.. peace

      • hahahaha maklum lg emosi, imajinasi dikit boleh lahh hahaha
        maklum orang indo hhe peace jg

    • ahaha, sabar ya chingu:) org teraniaya biasanya doanya lebih ampuh. Kita doain moga SM makin kaya makin menderita ya(?)

      • hahaha,, bener tu,, semakin kaya semakin menderita,,

        lee soo man = siluman….

  55. i just hope they can get a happy life. can feel the happiness and the laugh they showed to us is their sincere laugh.. i feel sorry for them especially for leeteuk. i think everything is in his shoulder. reading this article make me love super junior more and more .i hope we can create many good memories toghether. SJ & elf fighting!!!

  56. 슈퍼주니어 !!! T___T .. We will always love u no matter what .. E.L.F’s always with U .. SM { I really hate U now } .. WHY WHY ~ are u doing this to suju !!!!!
    Suju For ever ~ I really can’t believe that SM do that’s think .. It’s an Fair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SOO SAD ~

    I wish that everything become GOOD !! for my lovely Band SUPER JUNIOR !!!! Hwaiting ^__^

  57. Truth is always one…
    You can denied the truth, you can hide it but you cannot run away from God…
    Although the world does not have balance, we, as E.L.F.s will fight for the truth!!!
    All Super Junior members and E.L.F., let us walk into the end!!!
    Trust that we can do it if we cooperate all the time…
    Go, go Super Junior and EL.F. !!! Fighting!!!

  58. The Boys are the BEST and we all know it, so why worry?
    They have ELF’s Hearts, that’s all that matters… The popularity they have is too!!
    SM does treat them wrongly, no doubt. Hangeng had hidden diseases that ELF didn’t know about until his law statement was released. The one story about him and Siwon being sick before a show…. They had to go get an IV treatment and one of the SM staff who was there with them.. Made the drip faster, so they could leave quicker. Super dangerous. Who knows SM could do this to all of there artists. I do know that SUJU is not the mist favored out of the other groups, but they are the most favored world wide. They also have a different kind of fandom, it’s as if we are family, that’s not stupid or immature. The human race needs to be connected with one another around the globe and being an ELF makes it healthy. Lol that’s just what I think

    • 0_0 The Boys…

      just a seconds..i thought u talk about GG’s new album your comment

  59. hmm.. i guess that’s just how the world goes around. there’s bound to be an amount of fairness and unfairness in our lives. things are not as simple as black and white. but amidst of all this, i think the boys realise it more than we do since they went through it first hand, but no matter what, they’re still contracted under sm. all we can do as fans now is to continue to support them and hope they can last for as long as possible, and prove everyone who puts them down wrong. it takes a lot for sm and lee soo man to acknowledge that they do not think Super Junior would be as successful, and for that, we should respect them just as much.

  60. that’s one of the reason suju will last forever!!

  61. reading the article make me very sad about the unfair treatment.. However, reading the comment that support Super Junior make me very happy and proud to be an ELF..

    we will always support Super Junior and trust them no matter what .. This is the power of ELF..

    “If The WORLD will betray SUPER JUNIOR, The ELFs will betray the WORLD”…

  62. Oh I really like your comment, the problem still depends on the way we see it. A harder foundation can give them much more strength n pride than others, and of course the everlasting love from us, ELFs. I hope all of us can see this problem under a positive thinking like that :D.
    @nn: Actually, while reading very long comments above, I wondered where is yours lol

  63. My first fandom is cassiopeia, i like 5 of them, and maybe i know them firstly than super junior. When i know Super Junior, i do really love them. So sad read it, i don’t know why SM do like that T.T

  64. I’m so sad~~~ this is so sad T^T


  66. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Super Junior were driven because they were the “second best” group. Yesung has his story, about how his family were crying when they watched him staring up a DBSK, knowing he hadn’t been selected to debut. Leeteuk tried to say the same thing on Strong Heart, when confronted with how mean he’d been to Kyuhyun, because they were all basically scared that the new kid would take their “spot”. And Kangin in a really old interview, saying how desperate they all were for the camera, and to get on variety shows like Heechul. Nearly all of them had that early experience of rejection and failure and the proof of their character is the way they fought from back from it.

    //That said, I’ve been thinking for a while now about the fact that Super Junior is what they’re doing while they’re young. It’s not the end of their life, it’s their foundation. I hope they can take that drive to succeed in whatever they spend the next 50 years of their lives doing. I’ll just be a little sad if nobody subtitles it.

    • ahh….. ouldn’t agree more. this thing would only make them stronger! and i really wish to see them continue on in the next decades, putting good examples for kids and iidols 🙂

    • You know what? I’m happy they went through all that….
      That way, they know not to take things for granted and to always work hard.
      That’s what made them the SUJU we know and love!!
      And if they were in DBSK, who knows they might be broken up as well with all the lawsuit drama…. 🙂

  67. SuJu also working hard for u, right??? they’re not robots, they’re also human! I HATE LEE SOO MAN . SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING . ELF will support SUPER JUNIOR .

  68. It’s always been kinda obvious that Super Junior were the redhead stepchild in SME, and that adds on to their charm for me. It hurts, but that’s the way it is. I’ve always rooted for the underdog/”second best”(Nsync were my fav. while everyone said BSB was better). It has always been ELF who brought Suju their success, and the boys always remember to thank their fans first.

    Who’d have thought that the so called “leftovers” would one day become probably the most recognized Kpop GROUP in Asia. I bet SM had no idea, and that what makes me hope that they last longer than any other kpop group out there so that they’ll be able to have the last laugh at everyone who said that they’ll disband soon.

  69. Oh okey… I’m speechless
    Ya! why they were / are very very unfair with oppadeul???
    B’coz SUPER JUNIOR and ELF are one, though I can’t really feel how much pain they’ve and still feel but yeah.. I really hurt.. How can they did stuff like that? Just made sj as a money factory huh? Never think ’bout how do they fell 😦
    So b’coz *I think* company betray SJ, let’s betray the world ELFs

  70. no matter how we always support super junior,ELF always behind super junior to support n protect super junior……i ‘m sure super junior will be a big superstar n go international too (i mean for debut like another BB n GB,as we know SNSD debut in amerika for they new album n i think that’s not fair for super junior because they more famous between SNSD,so i think they must also debut in international too)…n we now super junior king of hallyu wave,so we must believe super junior always to be a big superstar…….n i always pray for super junior,pray for they will win again on GDA this year… strong ELF for super junior……fighting super junior,fighting ELF!!!!!

    • That group debut in America, because, admit it, pervert male population is higher in this world. And debuting internationally won’t be a good idea for Suju because they are pretty to be compared by the universal standard stereotype of handsome, and people will go ‘they’re gay!’
      Girl group will be more acceptable, because pretty faces in girls will help much more.

