SBS Strong Heart Episode with Leeteuk & Kang Sora Cut – From 110705

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I guess many of you have been curious about our leader Teukie’s wife in We Got Married. I searched about her and found this cut from Strong Heart ~~ This is the episode where Leeteuk & Kang Sora met each other for the first time ^_^ Check out the Dimples Couple moments starting at 3:22…

Kang Sora’s comical dance and sexy dance learned at JYP [07.05.2011]

[Sora had just finished wowing everyone by telling an awesome impromptu action storyline incorporating the guests that Hodong or Seunggi would point to.  And the 2 MCs and everyone were SO totally impressed!  Love her!  She then wowed again by doing her  “Bingle Bingle” dance from the movie Sunny and finished up with a super hot dance she learned over at JYP!  Hahaha!  She’s so cute and hilarious!  Dancing starts @1:15].

KHD: What were you trying to demonstrate through that dance?
Sora: People are probably tired, so for them to get a little break. [Hahaha]
KHD: Is your specialty comical or sexy dance?
Sora: Neither, I learned this at the JYP training place.
LSG: You learned this at JYP!
KHD: Why did you go to JYP?
Sora: To better my dancing.
KHD: People there taught you? [Sora: Yes] KHD: Who?
Sora: I met 2pm and Miss A there.
KHD: Who taught you this dance?
Sora: The choreography instructor.
KHD: What did the 2pm guys say after they saw this?
Sora: They didn’t say anything. [Hahaha]
KHD: Sora really is “ho-gam” (favorable).  This was the first time I’ve seen the female audience members get so excited watching a female dance performance.
LSG: I think she really has a lovely charm. (Awww!)

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* Kang Sora was awesome! I think Teuk and her will suit each other well, what do you guys think?


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  1. ^^ Dimple couple suit each other well ! They’re cute ;D

  2. i want to watch SUNNY,aww she’s such a sweet girl love her ^^

    • if u watch Sunny u’ll like her more…her character was so badass (and she was the leader of her crew)

      • I really want to watch Sunny too!

        From WGM Ep.2 She keep telling that she isn’t good in dancing but Eunhyukie still froce her, I think that’s because he know that she can and want her to show he charisma.

        She also appeared in Shnidong’s ‘Dr.Champ’ I have to watch it too!

        • Yea she was in Dr. Champ also…..I’ve watched all her works except her latest morning drama that’s still airing (Jay from Trax is also in the drama)….I’ve been a fan of her’s since her debut, so i guess i liked her 1st b4 SUJU (lol) since i’ve been following k-movies/dramas b4 k-pop (got into k-pop sept. 2009)

          • yup she’s adorable and has good skin complexion. I started to know her from WGM. then i stumbled at an old movie “Fourth Period Mystery” and found that she’s really talented even from young age! likes to get to know her more ^^

  3. The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

    😥 i can’t wacth,,,please teel me link another video

  4. the uploader has not made this video available in your country

    • Leonara, try this website

      Copy the url for the youtube video above and paste it at this website. It should resolve the viewer restriction! =)

      • i did go to, wanted to paste youtube url..but cant find where to paste it..can you teach me?

  5. She is so cute. They suit each other well indeed. I totally approve! 😀 I noticed she’s naturally an easily flustered person. So adorbs.

  6. people, go to to watch blocked videos, though the quality is not that good anymore, but at least we can watch 🙂

  7. omg kang sora is sooooooooooooo cute thanks god she is the one i was worried who will be leeteuk’s wife she is too polite just like leeteuk

  8. Now i really like Kang Sora when i watched this vid of her…
    They really matched each other Leetuek and Kang Sora cute couple WGM…

  9. I think it’s fortunate that she was chosen as eeteuk’s wife then….even ELF’s are falling for her heheh =)

  10. what episode in Strong heart does kang sora appeared? ? ?

  11. Strong heart episode 84-85…
    Can u sub that episodes?

  12. I totally loved her in ‘Sunny’ and i watched ‘4th period mystery’ & ‘the women of our home’ But all thanks to We got married 🙂 I ship DImple Couple with all my heart ❤

  13. watch kang sora at strong heart 🙂

  14. they are so compatible…I hope they’re together in rear life.

  15. i love kang sora, she is pretty, charming and cute. i saw her first in doctor stranger, after that i watched all her kdramas and movies..i like her more in ugly alert

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