111017 Jang Geun Suk Twitter Update: Treat Universal Star-nim a pizza by Asian prince!!!!

October 17, 2011 at 9:42 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Heechul, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 25 Comments

@AsiaPrince_JKS: Treat Universal Star-nim a pizza by Asian prince!!!! Happy Universal Star who received a pizza after work!!Ddang!!!

Source: @AsiaPrince_JKS
Translated by: @mysj_malaysia
Reupload and Posted at www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by myuchullie



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  1. ohhh Pizza Heenim seems to be having a good time.
    Stay happy and healthy ^^

  2. cute just simply cute this really made my day i am happy (=^_^=)

  3. but why heechul looks skinny….heechulie..miss u

  4. heenim….you really made my day like yesterday…that pizza look delicious, i should have my dinner pizza too….enjoy eating….:)

  5. aaawww his hair looks so cute!!!! is he forbidden to tweet?


  7. uhh, even he doesn’t update his twitter, i’m glad somebody else update about him! ^^ im so so happy.
    and i like the fact that geunsuk and heechul are good friends :3

  8. Ah, those eyes…he looks so sweet. But! He is wearing his Brillo shirt. Brillo pads are made of steel wool and are used for cleaning greasy pans…They’re really scratchy. They have a strong soap in them that is hard on the skin. I wonder if Hee likes the shirt because of the design, or if some days he wears it because he feels like showing a little unspoken attitude. ////////

    I wonder what’s on a Korean pizza, especially that one with the white stripes?/////////

    Wow, does Heenim know all the well known people in Korea?

    • haha yea, that’s right, that is a Brillo prints~funny~
      well; based on his pattern of behavior, I think he just wears it since he likes the design, or because nobody would wears it because it’s kind of weird~kkkk

      • Hi, Gina. Yeah, you’re right. He wears whatever he wants, hah. Because he is KimHeeChul Space Big Star. ❤

    • wow you really know a lot….domino’s pizza also have in malaysia…i think it same and JGS is one of chocoball members right??

      • Hi, hazifa! Ah! I didn’t know that about JGS! That would explain why this actor would buy pizza for our Heenim. Wait, I just found him on Wikipedia and it says he has A type blood…I thought chocoball was all AB….?

        Me, as one who knows a lot? Oh, not me!! I am very interested in all Asian cultures (Asian countries have such ancient cultures, *__*) and I ask questions to learn more. We have Dominos Pizza in U.S. but they don’t offer many toppings. They even took anchovies off the menu! (so no more seafood toppings AT ALL) And they have “dessert pizzas”. Ugh! If I wanted a cinnamon roll, I would go to a bakery, not a pizza store.

        • chocoball members depends who’s heenim like coz president power such as jong hyun ft island and jun hyung beast…

    • it’s already cold in seoul so, perfect time to use that kind of shirt, my guess is another fan gift.
      as for geunsuk, they both (to me) the most entertaining Inkigayo MC

      • rrongrrong, wow!!!!!!! I have never seen this! It’s so easy to understand why all of those Korean shows want HeeChul as a guest or as an MC. He is a genius for comedy!! Plus, he is fearless! He will act like a complete wild man to get a laugh for his audience. You just never know what he will say. ///////////////

        And now, being in the army, but not allowed to take part in show business stuff, he seems so subdued. I know he must miss his “wild man” days in front of the camera. 😦

        • Gurl hasn’t been doin’ her Heechul homework!!!

          I think he missed his wild man days when he was still performing. Certainly, there was a post on his minihomepage about “the glory is gone already”, first time he cut his hair short!

          • Haha!! It’s the famous teacup of xs again! Hey, where ya been?////

            Okay, help me with my homework!! Living where I do, I totally depend on my Asian friends for all the news on Heechul!!! So fill me in: when did he say that about “the glory is gone already”…..the first time he cut his hair short was when, exactly? What do you think of the comment? Did he mean he had already lost the enchantment of fame? That he was, what, depressed? Or maybe just bored or tired?

            • Got a flaky Internet connection this week. And… where did I pick up this one? I look up so much stuff… ::googles googles:: Aha! http://superduperlove.wordpress.com/2008/10/24/heechuls-cyworld-entry-20081024/

              Late 2008 – I suppose that was close to the time when he started planning to leave. But who knows. With Heechul, he might just have not liked his hair that morning.

            • Here is a video that has english subs where he speaks of that time when he thought he should leave….I think it sounds like he was a little angry and a lot depressed at the time. But then some of the other members gave him a lot of love and he changed his mind. This video makes me cry, both for his words and for Teukie’s reaction.////


              About those things he wrote that you found: wow. I always felt he had this dramatic, poetic, innocent person inside of him, and those words prove it. I just think he’s so….fascinating….like a jigsaw puzzle with 10,000 pieces. (I’ll never really figure him out) Yeah, I know, but he is my bias, after all…;-)

              • That’s the interview Heechul was talking about on the recent Strong Heart, when he complained that he was saying nice things about Leeteuk and the plan had been for Leeteuk to say nice things about Heechul in return – but instead Teuk exited stage left and got all the attention for (fake) crying! “A (genuis) conman who’s also an artist.” The more interesting person in this scene for me is Eunhyuk, because there have been two occasions now in which he was the one who talked Heechul back into SJ (second being after Geng’s departure). I suspect Hyuk of harbouring a personality which is equally as strong as Heechul’s. albeit more tactful.

                • That is another thing that I never heard….that Hee wanted to leave SJ after Geng left…I do remember seeing those sad times; Wow, Hee was a recluse and miserably alone with his cats. He was tweeting videos of him playing with Baenshin…he didn’t want to show his face. We all cried with him.///////

                  One thing that makes me wonder: I didn’t think that they had the freedom to quit, since they are under contract. How would that work if they tried? Would SM sue them? (I bet they would) It also puzzles me that SM reps are still on hand for HeeChul even when he is the “property” of the army.: for example when he went to his first day of work, an SM van dropped him off, and managers were present to secure his safety.//////

                  It’s none of my business, but I wonder if they get full salary, even when they are in the military. Ah. It really isn’t my business, just ignore that.

          • I didn’t mean Asian necessarily…you are from a more western country…but in my country, we get zero news or shows or anything from SK, or Maylaysia, or China, or Japan…or anything!! Where you live, you have more connection to the Hallyu wave, yes?

    • Brillo pads always make me think of certain unsavory jokes bandied around between the boys in school. And yeah, Heechul’s network… although he and JGS go back a long way.

      Mainly, however, that photo is saying to me: that’s a lot of pizza between two people!

      • Yeah, it is a lot of pizza, right? They must have had company. Wonder who? I just realized its Dominos. I am certain their menu is different than here. Just like McDonalds……I saw a vid a while ago that showed sticky rice in a SK MickeyD’s…..You only find rice in Asian restaurants here. And most people wouldn’t know what to do with chopsticks (but I love them, I am practicing).

        • The menu probably is different. When I went to Tokyo on holiday I was thinking that I would rely on McDonalds if I got stuck with food. Until I saw the menu!

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