      • People say that they(revering to any boy groups in kpop) are gay, well I don’t see them( the critics) on tv with a million of screaming fangirls after them. I don’t hear their songs on the radio or see their mv getting millions of views on youtube. I don’t see them getting name cutest/best/most handsome looking….. So lovely critics, care to answer?? 😉

  71. Top 10 Idols You Want To See In Concert!~SO tHE RESULT : 1st is SUPER JUNIOR

  72. Dont know if this has anything to do with this but i just remenbered a while back i was looking at the korean embassy website( i forgot which it was) and there was a section about korea’s culture and k-pop and it had pictures of all kpop bands etc but no picture super junior i was very surprised and confused as why were’nt they there. Since they are very popular.

  73. Well, let’s just prove it to SM by making Suju get the GDA then, filling up the venue for SS4, etc, shall we?

    • Yeah, that is our bullet to SM! we have to win this war!!
      *on fire*

  74. It is really a Heartquake..
    Hope uri oppas just fine.
    You have the ELF power Oppa! Just Fighting!! :’D

  75. Lee Soo Man also stated, “TVXQ is a group formed by taking the best members out of three idol teams. Super Junior is a group with the rest of those members. Because of that, there was a large difference in skill, which is why they had to grit their teeth to work to become the world’s greatest idols. It’s a result I myself didn’t expect.”

    i’ve never liked LSM at all, this doesn’t make me like him anymore -_- money greedy bastard.

    i have so many things to say it would take forever to type so…HFUOSHFOSDFENIOWPTHENKVDSLBGJKESHHKBDSGH -_-

  76. As long we united as an ELF, SJ will never fades from the entertainment business… Just be there and believe in them… Super Junior are here today because of us ELF not because of the company… since we know the exact reason SJ was debuted years ago was because SME want to get rid of them without making them notice by using the words of member rotation after a year, but because of ELF, SJ arise and conquer the world… when they shed blood tears, so do we…

    /And in addition, of course LSM will favor girls group more since he is a man with a dick after all.

  77. Seems like Super Junior can only rely on ELFS support. Therefore, we have to unite together and win the GDA. I like TVXQ but since LSM is supporting them so much, I have a horrible feeling this years GDA is going to go to TVXQ.

    • Maybe u r right, but i am sure that LSM does not want SUPER JUNIOR win GDA this year & any more!

  78. They have us and we know that they are tough

    “our scale is the best and our scale is the best
    everything has to be the best
    super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of
    our passion is the best and our concentration is the
    who would be able to say we’ve finished
    super junior is only missing the ‘man’ from the name of

    As ELFs, all we need to do is to keep supporting and giving them lots of love as much as we can.

    “Even if they don’t know of us, we try our best every day
    If they question who who who we are, we show them
    our results

    Even if the road we walk is barren,
    We are in the end, Super Junior

    Super Junior oppas and ELFs all over the world, FIGHTING! JJANG!! ^^

  79. There are some things which i agree with and some things which are just silly.

    Lee Soo Man isn’t the head of SM anymore, and he does value super junior. I don’t even know how old that quote is. People do change.

    Hey, i liked super junior’s new album. I thought the quality of it was alright. It was HUGE.

    What i did agree on was the same sets for mvs… Really dislike it.

    While some points are valid, others are a bit :/ it sort of sounds like a little kid throwing a tantrum. I know some ELF are going to jump on this and start hating on SM b/c ELF are really dedicated to suju

    • A major stockholder plays a part in making decisions. Change for the better or for the worst?

  80. I was at first a Sone, before I became an ELF, and even then I noticed the unfairness of this company, Super Junior has been going on since 2005 if I am not wrong, and I see even from their music videos that they have grown into experienced, more talented and better men. But they get almost nothing. I think I need some time to think out a proper answer to this, but I am most definetly buying their albums over and over again, doing petitions, making posters and do everything in my power to get people to know Super Junior! I will always be an Everlasting Friend even though I live in Norway. Super Junior forever Hwaiting! I ❤ U all!


    Super Junior deserves more! They’re actually the reason why people love kpop so much. Well, in my opinion, of course. I would seriously kidnap them just to give them a short vacation, but I’m too small for that kind of job. I love those guys too much to even do that!! Lol.

    Let’s support our favorite boyband, fellow ELFs. \m/

    PS: I love how Heechul dissed SM!! ❤

  82. I’m AGREE with You .. I have alot of things to talk about  -___- aaah Our Oppas have alot of PAINS .. I HATE SNSD :@ did you see their MV teaser it’s not like mr simple im not jealous from them but this is unfair SM try to make snsd popular all over the world without any hard work even they didnt work hard SUPER JUNIOR they’re popular from their work From the sweat of their brows not like SNSD !! SUPER JUNIOR haave alooooooooooot of PAIN they dont have a time to sleep all the time they’re working also from concerts they have only 10% from profits WTF !! We SHOULD HELP OUR SUPER JUNIOR THat IS NOT FAIR they’re seperate Kibum From super junior ., SO ELF WE SHOULD BE WITH SUPER JUNIOR FOREVER,, SUPER JUNIOR ELF = ❤  FIGHTING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

    • -_-……it’s extremely immature to hate SNSD just because their teaser is different, they have worked hard too, they didn’t sit around and do nothing, please think before you actually talk. All of the artists work hard, some have easier ways out, but nevertheless, they still work hard.
      I love both Suju and SNSD, its not right to disrespect one artist because you like the other more.

  83. THIS!!
    ELF & SUPER JUNIOR! Hwaiting‼‼

  84. 1. SM probably invested a lot in SJ, so I suppose they couldn’t just give up on them, which is why they had them debut. It makes sense. I don’t see it as helping them “just for sympathy”. The real problem here is in the way the company/trainee deal works in K-pop.

    2. Can anyone really prove this or are we guessing? If SJ, SHINee and SNSD were among the most popular artists in Peru, doesn’t it make sense to have an SM Town concert there? How do we know they were planning a Super Show? Even if they were, there could be other reasons why they would switch to an SM Town Live (instead of promoting just one artist, they get to promote many more, for instance).

    3. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t this the first time SNSD gets such a special CD casing? It’s tin, not iron by the way… And it’s not like SJ albums are badly packaged (does the material really count that much?). All three 5jibs were different for example (version A got that huge vynil disc-like cover with 10 different versions, for example, and their photobooks look pretty cool too – think Boys In The City and Super Show).

    4. What? How? Are we sure about this?

    5. True that, it happens a lot with SJ and makes the MVs look unoriginal. SJ used to have more interesting MVs, but so did all the SM groups. I’m thinking Don’t Don, Haengbok, Neogateun Saram Ddo Eobseo, Neorago, those MVs had interesting sets. They’re not the only ones getting simple sets though, just look at Bad Girl, the entire thing is CGI. Lucifer, regular sets with some fans and cars. Oh! My Goddess, white and luminous backgrounds.

    6. Really? Obviously I haven’t read all the news stories on SM Town Live, but at least all the articles SM writes mention them, as far as I’ve seen (I have them on Facebook so I read the stuff they post).

    7. I don’t know the tone in which HC said this so I don’t know what to think about it.

    8. I’m sorry if I sound too critical, I’m not saying SM treats SJ like kings or anything. The way the big K-pop companies works isn’t that favourable to artists and I’m sure SJ suffers with that, so do the other people in SM, I suppose. I don’t know if SJ has it worse than everyone else in SM. But the points made in this post do not convince me entirely. Ultimately I think it’s impossible for us to be sure of that because we’re not close to SM/SJ. Even based on things they say/do, I’m sure there’s still a lot we don’t see or hear. We don’t know what’s going on in SM, we can’t be sure of their reasons for doing what they do, and so it is hard for us to be absolutely certain of the claims made in the post (I’m saying this because from the comments it seems like a lot of people agree immediately with what it says).

  85. realmente no entiendo loq hacen a super junior el se hatenido q ganar todo su esfuerzo no como snsd y noi me parecen q les den mas beneficiencia snsd y tvxq yo siento q sin super juniorellos no son nada la vitamina es super junior

  86. Through all these, our boys and ELF, together have we achieved so much and still can go further … until sarphireblue covered the whole world. Nothing can stop us unless we stop ourselves. Through thick and thin, with blood and tears, it makes much sweeter for every complishments we’ve gotten in this difficult but beautiful journey. It’s our PRIDE to do all by ourselves; against all the odds, the injustice not only from SM but the media and many netizens as well. Because we are Super Junior, we are ELF, we are family. With LOVE, united we can do anything and everything. We are THE LAST MEN STANDING.


    PS. This is also the reason why I’m asking ELF to treat all the boys fairly. It hurt me and I’m sure it hurt the boys also when knowing there are anti-fans right in this family, created by bias stans’ extremists. Please, remind each others what the boys and ELF are made of, how hard for us to get to this point and what our ultimate goal is. PLEASE, SUPPORT and PROTECT our boys and each others till the end. ELF, remember this: “You don’t need to be ELF from the beginning, just be an ELF until the end.”

  87. I think everybody needs to calm the hell down. SM entertainment in general is a shit company. Yes they treat Suju horribly, they refuse to acknowledge how much they actually provide for the company (by they I mean Lee Soo Man), they overwork them, etc, etc. But don’t you think they do this to their other artists as well? Look at pre-break up TVXQ. Were they not the most LOVED boyband in their time? Were they not the most popular? Yet SM treated them horribly which is why JYJ left.
    SM does not treat SNSD better because they acknowledge them more, I’m actually fairly certain that behind all the glamor they get treated badly as well. Why? Again, because SM entertainment is a shit company. BUT. Suju are free to leave whenever they want. Now why don’t they? Because despite everything they have been through, they are still thankful to the company which is why they even chose to renew their contracts. No one was pointing guns to their heads.
    You can say how they got to the top all by themselves but that is just not true. I don’t even like SMENT but I know that if they hadn’t decided to launch Suju as a boyband, they wouldn’t even be here as the group we all love and cherish right now.
    Hopefully in the future when they all get more independent they get to work on their own terms and conditions. Whether that will be with SM or not, who knows.
    But people, E.L.Fs, PLEASE do not think that SM just treats Suju badly and complain about it. Do you really think it makes the boys happy? Shit happens and life goes on. Let’s just support them the best we can.

    • Oh and I just wanted to add that the reason SM are spending more money on SNSD, it’s because they’re hoping they can make more money from them. Not because they like the girls more. The artists on SM are pretty much considered to be money making machines, nothing more. Sadly.

    • I’m not so sure how much of it is the boys being thankful to the company. I think it’s more that they don’t want to be blacklisted. JYJ had massive amounts of fans before they left; numbers that I don’t think Super Junior can match. And look at them now, still struggling to get on music shows. So yeah, I think that does count as “pointing guns to their heads”. I don’t see what’s wrong with E.L.F.s asking SME to give Suju better music. Wouldn’t the boys be happier if the music they were promoting actually sounded nice?

      • I agree, it could be because they know how JYJ were and are still treated. But I still think they stay because of the fact that they are thankful and are loyal to the company. Remember when Han Geng left and Kyuhyun wrote on his Cyworld that it was like biting the hand that fed you? That really upset me by the way since I don’t agree with what Kyuhyun said, but the reason to why I bring it up is because it shows the loyalty that he has to SM. I’ll say it one more time, SM is a shit company and they certainly don’t deserve Super Junior’s loyalty. SM definitely treats Suju like shit and give them shit music. I myself was extremely disappointed with the 5th album–everything had already been done before.
        But what I was trying to say is what Leo (the poster below me) brought up. That the problem lies within SM and how they treat their idols along with other music labels, not necessarily that SM has it in for Suju. That’s ridiculous. They spend more on other artists like SNSD because they hope they will get more money from thm. Which is stupid because if they would promote Suju as much as they did SNSD, Suju would probably bring in more money. That’s at least what I believe.

    • I agree with you. The problem is in the way SM and other idol companies work, not that SJ is trated the worst (which is something we can’t even be sure about).

    • I totally agree with you,, SuJu didn’t leave the company coz still it is the company who create them., despite of unfair treatment, in many winning speech (MuBank, MuCore, Inki, and MCD), Leetuk (and maybe other members) always say their thankyou and grateful to LSM sajangnim,,
      Therefore, thanx to SMEnt who ‘ create and raise’ SuJu,,
      Dont be busy hating others,, We still have soooo many things to do making SuJu as KPOP world conquer,,
      Lets keep our faith to the boys, ELFs!!

  88. SM treats SNSD better than SuJu, In my oppinion i think SuJu will make WAY MORE money than SNSD if SM promotes SuJu better! I will always support SuJu no matter what!


  90. This kind of treatment will make Super Junior and ELF become stronger. This kind of treatment make ELF love Super Junior more (no even single spot left to love them more. We are full of love to Super Junior)

  91. well, as they say, “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” obviously, SMEnt didn’t expect that Super Junior would received this kind of popularity around the world, they are expecting, TVXQ to do great things and surpass the expectation that Lee So Man expected them, but it turned out that they are wrong, no offense to the fans of TVXQ, but they are really talented and have beautiful voices honestly, but i guess they don’t have that kind of charisma… not only because of their hardwork but because they know how to be thankful and kind hearted people, that’s why they received good blessings…

    • what kind of charisma suju have but TVXQ don’t have? Don’t make people laugh with your statement. every group do their hardwork, they are kind and thankful to another people who help them. not only suju.

  92. HATE SM !

  93. After several hours of thinking about this matter I’m finally posting a comment. I’m usually a silent reader and only comment once in a while, but with this it may take a mini essay to get everything off my chest. So here is my 2 cents:
    – My dear ELF please PLEASE stop the complaints, as much it hurts us nothing NOTHING will change the fact that Suju is still with SM, even the fact that they renew their contract early this year. They made a choice and we shall RESPECT it. We will never know why they chose this but they did it and I’m sure they knew that not everything was going to be easy with SM, nevertheless I think they knew that more good things than bad things will come with this renewal. Everyone as to deal with the choices that we made trough life and face the consequences of this choice, they do it they face the consequences and they don’t complain because it was their choice no one push them to it. This is hard to understand and only time made us realize this. As Elf or SJ supporters we will be there for them as friends to help them when they need us, and when they need to spend a good time. But we can not resolve their problems, is up to them to do it (and believe me if SJ members wanted to take revenge or something on SM they wouldn’t doubt to call ELF for help and even all the friends they have in the industry. So if they don’t complain then it must be because there is not a reason for it).
    – Now let’s return to the article, first Lee Soo Man interview. Well for what I have see and read some others comments their may be a translation problem, but I don’t read hangul or understand it so if any kind soul can please confirm this is the right translation I will be eternally thankful. But if he really said this then we should remember that he is a businessman and this wasn’t the best way to express his feelings regarding SJ. Now « he chose one member from each and brought them together to create a ‘major-league’ team. That team was TVXQ », this doesn’t surprise me. I am not a cassie and I have never actually been fond of TVXQ but their talent was undeniable, I am talking here about a singer talent. Regretfully all SJ members are not that good at singing as tvxq, the best of course are Yesung, Kyu and Wookie, but at that time only Yesung was in SM Wookie and Kyu weren’t trainees yet. Even so TVXQ were raised to be outstanding singers while SJ were raised to become entertainers. Now for a music label specialized in music they prioritize tvxq over suju, and that seems logic from a business point of view. SJ was a risky investment but he take the risk and made them debut. No one believed they will make it but they did and this is why SJ story is one of the most beautiful in kpop. So even if he felt pity for them he help them debut and for that we most feel thankful just as the boys are. Actually this 2 sentences are awkward together « But because we had already contracted with them, we had to take responsibility » and « We felt sorry for them, which is why we helped. », so was it for the feel of being responsible for them or for pitying them? As for now I think is more a responsibility than any other thing (but as I said I want a translator confirmation PLEASE).
    – Ok second statement is a pure business thing. If a do a concert in a place were kpop is not that popular (I’m sorry to say it but not everyone listen to kpop in southamerica or Europe), what will guarantee a successful concert, only one group or many groups? Besides with this kind of concert outside Asia SM wants to be in headlines and be sold out the best way to have this it is with many groups.
    – Third statement, well actually I would rant more about the music quality more than the package, so I’m sorry this been paper, aluminum or iron it doesn’t change the fact that what really matters is the music quality.
    – Fourth statement, SM delaying SS4, well I’m not against it, why? Well this will allow them to have more time to rest, to take things slowly and to better plan SS4. SJ wants to offer the best possible show to ELF and we must not forget that this time it is a worldwide tour so SJ want to show they are more than capable to pull a show in the « major international league ». Just remember SS4 will take place, is not as it has been cancelled (and just then we can go berserk against SM).
    – Fifth statement, well if you see the big majority of kpop videos have the dancing in a box or in an interesting background, that’s kpop for you. If you want to complain do it about the choreographer or composer in this case rino nakasone and teddy riley for SNSD comeback. Now why do they have them? Because they are doing a major comeback as a semi-debut internationally. Why SNSD and not SUJU debut internationally? Why SUJU did not debut in Japan? Well because in the next years they will face military, would you make debut internationally or in Japan a group that will constantly change it’s members and their number? I don’t think so. Again this is business.
    – Sixth, well I’m afraid is true…
    – Seventh Heechul, oh Heenim how I miss you, but besides of what he had said he still take a picture with LSM and was in headlines for saying that they weren’t in a slave contract. So being how he is I don’t think he is against LSM or SM. As for what he said well in witch context did he said it, regarding the context many things can be misunderstood.

    Now if I remember well this kind of rant against SM started with Bonamana and has been more frequently done since GDA 2010. But let’s remember something, before 2010 SUJU was more popular than SNSD, but no sone complained about this because SJ was SM moneymaker. 2009 was such a great year for both of them with Sorry Sorry and Gee, 2 kpop classics. And if Sorry Sorry wasn’t a hit the boys might give up. Hae even said that if the album wasn’t good he would return to mokpo. But the album was a hit and Sorry Sorry became what I like to call the Asian macarena, everybody danced to it. And the public and the critics unanimously recognized them. But after winning GDA 2009 did something change for them? I really don’t know if they had some kind of better treatment or something witch makes me think that if they win GDA 2011 it will not change anything. And if you say that after GDA 2010 SNSD got a better treatment well it is not true, I just want you to remember that Sunny, LSM niece, fainted in a concert in Japan, is this a better treatment? Now I’m not saying that in some occasions SNSD are better treated than Suju but that is because right now they are the main source of income (huge money from the Japan debut and CF) plus being « national girl group » of Korea. And this is a lot to deal with if they aren’t treated that well. Suju doesn’t have this kind of public recognition even if they have the largest international fanbase. Sad to say but this are the facts.
    We don’t know actually how the company works, what happens behind the scenes unless we work there. What we know is that no matter what Suju has always stayed strong and ELF have always been there for them and will still be there in the future.
    Whatever SJ chose to do in the future we will try to be there for them. For now let’s just respect their choice and stop complaining.

    • i totally agree with you.
      looking at all the comments here, i think what we need to do as fans now, is to calm down and take a backseat.
      do realise that sm is a business organization, and a business, whether its in entertainment or other industries, is build up to generate profits. SJ (and all the other artists) are just like employees in a company. all the shows and concerts they did are work. and right now, for them to be involved in a lot of ‘work’ shows how valuable they are as employees.
      we’re all fans for a reason, and right now, instead of ranting and keep thinking about all the negativities, we should be thankful that they’re still here as a group, and continue to support and be there for them.
      as what Asagi said, let’s just respect their choice and stop complaining.

    • I love you. That is all.

  94. Super Junior existed because of SME but they lasted this long with overwhelming popularity because of ELF. That is why for our leader ssi, he only likes Super Junior and ELF.

    I wanted them to win GDA because I want to rub it in SME’s face, that even without good promotions from them, Super Junior can succeed because they have ELF and only ELF.

    Sometimes, I always comes to the thought that it would be better if they free themselves from SME. DBSK and SJ reunion in another company to pull SME down will be really historical.

    I believe in karma, SJ will surely be blessed and SME will go down the drain if they still continue with this.

  95. oppa T_T

    i really love Super Junior,
    i really thankfull to SM that find our boys,

    but, at same time i HATE SM who unfair to our boys,, T_T
    hwaiting ELF!!!!
    we must take care of our boys,
    they relly just have EverLastingFriends

    • I’m agree with u. Hate SM. Hate LSM. SJ Fighting.

  96. I hope other Company will take as SJ when SJ finish their contract with SME. Heechul once said that his heart always with JYP. I really want to see how SME without SJ. From what i see and observed international fans love SJ not the SME other artist. I hope SJ not renew their contract with SME in the future. I believe that there are a lot of companies in korea willing to take SJ as their label artist.

    • Once there was an article about, SJ got killer schedule, whereby variety shows, music programs, drama, concerts, Radio programs, album promotions, modeling and other programs like open shows. We can see how much hardwork and effort they put on to be the top, unlike other SME artists i don’t see they got many of these programs on their schedule. Still they were treated better than SJ. SJ earnings from any shows need to be divided between the members eventho only one of the is working. Sometimes i think, why SME treated SJ like this? if SME think that SJ not really good compared to OTHER SME ARTISTS, then PLEASE let SJ FREE from SME.

  97. God bless these boys. After being treated like that, they can still smile on stage, they still love the ELFs, they still try their hardest in everything they do even when others hate on them…they’ve got strong hearts. But even those strong hearts can cry and feel broken, and still they hide it from us not to make ELFs feel sad…sometimes it makes me worry more, if we think this is so bad, what else can they be hiding from us?? Anyways, hard work will pay off. Keep believing in God and stay strong!

  98. instead of Complaining Here and there, what we can do is always support our boys .
    Complaining will never change everything .
    they (super junior) know what they want and they need .
    they only have ELF.
    Just show our love , just show them that we will beside them in long last, Just show the world, Prove that Everlasting Friends is not just a name .

    ah~ it similar w/ shinwa, while SM always put HOT as their greatest group instead shinwa, but in the end shinwa is the longest. its more precious :))

  99. Nope, can’t agree. They have overcome a lot of handicaps and hurdles, but that is because of who they are. Every person has an individual work ethic…putting forth less effort because the way is easier isn’t the way it works. I work like h#ll, not because the way is hard, but it is part of the definition of me. I’m a hard worker. Failure isn’t in my vocabulary. I MUST win. Every person has an ethic. A self-definition. A self concept. Every member of Suju has known from the beginning that it would be a tough business…I don’t think slackers would even attend those auditions. The business attracts over-achievers. Because the world isn’t fair, we have to work harder than the person next to us and do the absolute best we can whether anyone is watching or not. That’s what I think.

  100. after reading the article..i do not feel enraged like i thought i would have instead, i am sitting here in front of the computer screen trying to hold back my tears.
    I haven’t been an ELF for too long myself, but i’ve got enough knowledge to know what the boys go through and how hard ELFs have worked. There are ELFs that devote their lives to SJ, and i know of two who have promoted SJ right up to the moment god took their lives. I cried. One of the two girls taught me, as she was a devoted Sungmin fan, that if min wasn’t the one who was sacrificed to take the side position and be the background of the group, then someone else would have to be. I relate this to SJ. If super junior was not the group that SM cares less of, then it might be SNSD or some other, thrown back to suffer.
    We just have to accept, live with it, and support the boys as much as we can, because as they know, it’s just Super Junior and ELFs, without SM.

  101. Oh my oh.. I really sad to know this still going on.. SM should’ve learn it since Hangeng issue.. but they keep on doing that..

    ELF.. let’s protect our guys.. don’t let them sadder..

    SM will pay it back somehow..!!


  102. I only became an ELF this year in April after finding the Sorry Sorry mv, but in that span of time, between then and now, I feel like I’ve been an ELF since the boys first debuted back in 2005.
    My heart broke as I read this. With my limited understanding of his situation, I never blamed Hangeng for leaving (because my dad is a lawyer, so I could sit and read it with him). However, knowing this, I wonder why they continue to defend SM. I saw Heechul tweeted a rather mean reply back to a fan when she said something about the “slave contract” and Siwon tweeted something along the lines of, “Please stop saying we’re under a slave contract.” Maybe, after six years of taking mistreatment, they just take everything in stride now. Lee Soo Man through together a group out of sympathy? So, he didn’t give a flying hoot (:D) about what happened to SJ.? Those boys are probably bringing in the most money. Smh. I hope other groups aren’t going through this, I feel like f(x) is. You don’t really see much with them. SHINee is kinda like SNSD. There’s a lot going on. I’m not trying to start a fanwar, this is just my opinion. I can’t wait for Super Show 4, so us American ELFs can show the boys some love.

  103. when other SM artists realist their album, SJ members always help promote not only in every tv show where they join in but also in SJ member’s twitter help promote them, but when SJ release their album only Jungmo helped them to promote SJ’s album thank to Jungmo oppa ….

    Sometimes ago after SMTOWN in Paris I read an article about SM artist, in this article written that SNSD is the most talented group and they have a big chance to be world group …. and he mention that he ignored Suju, in my opinion it’s article made by SM for promote SNSD who will debut in USA

    I still don’t know why SM didn’t debut SJ in USA base on their popularity in world wide …. just for my opinion it’s better that SJ go away from SME now!

    • in response to your suju debuting in US thing…
      the US (and let’s face it, the western pop music market) is completely different. i was a bit too young, but even so i still remember the era of boy bands and girl groups in western music. but now it’s moved on – honestly if suju debuted in the US, they’d be mocked. no one would take them seriously. plus, they don’t have a member (save henry, but sm is too screwed to even care about henry :|) who is fluent in english. current popularity can only take you so far, you actually need to be made to enter the market you want
      if there’s one thing i agree on with SM, it’s that suju should stay in the asian market where boy bands are still THE thing. plus, they know they’ll have more success there
      oh and this is from an elf who desperately wants suju to release an english song 🙂

  104. In the contract Super Junior was to sign, did you put the words sorry and helped? If you didn’t, you shouldn’t have said all this. This disappointed me the most. If people who were clueless about Kpop read this, they would think that giving the chance for Super Junior to debut was an act of sympathy. But no, I don’t think it was the least sympathetic at all but an act to rake in more money. If Super Junior 05, a project group, who werent getting all the support from ELFs and was unsuccessful, I bet you wouldn’t think of officially debuting them.
    And to the people who are calling most ELFs immature, no we’re not. You say we are being immature for complaining and hating on SM because if not SM, there wouldn’t be Super Junior. Think again. If SM was the mother, gave birth to Super Junior and then mistreating them, should we still be nice to the mother?

  105. upon reading this article yesterday in akp, being one who love SJ so much, what he said is soo cruel at the same time a smart statement…..

    why???? cuz LSM is really a businessman…..the center of everything is all about MONEY…..i am not pro or against LSM….im just giving insight as to help as see the clearer picture behind it….i will not also talk about ethics cuz whether we like it or not, for businessman business is business ….as to what and how we are reacting on this article is part of his so called business strategy….

    To elaborate what I said, here we goes….for LSM TVXQ is the best but to their current status and controversies, he cant maximize his return so by telling out loud…readers will be aware who they are at the same time curios as to what made LSM said that their the aces….it also serve as a warning to JYJ that after SM done so much with them in the past, they cant just go on with their lives like that..

    For SNSD issue or to other younger groups of SM who have potential….expect that LSM/SM will pay more attention to them and treat them more special cuz this is the way for the business to survive….to introduce talents and be accepted by people for PROFIT….so what elfs felt was just normal cuz of love for SJ….

    For SJ, LSM said he helped SJ out of pity…indirectly said second rate compare to others….but again, reading between the lines…he acknowledged that SJ are not like that….they have talents not only for music but for areas too…in effect he cant let them go bcuz of MONEY…..

    U may ask why LSM used such words towards SJ wherein he can use better ways to explain it without hurting feeling??? well, the answer is very clear, LSM wants to see, challenge and strongly believe in ELFs power all over the world….HOW?….by what he said, these made all ELFs all over the world to unite, support and love SJ more and till the end to prove that LSM is wrong….and at the same time…letting LSM realize what he wants….

    It is ironic, isnt it? that is what the world were in….

    Being a Petal, in answer to Heenim being immature sometimes…..we have our own moments of immatureness….not as part of our charm but part of us as a human being…

    Lastly, i will not say that i am a mature or an immature elf cuz to be honest i am a Petal by heart….i do read all ur comments and wow…i do really appreciate fandom of SJ which i am also one of u, i think all ur comments and everyone are right… its just u guys differ in stand point…but the beauty in our comments is that….we SJ lovers has freedom to let others know what we feel and we are sure that no matter what happens we will support and love SJ for no matter what and where they are in the past, today and tomorrow….cuz of this, i will never be ashame to be an ELF and Petal….love u guys 🙂

    • I like your comment 🙂

  106. SUJU always in my heart

  107. I really want to cry
    Everyone please be strong together!!!!!!!!

  108. elf….. i know we need to keep this in mind, but can we please not make this the focus of all our energies?
    i know we’re all angry and upset, and we have a right to be. throughout their years, suju has been treated less well than we’d like, and they’ve suffered through so much. but we need to focus on now, focus on the fact that super junior are still here –because elf support them, because elf will ensure that we always will support them–
    the world isn’t black and white, but the one thing which is always true is that super junior will be around for as long as we support them. please, let’s just focus on supporting them now, proving to sm that these boys can make it. that these boys are worth more than they give them credit for. and that, above all, despite what they may have thought, they –can– make history. because they already are

  109. I love SuJu, I love ELF <

  110. i’m really WOWed by Lee Soo Man, seriously this man knows how to choose an artist that will be known and popular, he reminds me of BOSS VIC (well, if your from the phils, you know him, lol) the only difference is, the way they treated their talents. i wish they know each other and take an advice from Boss Vic on how to take care of his talents. but seriously, SMEnt owe their talents coz of big bucks that they are giving in the company, as well as, SMEnt Talents also owe their fame and fortune to the company, but honestly, we can’t judge by only just these articles, we really don’t know what are the other side of the story, as of now, i can fully understand why ELFs are mad, and they can’t blame ELFs for this kind of reaction, i mean its normal.
    what i like about Super Junior is that they suffered a lot, they started at nothing, 0 (zero), and then what do they get?? a HUGE SUCCESS!! but behind all these SUCCESS they still know how to be THANKFUL to those people who helped them along the way, and to those people who give them LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, without expecting in return, as long as they are HAPPY, and as long as they can still perform on stage, ELFs will continue to SUPPORT and LOVE them, until Super Junior is THE LAST MEN STANDING!

  111. I hate how the whole company treats them generally, especially LSM and the new CEO’s comments in interviews. they are not even giving the due credit our boys deserve. i merely expect them to mention their name when listing the successful groups in SM, but 9 out of 10 cases, they don’t. However, I still like SM company in general, cause of those behind the scenes who are always working hard for them, like those composers, designers and MANAGERS who they often thank in the thanks to column. these are the people who protect suju with ELFs, and they really did the best they could with the limited resources and authority they are given to help suju attain their goals. And it also goes to show how our boys are well-loved by the people who they work with, due to their personalities and hard work they put in in everything they do. these people are the ones who are able and willing see their efforts and talents clearly. and we can never find these warmth and love in those profit-driven top management who only want to earn as much profit at the lowest cost possible.

  112. when I first read the article I wasn t that much surprised cuz I could see it clearly but one think that surprised me was your comment. all of them are like the greatest novels written by the greatest authors . I really envy super junior members who have the greatest friends in the world . u guys are amazing.I m proud to be an e.l.f I m sure along side with super junior we can make history. we have already done. SUPER JUNIOR & E.L.F are the best

  113. It’s okay oppa…we won’t let you cry even more…we’ll word hard to support you…
    we’ll always be by your side…so believe in us…just hold on it….let they know that you actually have a good ability and have a wonderful fans that always support you and make them regret treating you like that…and make other acknowledge your greatness…SUPER JUNIOR AND ELF are amazing…FIGHTING…WE CAN DO THE BEST..

  114. gosh, it’s really a hot topic now. it’s my first time seeing such explosive no. of comments here. i hope the boys won’t read this though, it’s very awkward for them.

    • Really!! boys would feel so bad if they read it.. but perhaps they would be happy to see ELF’s love towards them!!

  115. i ask for permit for sharing this,,can i?? please…
    we need to protect oppadeul..

  116. This is really outrageous!! I always hated SM for what they have done to Hangeng and still doing to our SJ boys!! ahh!! want to yell…..
    when I read your article I came across some bitter truths, oh my how oppas are living in such hell……. and that Lee Soo Man’s interview extract made me cry. they think SJ doesn’t worth to an idol, its just SM sympathy!! Damn hell!! SJ are better than TVXQ or Barbie dolls (SNSD)…..

  117. At the very least, Soo Man acknowledged how much they worked to get where… sort of… I can’t believe he just spewed that “sorry for them” stuff out of his mouth, doesn’t he think before he speaks? *Seething* Nonetheless, I respect SuJu soo much more now for sticking it out through all that (never thought it was possible to have such high respect for celebrities). SuJu + ELFS double, triple, quadruple FIGHTING~! >.<

  118. Super Junior is the most treasured and most important artist out of SME. If it weren’t for them i wouldn’t get introduce to kpop!

    SME ur sucking up my money not because ur smart but because i love my Super Junior boys with all my passion unlike u maybe.

  119. well… from now! I HATE SM and their ALL ARTIST except SUPER JUNIOR! I always support them!! ><

    • Pathetic……..#facepalm…. how could human like you exist?.. God, please give this girl a heart, even a little…. god bless you.

  120. So ELF who will watch SM Town NYC! Am sure LSM will be there. Show them the power of ELF. That SJ is not a trash.. cover the venue with blue sapphire. Make a statement..

  121. SM is too MUCH !!! I just started to cried T_T
    but, It’s okay oppa~ ELF will always beside you anyways & no one can stop us to supporting and loving you all~

    Saranghaeyo… Be strong Oppadeul~ 🙂

  122. another biased article. . . .

  123. 开始注意他们是因为舞蹈,后来透过视频网站搜索他们出道后的点点滴滴,情不自禁的喜欢他们所有的一切,从开始莫莫无名内心充满煎熬徬徨直到今天站在舞台的顶端,背后流过许多的淚水与汗水,满腹的幸酸委屈才走到这里。每每得奖感言不由自主的泪盈满眶,令人心疼。每次看着他们在舞台上全心全意的投入,令我很感动也很欣慰。。。因为他们还坚持着最初的夢想与抱负把欢乐带給我们。幼苗经过岁月无情的摧殘,才会変成茁莊的大树。加油吧!超级男孩。。希望你们在每个领域都能发光发热。。。因为这里有爱你们的我们。。。会永远看着你们。。。SHINNING STAR...SUPER JUNIOR…↖(^ω^)↗

  124. DAAAAMN..!! My tears keep coming… and i dunno how to stop it…





  126. we always support you, super junior !!

  127. i’m elf and i like snsd too !!but after watching the mv of “the boys” ‘ i realised the huge difference difference in quality between the boys and mr simple!!! but i just wanna know what is the reason for that ??? why is sm treating my boys like that and we are just watching!! super junior deserve more support from sm !

  128. as those ELFs with twitter, you can see that almost everyday at least a few suju members will post sth for their ELFs. not like snsd, they dont really have any internet acc to communicate with sones. whats the point for fans to like them when they dont even care for their fans? not like suju, the totally opposite way, they care for their fans, always share sth with offence to those who were affected, but thats only my opinion as an ELF. SUJU FTW (Y)!

    • and if u saw snsd communicate w/their fans,, i can bet it’s a fake one.
      sorry for those who r their fans…

    • Jessica (SNSD) made a Twitter account but it got reported by antis so many times, it was finally removed from Twitter. SNSD have a lot of fans, but they have more haters than any other SM artist has. If they were to get Twitter accounts, they would just get bashed all day long. Unlike Suju, who get way more love than hate.
      I don’t know how they treat their fans since I’m not a Sone, but let’s not bash them for the company’s decisions. That’s unfair to them, and unfair to Super Junior because a lot of the members are close to SNSD members.

  129. dont u guys think, yes SM treat SJ like step-son… but SM doesnt treat other artists like that. and he only nice w/snsd..! SM doesnt treat SHInee,fx,tvxq,etc good,but no bad either. (for tvxq’s case, it’s all bout money, not bad treatment) … but he treat snsd like gold!
    n he treats suju like badass!
    hangeng is the 1st who give up w/ SM’s bad treatment…poor the remaining 12 is still quarreling… they only have us,ELF to lean on…they even cant really tell their own family bout this coz it will sad them.

  130. This article and the comments hurt so much that I can do nothing but cry. It’s so painful to know that THE BEST Kpop group not only in Asia but in Europe and South and North America is treated this way by their company. Imagine, THE BEST, treated like slaves.

    People always wonder why ELF are OVER PROTECTIVE to our boys. Read this and you know why. What ELF only want from SME is to at least give the boys importance, more love and care. Is that hard for SME to execute? I mean why do they have to spend a lot for just one group?

    They may be a business but remember that they were also a talent company. Without SJ they would not have big company sales. Without SJ they would not have known as the biggest company in Korea! SME keeps saying TVXQ is the best, treat SNSD like their golden child… why? How about your other artist? SJ, SHINee, F(x) and others also work so hard! Why treat them differently?

    SME needs a serious wake up call! They are putting our boys down simply because they keep them arround out of sympathy? If it was sympathy from the start, why were SJ able to break out of the 5 year idol curse thing? If it was sympathy, how come SJ even started in the first place? SM Entertainment wouldn’t be SM Entertainment if not for Super Junior. Super Junior is the one (and probably H.O.T, TVXQ) who made SM look like a company!

    How I long to slap those silly & unfair people! To tell the truth: SME doesn’t deserve a group like SUPER JUNIOR! I wish one day we, ELF will buy SM company or create a management to take care of them and we’ll treat them like a amazing/awesome stars they are! ♥

    Believe me, the end of SUPER JUNIOR means the end of KPOP domination!
    SUPER JUNIOR is the King of KPOP Hallyu! King of GLOBAL Korean Wave!


    Because we already….

    Prom15e to 13elieve, 10ve and Prot3ct you forever! ♥

  131. PLEASE READ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I read the article and most of the comments (took me a while :P)
    and I have come to this conclusion – I still don’t know anything.
    One thing I have learned is to never assume things therefore I don’t want to assume anything regarding SM-E. We don’t and will never know for sure what happens between SM and SuJu and their other artists. I have always felt like SM was this evil ominous presence waiting to snatch SuJu from us – but that is just from hearing and reading so many rumors. Sure we can piece together all the info we want to come up with conspiracy theories but if that helping our boys – no if is hurting them. If news gets around that their fans HATE their own company what will SM think.

    I think the best thing for us to do is to forget this because we don’t know the truth. We must do only what out boys ask us to do: SMILE AND LOVE THEM! That is how we can protect them. If we want them to stay together and put out more albums after Mr. Simple we have to stay strong and show SM that just because they are getting older and some have to leave – that they can still be a group and SM can profit off of them. If we don’t support them now – then SM will definitely disband them. NOW IS THE TIME TO STICK TOGETHER AND BUY ALBUM AND VOTE AND SUPPORT THEM!

  132. When you guys are complaining…Did you actually try to see what Suju has but the other groups don’t?
    Don’t just find these, if you want other groups to complain, we can also come up with lots of reason to complain…

  133. SMEntertainment is just straight up bullcrap! How could they possibly do that to Super Junior!? This has just really gotten me upset!!! Maybe it would be best if Super Junior switched labels, because maybe they would get treated a hell of a lot better than SME treats them! I just can’t stand to see this injustice. It’s absolutely inhumane! No wonder Han Geng had a lawsuit on them. In my opinion he should have followed through with it and sued the pants off of that crap company. Super Junior deserves more than this!!! It’s sad that the only people they can depend on are themselves and their fans. Not saying that it’s bad, cause of course it’s good to depend on their fans and the group, but it’s terrible that they can’t even depend on SM. Ugh, SM is composed of nothing but a bunch of sorry a** sexist bastards in my opinion 😡 Stay strong Super Junior!!! We fans in America are rooting for yall and we LOVE EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU BUNCHES!!!!! MMMUUUUAAAAHHHH! *Kisses and hugs to Super Junior members* 🙂


  135. First, I think we should make it clear that in SM, one receives equal what he can offer. Seeing that TVXQ is clearly more talented and well-trained (considering Lee Soo Man said they’re the best), SNSD is growing that has the potentials of becoming the dominating girlgroup during the 2010s, and other groups like SHINee, f(x), EXO with their youthful energy and remarkable performing talents, can all do better than Super Junior-which I personally see as a bunch of old, rude and talentless dudes. Of course some of them still got it to succesfully so solo like Donghae, Siwon, Kibum, Kyuhyun,… But the rest… And let me remind you again, ‘talent’, as-for-an-idol, focuses more on singing, dancing, performing than viariety skills (which I only see as being as rude as possible on TV), acting, etc… So what if SuJu is the king of variety? More like because they’re a talentless mixed bunch that can’t sing/dance/perform on stage. Btw they’re getting pretty old now, we can’t expect them to be top idols anymore, can we? So I think it’s fitted that they’re listed in the “etc” when SM mentions their artists (but I think you should just stop bitching about this since SHINee, f(x) and EXO got cut off too :|).

    And it’s funny how you speak about how SM should do their concerts as if you’re its CEO. How about this: even though SJ may be the #1 artist wanted to have a personal concert in X country, what if SNSD or TVXQ is #2 and others like SHINee, f(x), EXO are also on the list? And again, by WHAT reason do you actually expect SM to treat SJ better than other artists (if they really make solo concerts for SJ in other countries?). Think of it as a good thing, as at least SJ is still on the list. For I wish there wasn’t any of them at all :|, so you bitches can stop all this complaints :|.

    And again, SNSD’s “The Boys” album is actually more expensive than all previous Korean releases of SuJu, it’s only cheaper than “Mr. Simple” Type A, which is yes, “pieces-of-paper”. Huge, colored, made of crack-proof material paper stuffed in a 30cmx30cm cardboard cover “pieces-of-paper” indeed. How dare you say something like that when I assume you’ve never touched “SNSD’s iron album” and the more expensive SJ album made of “pieces-of-paper” you were talking about there?

    I repeat: SM gives best opportunities for the ones that work hardest and show best. Why spending time and money to promote for a group like SJ while they can earn much more yet in a much shorter time with groups like TVXQ, SNSD, BoA, SHINee, f(x), EXO? Remember, K-biz is a market, and SM is one of the sellers, nontheless. (And I’m not saying their artists are goods, but the performances they give are)

    And besides, the attitude of SJ members are just unacceptable. SM trained them, fed them all during their trainee time and if it was not for SM, they wouldn’t have became what they are now. And yet they’re turning around and “diss” SM? And I still don’t understand WHY should SM still favor them amongst other. Btw, I don’t remember any TVXQ, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), EXO members and BoA complaining and dissing SM.


    P/s: to this article’s author: you DID tell me to read. And by that, I have the rights to talk against you. If you don’t want flames, then at least put on something like “don’t-like-don’t-read”, not “do-read-but-you-have-no-rights-to-complain-about-it”, OK? Because that’s just not how this world works, kid 😐

  136. So it’s really not a rumor that SME has a strong bias in favour of others groups of the company? But there are various covers of SJ ‘s 5th album Mr. Simple……
    Or is it just a SME’s salestactic also used to produce Shinnee’s Sherlock?
    but actually I do agree that sm doesn’t have strong intention to make SJ’s new video better and more different. The MV of Opera is so similar to SJM’s 太完美.
    There is an obvious similarity style between two MVs.
    Bt the way, I’m not ELF, I’m just a fan of all the good music.

  137. hey, stupid! If LEE SOO MAN treats them unfairly, why they become badass boyband?? If there’s no Lee Soo Man, there’s no Super Junior

  138. I felt like crying even though I’m Sone but I won’t say sorry or apologize like they say however I will continue to support Super Junior as well as other hard working idols ;DD

  139. in my opinion, the treatment of sm entertainment to their idol groups is not the issue here. what the real score is how these idols would earn money after they debuted. it is not about the treatment of their boss but it is about how they nake money when they become famous. entertainment is business. so if you make a lot of money out of entertaining, then you’ll survive; but if you don’t, then better pack your things and get lost.

  140. Hey ELFs, you know what?
    I hated KPop at first….. Then my brother introduced me to Korean variety shows. So one day while watching Let’s Go Dream Team, I saw 6 hilarious guys taking the role of the dream team against the best rookies.. 2 failed hilariously…2 failed in vain… 1 was 0.3 sec too late…. And I thought, they were never gonna win… Then 1 came and blew my mind. And I found, Super Junior.( plus the fact Mr.Simple was everywhere then) And since then,I have never regretted it.
    I mean, true, there are times when I think they were a bit underrated. And I can’t really see how you would hate them… But I will still love them anyways.
    Anyways, I’m going off topic. 😛
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I don’t really care if SM is bias. I don’t really care if there are artists with better MV. I don’t really care how crappy their CD packaging is(What’s important is that I bought it) And I don’t really care what other people think about them.
    They are the most hardworking, loyal, lovable, hilarious bunch of guys that I know and love and for all the people out there who asks “Who’s Super Junior?”
    Well, I pity you people cause you don’t know the amazingness of these boys and you will never have an amazing ELF experience.( though I would love to change you people into ELFs if you’re willing!!) 😀

  141. You know what? Thanks to SJ and their variety shows such as “Experience The Human Body” that I’m be able to like Kpop like I do now. I mean, I was an anti Kpop years ago, but seeing them so funny (that I could cry) there’s a feeling that “Ah, I wanted to know them more” that made me go searching infos, buying their albums, magazines, and such. Thank you Super Junior and Thank you SM for Sucking our Money hehehe. Now let’s UNITE AND DO WHAT WE CAN TO PROTECT OUR BOYS AND LET THEM WIN MORE AWARDSSSS 🙂

  142. Oh my GOD, i didn’t know this !!!
    I can believe it…
    I started to listen other groups’ songs thanks to Super JUnior…
    I used to watch SJ’s show so when they danced on girl’s group like snsd etc… i started to like it… But the only reason why i watch korean, it’s because there is super junior as guest or Mc whatever… And what Lee Soo man thought ? he had to take responsability ??
    Oh my God, if Sj could just change their company, it would be awesome !!!
    Plus they are really talented !! Just look their fandom !! Guys i’m really angry !!
    Sorry for my bad english, ELF from France !!

  143. Suju deserves a better company !

    • same here…or they also can make their own company

  144. I enjoy, lead to I found exactly what I used to be having a look for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  145. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing
    this post and the rest of the site is also very good.

  146. Yes! Finally something about pregnant.

  147. i pity all of SM artist especially
    HOT, TVXQ, SuJU..
    they work hard but ~~~

  148. The comments from all the elfs around the world are so touching>< I nearly cried when I am reading your comments.
    Totally agree with this article.I first fell in love with Super Junior,not through their dancing,or singing,or even variety shows.No,I first fell in love with them when I saw the news of their car accident. How Leeteuk had 170 stitches.How Kyuhyun had nearly go back to heaven. How ELFs stayed strong for the members. All these touched me to no end. I've always believed that Super Junior's brotherhood is the best among all the other kpop groups. It enrages me that SME is treating them so badly. Their attitude is like"Pfft,you guys are getting older and lossing fans. Since we can't earn much money from you,we shouldn't waste money on you." The only reason they didn't disband Super Junior is probably the fact that ELFs will be furious once that occurs. So, the mvs continue to be in a box,and the costumes repeat. When I saw the MAMA music video of Exo, I was outraged. Don't get me wrong, I love Exo too. It's just that SME clearly is favouring them over SJ. They are even going to have a drama version of Wolf. Even before they debuted, SME has spent a lot of money producing teasers and such. That's why Exo has gained so much attention only two weeks after they debuted.
    Although I love our Suju boys, the harsh truth remains that they will probably disband in a few years. They have all started to reach the age when they have to do military service. Even if they take turns, it is hard for a Super Show to be held if there are only about half of them. I just wish that before they disband,they will have a final concert,or maybe just a final goodbye stage,with all 15 standing on the stage. I don't care that Hangeng had filed a lawsuit against SME and probably is not allowed to perform with them. I don't care that Kibum has disappeared after the 3rd album and probably forgot how to dance. I don't care that Teukie umma and our cinderella Heenim and also Yesung are in the army and probably can't come out. I just need to see them all happy and carefree one more time.
    13elieve and prom15e!

  149. I will love sj forever and always.fighting!

  150. after everything that super junior had accomplished and made for this Entertainment ? oh my SM i really Hate you !

  151. well, at least we have reasons to support them all the way..

  152. And after all these years nothing much changed in how SM treats their most profitable group. At least they got plenty of concerts overseas like in South America and their latest album quality was good, too. I’ve come across this article accidentally but I’m glad I have. It really boosts my will to fight for Super Junior. Right now, I can only hope SM doesn’t mess up their long-awaited comeback, though everything seems so rushed with Super Show 6, 7jib and their other activities. But let’s trust Super Junior, I’m sure they won’t disappoint us.

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